Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1791 - Crazy Actions

Chapter 1791: Crazy Actions

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The uproar caused by the auction of the Magic Crystal vein distracted the various powers in attendance from the many excellent finale items appearing after the vein. Most focused their attention on the implications of the Magic Crystal vein.

Now that the Starline Corporation had the Magic Crystal vein, combined with its financial strength and military strength, its development in God's Domain would most likely skyrocket in the future. Particularly, when it came to Magic Crystals, the Starline Corporation would have a massive advantage over everyone else.

"Now that Starline has obtained the Magic Crystal vein, the Dark Night Empire will probably belong to Starline from now on."

"Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul sure are pitiful. The two of them going all-out was what allowed Starline to annex two former super-first-rate Guilds in one go. Without the sudden influx of experts and veteran players, Starline wouldn't have developed so quickly and become capable of rivaling Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul. Now that Starline has acquired a Magic Crystal vein as well, it'll be able to nurture more experts through the Divine Colosseum."

"That's right! Most likely, it won't be long before Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul get chased out of the Dark Night Empire."

"Unyielding Soul is truly unfortunate. It was just a little bit short of acquiring the Magic Crystal vein. It really makes you wonder where the Starline Corporation managed to get so much money from."

Everyone secretly discussed the matter between the Starline Corporation and Unyielding Soul.

The auction of the Magic Crystal vein had determined the future of the Dark Night Empire. This situation also prompted some first-rate Guilds, which had been developing in the Dark Night Empire all this time, to draft alternate plans.

Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing's private room…

After this auction, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose gained newfound recognition of the financial strength of major corporations.

Compared to the major corporations, the amount of money Zero Wing possessed was not worth mentioning whatsoever.

They also realized just how far Zero Wing was from becoming a superpower in God's Domain. The Guild was already severely lacking just in the aspect of financial strength.

"So, this is the Starline Corporation's strength?" Mu Lingsha could not help a bitter smile when she saw Lu Xingluo acquiring the Magic Crystal vein. Despite all her efforts, she still lost in the end. Fortunately, she did not suffer a total loss in this auction. At the very least, she had forced Starline to spend a large portion of its wealth. With this, Starline would not have the funds to develop rapidly within the short term. Following which, Mu Lingsha turned to look at Shi Feng and said, "Thank you for your help. As per our agreement, I will have Unyielding Soul help you out once."

"That's just wonderful. In reality, the thing I need Unyielding Soul's help with is very simple. I need you to lend me 60 Tier 2 experts to raid a Team Dungeon. I believe that with Unyielding Soul's strength, that should be doable," Shi Feng said, directly revealing the task he wanted Unyielding Soul's help for.

Currently, expert players in God's Domain had already reached Level 53 and Level 54. The number of experts that had gone to attempt their Tier 2 promotions was also very high. At this stage of the game, most first-rate Guilds already had a dozen or so Tier 2 experts in their ranks, with some having even more than twenty. As for super-first-rate Guilds, they definitely had more than 60 Tier 2 experts.

"Help with raiding a Team Dungeon?" Mu Lingsha was slightly surprised by Shi Feng's request. She had expected Shi Feng to have Unyielding Soul act as a deterrence to Beast Emperor in the Orc Empire. She had never thought that Shi Feng would only want to borrow some Tier 2 experts to raid a Team Dungeon. "Alright, that won't be a problem. When will the raid be? Where should we meet up?"

In reality, Mu Lingsha wasn't the only person surprised by Shi Feng's request. Even Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were confused at this situation. They had the rare opportunity of getting Unyielding Soul to owe them a favor, yet Shi Feng was wasting this favor to borrow some experts to raid a Team Dungeon.

Although there were some Team Dungeons that Zero Wing was currently still incapable of raiding, given enough time, Zero Wing would have more Tier 2 experts of its own. There was simply no need to get the help of other Guilds.

"I hope that we can start tomorrow. The meeting point will be Star-Moon Kingdom's White River City. As for the exact time, I'll have Aqua notify you once we enter God's Domain. May I know if that is acceptable?" Shi Feng asked.

"Tomorrow? It seems you're quite pressed for time. However, all the better. The sooner this favor is repaid, the sooner Unyielding Soul will be able to relax," Mu Lingsha said, smiling. "Alright, I'll head back and make the necessary arrangements. I'll be sure to send over the people you asked for on time tomorrow."

"Big Sis Lingsha, are you returning so soon? The auction for the finale items is just beginning. There are bound to be some excellent items coming out. Isn't it a waste to leave right now?" Aqua Rose asked, surprised when she noticed Mu Lingsha standing up from her seat.

