Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1788 - Grade 1

Chapter 1788: Grade 1

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When the images appeared above the main stage, the representatives of super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds in the second-floor rooms became restless. They promptly relayed what they were seeing back to their respective Guild Leaders.

“Guild Leader, those rumors were true! The Secret Pavilion really has that thing!”

“The Secret Pavilion sure knows how to keep a secret! Are you absolutely sure about this?”

“Based on the images, there’s no mistaking it. However, there are simply too many major powers and corporations present. I’m afraid acquiring it will be difficult with the money we brought.”

“Good. I’ll have someone mail you all the funds we have available.”

Due to the several images, the various superpowers in attendance all started secretly raising funds. This situation enveloped the entire auction venue in tension. The major powers in the first-floor hall sensed an imminent storm.

“The Secret Pavilion really is a sly, old fox. Is it trying to have us superpowers and corporations tear at each other’s throats?” Nine Dragons Emperor tightly balled his fists, his eyes gleaming with indescribable excitement. He turned to Martial Dragon, who sat beside him, and said, “Quick! Have Blood Dragon sell all our available resources in the Black Dragon Empire! Mortgage some of the unused golden Lands in Black Dragon City as well! In any case, collect as many Coins and Magic Crystals as we can!”

“Pavilion Master, isn’t that a little too much?” Martial Dragon was stunned by Nine Dragons Emperor’s decision. The golden Lands of Black Dragon City were worth a fortune with countless buyers waiting in the wings. If the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion were to mortgage these Lands and fail to buy them back in time, it might lose these Lands to other powers.

“It’s fine. As long as we can get that thing, this small price is inconsequential,” Nine Dragons Emperor said as he shook his head. His eyes were filled with madness and ambition as he looked at the images displayed above the stage.

“Understood.” Martial Dragon immediately contacted Blood Dragon.

Meanwhile, in another room…

The elegant and scholarly Lu Xingluo stood up involuntarily and stared at the pictures the Secret Pavilion had revealed.

“Good! Wonderful! As long as we obtain this, the entire Dark Night Empire will be mine for the taking! Nobody will be able to oppose me anymore!” Lu Xingluo laughed.

“Congratulations, Guild Leader! At that time, both Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul will meet their end!” Zhong Langcheng, Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard, exclaimed in excitement.

“How is the fundraising I tasked you with coming along?” Lu Xingluo asked, turning around.

“Guild Leader, rest assured. Our funds are all here now,” Zhong Langcheng replied, smiling.

Meanwhile, in the room occupied by Zero Wing…

The sight of the first finale item the Secret Pavilion was auctioning set Shi Feng’s heart racing.

“The Secret Pavilion actually dares auction something like this?!” he exclaimed in astonishment.

At this moment, he understood why the Starline Corporation had done its best to prevent Unyielding Soul from taking part in this auction. If it were him, he would’ve done the same. He also understood why Mu Lingsha was willing to part with a plot of high-potential Land in the Dark Night Empire’s imperial capital just so that she could participate in this internal auction.

The reason for this was the thing the Secret Pavilion was trying to sell. It was simply too frightening!

The first finale item was neither a weapon nor a piece of equipment. It also wasn’t a tool. Instead, it was the management rights to an ore vein!

If it were any ordinary ore vein, most likely, even the first-rate Guilds present wouldn’t bother bidding for it. If it were a Manatite vein that could produce small amounts of Magic Crystals, then it would tempt even superpowers to go all-out. Meanwhile, above a Manatite vein would be an Energy vein that produced Energy Ore. The discovery of an Energy vein would definitely trigger a war among Super Guilds.

However, Manatite veins and Energy veins—ore veins capable of tempting even superpowers to take action —were considered only Grade 2 ore veins in God’s Domain.

The ore vein the Secret Pavilion had just revealed was a Grade 1 ore vein, a Magic Crystal vein!

Based on the pictures shown, although the Magic Crystal vein the Secret Pavilion discovered was not a rich one, its value was still beyond that of a rich Manatite vein or a rich Energy vein. This Magic Crystal vein would supply enough Magic Crystals to sustain the daily operations of two Super Guilds and still have excess to spare!

The surplus was because Magic Crystals were just the main product of a Magic Crystal vein. The byproducts of a Magic Crystal vein were also worth a fortune. One such example was Magic Silver, one of the top-ranking ores in God’s Domain in terms of hardness. It was considered a super-rare material. When used in forging weapons and equipment, the final product would be unbreakable.

This special property meant that even if the durability of the item with Magic Silver reached zero, the weapon or equipment would not become useless. Although its Attributes would decrease by a significant margin, it could still be used.

Due to this special property, an ingot of Magic Silver could sell for roughly 20 Gold on the market. Any that appeared at such a price would be purchased almost instantly.

While the occupants of the second-floor rooms were going crazy over the revealed images, Yuan Tiexin swept a glance at the various private rooms. Smiling, he said, “Everyone has now seen the item in question. If you are not familiar with it, you may find the relevant information in the libraries of kingdoms or empires. However, I believe that everyone present knows its value.

“The auction for this first finale item will be very simple. Same as always, it will go to the highest bidder. However, the Secret Pavilion will not be accepting Credits for this sale. The winner of this auction will receive a 40% share in this Magic Crystal vein. In other words, the winner will receive 40% of this vein’s harvest.

“Everyone might not know what 40% of the harvest entails. I won’t go into the specifics, but suffice to say, 40% of this vein’s harvest is definitely more than what you can get from an entire Energy vein. Moreover, the byproducts of this Magic Crystal vein are all highly sought-after materials that can help elevate a Guild’s Lifestyle players to a whole new level!

“However, before we start this auction, the Secret Pavilion also has to state one thing clearly: the winner of this auction will have to station a large number of experts and elites at the vein for the long run, and the number cannot be fewer than 100,000. If you are incapable of fulfilling this condition, winning the auction would be pointless!

“If nobody has any problems, then let us begin the auction for today’s first finale item! The minimum bid will be 100,000 Gold, and each increment must not be lower than 1,000 Gold or 2,000 Magic Crystals!”

Upon hearing Yuan Tiexin’s words, the lively auction venue suddenly fell deathly silent The upper echelon of the various first-rate Guilds seated in the first-floor hall could not help but gape.

Any thoughts in the first-floor hall of competing for the Mana Crystal vein immediately vanished. The long-term requirement of having a 100,000-man army guarding the vein aside, just the starting price was already enough to make every first-rate Guild in attendance give up.

One hundred thousand Gold!

Although these first-rate Guilds understood that this was a very normal price, actually hearing it coming out of Yuan Tiexin’s mouth still shocked them.

In preparation for this auction, these Guilds had gone through plenty of trouble just to collect around 30,000 Gold. Yet, now, it was revealed that they were far from qualified to bid on this Magic Crystal vein.

The powers that could rival first-rate Guilds were also silent They finally understood just how wide a gap there was between themselves and the various superpowers, who lived in an entirely different world. They weren’t even eligible to take part in this auction. All they could do was play the role of a spectator.