Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1787 - Tome of Astronomical Value

Chapter 1787: Tome of Astronomical Value

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Inside the luxurious auction hall…

Upon seeing the Book of Undying, every representative’s eyes shone with greed.

Although they couldn’t read the tome’s statistics like they could in God’s Domain, all of these people were representatives from major powers. They all possessed great insight.

“As expected of the Secret Pavilion. The first time is already so frightening!”

The various major powers present could not help but discuss the Book of Undying. When Yuan Tiexin saw the crowd before him stir, he was immensely satisfied. This had been the reaction he had aimed for when he chose the Book of Undying as the first item.

“I believe that you all recognize the rarity of this Book of Undying. For the buyer’s benefit, I won’t share the specifics of this tome’s Attributes. I will only give a general summary. This tome is a Dark-Gold ranked item. Even so, it is a super-rare item that can resurrect the dead. This item will half the death penalty for players it resurrects. It can also be used on NPCs. I believe you can recognize its value,” Yuan Tiexin explained.

After hearing the item’s introduction, everyone in the venue became even more passionate to acquire the Book of Undying. The various superpowers’ representatives, in particular, felt their blood pressure rise considerably.

The Book of Undying’s ability to resurrect players was subpar at best. After all, there were plenty of tools and Skills in God’s Domain that had the ability to alleviate the death penalty players suffered.

However, it was an entirely different story if the Book of Undying could resurrect NPCs.

The Book of Undying was especially valuable to superpowers that possessed powerful Personal Guards. Although there were other means to resurrect a Personal Guard, these means were not easy to accomplish. Moreover, the price one had to pay to use these means was astronomical. Hence, superpowers generally avoided risking their Personal Guards.

However, as the Book of Undying was a Dark-Gold item, not a one-time-use item, it could be used indefinitely. In other words, with this item, one could freely resurrect their Personal Guards. They would not have to worry about their Personal Guards dying by accident. The Book of Undying was far more valuable than some ordinary Epic item.

“I won’t waste your time. The starting price is 1,000 Gold, with each increment being no less than 50 Gold! In addition, Credit bids will not be accepted!” Yuan Tiexin shouted.

“One thousand, five hundred Gold!’ “Two thousand Gold!”

“Two thousand, five hundred Gold!’

The price quickly soared to 5,000 Gold, and the various major powers were surprised by how fast the price had risen. The bidding even troubled first-rate Guilds.

Although their Guilds earned quite a bit of wealth every day, their daily operations required a lot of Coins and resources. In preparation for the auction today, the various major powers had raised a significant amount of funding, but even so, these first-rate Guilds had only prepared around thirty to forty thousand Gold. They couldn’t possibly throw all their money at a single item.

Moreover, all of the attending powers had specific targets in mind. They all wanted to win the items that their Guilds needed most

“Eight thousand Gold!”

Nine Dragons Emperor, who sat in one of the second-floor rooms, increased the price by 3,000 Gold, immediately silencing the various major powers in the first-floor hall.

While the various powers could afford to raise the bid further, on the off chance that the won the tome, they’d have trouble winning the items they truly wanted.

“Ten thousand Gold!”

However, a few seconds after the 8,000-Gold bid went up, Shi Feng, who occupied Room No. 8, raised it.

“Who placed that bid? You can buy Epic Equipment with that kind of money!”

“It seems Zero Wing is the bidder!”

“This is insane. This is only the first auction item!”

The major powers in the first-floor hall could not help but turn to look at Shi Feng’s room, astonished by the man’s generosity.

What they didn’t know, however, was that Shi Feng understood more about the Book of Undying than its current owner. He knew exactly how valuable the item was.

On its own, the Book of Undying was only worth around 10,000 Gold, roughly as much as an Epic Weapon.

While the Book of Undying was capable of resurrecting NPCs, it wasn’t capable of resurrecting all NPCs. The Secret Pavilion had failed to mention this bit of crucial information.

At the end of the day, the Book of Undying for auction was only a Dark-Gold item. Although the Skill it possessed was heaven-defying, there was a limit to the Skill’s effects. At Dark-Gold rank, the Book of Undying could only resurrect Tier 2 NPCs and players. It wouldn’t be effective on Tier 3 and above existences. Otherwise, it wouldn’t just be a Dark-Gold item.

This had been why the Secret Pavilion had been willing to part with the tome, putting it up for auction.

The various major powers had likely guessed the tome’s limitations, as well, which explained why they weren’t enthusiastic to purchase the item. If the Book of Undying were an Epic item, the various superpowers would likely bid like madmen. No one would’ve been surprised to see the tome’s price climb to five times more than its current bid.

However, even though the Book of Undying was only Dark-Gold rank, the fact that it was available was a pleasant surprise for Shi Feng.