"My goal this time is only the Magic Crystal vein. Now that the Starline Corporation has acquired it, I naturally have no reason to stay. Rather than waste time here, it is much better if I return and start making the necessary preparations," Mu Lingsha explained. "However, I must also remind you that Lu Xingluo is a vengeful bastard. Now that you have gone against him, although he won't be able to dispatch his Guild's armies after you, he is very likely to send a large number of experts to target Zero Wing. It is best if you all beware."

"Thank you for your reminder," Shi Feng said.

In reality, Shi Feng had a much greater understanding of the Starline Corporation than Mu Lingsha did.

During his previous life, the Starline Corporation had quickly become the overlord of the Dark Night Empire by relying on its advantages from entering God's Domain at the game's launch and having a large amount of High-level Energy. Moreover, aside from the empire, Starline had also taken control of several neighboring kingdoms. Eventually, the corporation annihilated Unyielding Soul and developed into a bona fide Super Guild.

Meanwhile, Lu Xingluo, the Guild Leader of the Starline Corporation's Guild, was also famed for being incomparably ruthless.

As Lu Xingluo had close ties with Dark Players, those who became his enemy were often hunted down by Dark Players. Some first-rate Guilds had even gotten wiped out because of this.

After Mu Lingsha was done speaking, she promptly left the room. Now, only four people remained inside.

"Guild Leader, just which Dungeon are we going to raid that we actually need Unyielding Soul's strength?" Gentle Snow asked quietly, unable to rein in her curiosity, after seeing Mu Lingsha leave.

Although she wasn't one to self-praise, she believed that Zero Wing's Dungeon-raiding capabilities were not the slightest bit weaker than those of the superpowers of God's Domain. In fact, Zero Wing might be stronger than even some superpowers.

Given a little more time, Zero Wing would be capable of raiding even super-large-scale Team Dungeons. Hence, there really wasn't a need to employ the help of a super-first-rate Guild.

"No, we're not just going to borrow Unyielding Soul's strength!" Shi Feng said, smiling. "Afterward, we're going to borrow the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's strength as well!"

"Borrow the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's strength?" Gentle Snow grew even more confused at Shi Feng's words. She simply could not figure out what Shi Feng intended to do.

Shi Feng wasn't satisfied with getting the help of just one super-first-rate Guild. He was even going to get the help oftwosuper-first-rate Guilds.

Aqua Rose was similarly surprised by Shi Feng's declaration.

"Guild Leader, we can't possibly be trying to raid the Flaming Ruins now, right?!" A hint of shock flashed across Aqua Rose's eyes as she suddenly thought of a possibility.

No matter how she tried, the only Team Dungeon that she could think of that would necessitate the help of Unyielding Soul and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would be Star-Moon Kingdom's Flaming Ruins, a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

Up to now, nobody in the game had managed to acquire the First Clear of even a Level 50, 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon. Trying to challenge a 200-man Team Dungeon was simply insane. After all, the raid difficulty of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon was many times greater than that of a 100-man Team Dungeon. It simply wasn't a challenge that current players could overcome. Moreover, the final loot one would get from the two Dungeons was mostly of the same quality.

Rather than waste time raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon, it was much better to raid a large-scale Team Dungeon.

"Of course not," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Our goal is the neutral map Eclipse Gate's super-large-scale Team Dungeon, Eclipse Throne!"

Meanwhile, during the time the Secret Pavilion was holding its internal auction…

Things were very lively over at Dark Soul's Residence in Lightshadow City, a Dark City in the Dark Night Empire. Currently, many rarely seen experts had gathered.

"This really is a rare occurrence. Boss, why did you suddenly have us all come here? Are we waging war on a Guild?" Lonely Lamp, a core member of the Dark Hunters adventurer team, asked curiously as he looked at the core members of Dark Soul in the room.

"A direct order came from the Starline Corporation," a Level 54, Tier 2 male Berserker looking to be in his 40s said, smiling.

"Which Guild is unlucky enough to get targeted by the Starline Corporation?" Lonely Lamp asked, laughing. The last time Dark Soul had mobilized such a powerful force was when they were targeting a first-rate Guild. In the end, said first-rate Guild had very nearly disappeared from God's Domain. Fortunately, though, the first-rate Guild managed to pack up and leave the Dark Night Empire in time.

Rubbing his beard, the Tier 2 Berserker thought back to the message he received a while ago before replying, "It seems it's a Guild called Zero Wing."