Although the tome wouldn’t help him resurrect Tier 3 NPCs and above, it was enough for Shi Feng’s uses right now. At the very least, he could involve Anna and Kite in combat without worrying about them dying.

After Shi Feng had raised the bid for the Book of Undying to 10,000 Gold, Nine Dragons Emperor gave up on the item. For him, the Book of Undying was a collector’s item of sorts. Paying more for it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

“Ten thousand Gold going once!”

“Ten thousand Gold going twice!”

However, just when Yuan Tiexin was about to finalize the sale, a new bid appeared.

“Twelve thousand Gold!”

Many people turned to the bidder in astonishment. Meanwhile, the person who had placed this new bid was none other than the Starline Corporation’s Lu Xingluo.

“Thirteen thousand Gold!” Shi Feng raised the bid once more.

This surprised everyone further. They never thought that Shi Feng would be so desperate for the Book of Undying. That was 13,000 Gold they were talking about. With that kind of money, he could purchase a valuable plot of land in any capital.

“Thirteen thousand, five hundred Gold!”

“Fourteen thousand Gold!”

“Fourteen thousand, five hundred Gold!”

Whenever Shi Feng placed a new bid, Lu Xingluo quickly added another 500 Gold.

When the price rose to 20,000 Gold, the various major powers were utterly dumbfounded.

Paying 20,000 Gold for a Dark-Gold item was ridiculous. It’d be far more beneficial to build a town with this money.

“Twenty-four thousand Gold!” Not wanting to waste time, Shi Feng raised the price by another 4,000 Gold.

As the price rose, Yuan Tiexin’s breathing became a little heavier. The bid was already more than double what he had expected.

“Forget it I don’t want this item anymore,” Lu Xingluo said, chuckling as he relented.

Once Lu Xingluo dropped out of the bidding, Shi Feng eventually won the Book of Undying, surprising many of the representatives with Zero Wing’s financial strength. They also inwardly ridiculed Zero Wing for spending 24,000 Gold on a Dark-Gold item.

Even Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose felt that it was excessive to purchase the Book of Undying for such a high price.

However, after Shi Feng paid the 24,000 Gold by connecting to God’s Domain’s Main God System via his quantum watch and received the Book of Undying from the Secret Pavilion, his smile was bright.

The Book of Undying was a Dark-Gold item, but he knew something the Secret Pavilion had failed to discover.

There wasn’t just one Book of Undying in God’s Domain, but 13. Every one of these tomes was a Dark-Gold item, which Undying Danasius had penned personally.

Even Tier 6 Gods had failed to kill Danasius, hence his title of ‘Undying.’ In the end, an Ancient God had sealed Danasius away. Meanwhile, the 13 Books of Undying contained all of Danasius’s power, and there were rumors stating that Undying Danasius had recorded a method of self-resurrection in his books.

How could these tomes, written by such a powerful existence, be just ordinary Dark-Gold items?

The Books of Undying were powerful in the fact that they could be merged. When one combined two copies of the Book of Undying, its ability would improve. Only after merging all 13 Books of Undying could one display the tomes’ true power. As for the complete book’s rank, no one had known even ten years after God’s Domain’s launch. However, most people guessed that it would be a Legendary item.

This was because only ten copies had ever been found, and the strongest Book of Undying had only absorbed two other copies, reaching Epic rank. As an Epic item, the Book of Undying could resurrect Tier 3 NPCs.

Now that a Book of Undying had appeared before him, it wouldn’t do him any harm to start collecting the tomes now. On the off chance that he found three copies one day, he could upgrade the tome to Epic rank, and it would be of great help to him.

Once the Book of Undying’s auction had concluded, Yuan Tiexin proceeded to introduce other auction items. However, none of the following items were nearly as valuable as that first tome. Moreover, representatives could pay for the following items with Credits.

Shi Feng had to admit that the Secret Pavilion offered a large variety of items, including 20-plus pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment and 50-plus Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment pieces that increased Fire Resistance. In the end, Shi Feng had spent over 7,3〇〇 Gold to acquire all of them. If not for Lu Xingluo’s interference, raising the price from time to time, he could’ve easily purchased this equipment for only 4,000 Gold.

By the time the ordinary items had sold, more than a day had passed. The Secret Pavilion then hosted a friendly competition to determine how many finale items each of the various powers could purchase. This friendly competition also gave everyone a glimpse of the various superpowers’ up-and-coming experts.

“Finally, we’ll start the bidding for our first finale item of the day!” Yuan Tiexin announced, chuckling as he glanced at the second-floor rooms. “I believe that many of you are familiar with this next item.”

On cue, several images appeared on the display above the stage.

When these images had appeared, a commotion tore through the attentive crowd. Even the representatives in the second- floor rooms stared with bloodshot eyes.

When Mu Lingsha, who sat beside Aqua Rose, saw these images, her fists balled as excitement lit up her face. She simply couldn’t keep her calm.