Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1786 - Book of Undying

Chapter 1786: Book of Undying

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“Zero Wing received a Gold Card?”

“Zero Wing’s group does include five people! It’s actually true!”

The various major powers, who perked up to listen in on the conversation between Yuan Xiexin and Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard, couldn’t help their surprise upon hearing this revelation. When the Secret Pavilion hosted an internal auction, it would only send 50 golden invitation cards. These Gold Cards would only be given to powers the Secret Pavilion acknowledged.

The various representatives hadn’t paid much attention to the number of people in Zero Wing’s group. It was rare to see the powers with a Gold Card use all five of their slots. They generally only brought two or three people. Hence, the major powers that attended the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction had stopped paying attention to how many attendees a particular power had with it. They were all quite familiar with the powers that qualified for a Gold Card, and even if some people arrived as a group of five, it was likely that two friendly powers had decided to attend together.

However, most of the eavesdropping powers were more surprised to learn that the Starline Corporation wanted Zero Wing removed than they were to learn that the Secret Pavilion had invited the Guild as a Gold VIP.

“So what if Zero Wing received a Gold invitation?” Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard asked nonchalantly.

Although he was Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard, he was also an expert in God’s Domain. He knew a significant amount about the game.

Had the Starline Corporation not dissuaded the Secret Pavilion from sending an invitation to Unyielding Soul, the Guild would’ve received a Gold Card, treated like a Gold VIP, yet due to the corporation’s interference, hadn’t the Secret Pavilion failed to send the super-first-rate Guild an invitation?

“Is that so?” Yuan Tiexin responded with a tinge of anger in his voice. “The Secret Pavilion will not rescind an invitation from any of its guests, regardless of if they are Bronze or Silver VIPs, unless they have made a mistake. If you have nothing else, please wait in the banquet hall quietly. The auction will begin soon.”

Not inviting someone to the auction and removing an invited person from the auction were two entirely different things. If word got out that the Secret Pavilion had removed Zero Wing from the auction at the Starline Corporation’s request, who would dare do business with the Secret Pavilion in the future?

Although the High-level Energy in the Starline Corporation’s possession was indeed tempting, the Secret Pavilion did not necessarily need the Starline Corporation to acquire High-level Energy. There were still plenty of major corporations that had the resource.

“You!” Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard was furious. He had never expected the Secret Pavilion to show the Starline Corporation so little respect. As he thought about correcting this insult, he locked eyes with Yuan Tiexin’s two bodyguards, whose auras were no weaker than his. Clenching his teeth, he turned and left.

The spectating powers were dumbfounded.

None of them had dreamed that the Secret Pavilion would disrespect the Starline Corporation.

However, the representatives from the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds weren’t overly surprised about the outcome. Although the Starline Corporation wielded considerable influence, the several corporations backing the Secret Pavilion were no weaker than Starline. The Starline Corporation was somewhat unique in how much High-level Energy it possessed, and that was the only reason the various superpowers showed it some respect.

After all, in the current era, many aspects required High-level Energy.

It was also because of this reason that the Starline Corporation had always done things in a tyrannical way. This was also something superpowers like themselves had long since gotten used to. However, while they would concede to the Starline Corporation in small matters, no superpower would bow to the corporation in crucial matters, much less a transcendental power like the Secret Pavilion.

“Uncle Yuan, you were so amazing! When we return, the Guild Leader will likely request a meeting,” Purple Jade said, giggling.

“You little girl…” Yuan Tiexin rolled his eyes at Purple Jade. He then shifted his gaze towards Shi Feng’s group. “However, Zero Wing really knows how to cause trouble wherever it goes. It even dares to meddle in matters between the Starline Corporation and Unyielding Soul.”

The Starline Corporation and Unyielding Soul were going at each other’s throats in the Dark Night Empire in a struggle that would only end once one of them had been utterly defeated. Meanwhile, the chances that Unyielding Soul would lose were very high. It would not even be surprising if Unyielding Soul fell from its position as a super-first-rate Guild. Unyielding Soul’s main headquarters was in the Dark Night Empire, and the Guild had focused a lot of its efforts on developing in the empire.

If it lost the Dark Night Empire, its strength would diminish tremendously.

Meanwhile, in the private lounge Lu Xingluo occupied…

Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard quickly relayed Yuan Tiexin’s response.

“Guild Leader, the Secret Pavilion is refusing to show us the respect we deserve. Should we put some pressure on the Pavilion?” the tall bodyguard asked.

“No. There’s no need to sour our relationship with the Secret Pavilion over this small matter. So what if Unyielding Soul gets to attend this auction? With the Guild’s foundations, competing with us here will be futile,” Lu Xingluo said, shaking his head. He was not his bodyguard. He knew just how powerful the Secret Pavilion was. If the Starline Corporation truly angered the Secret Pavilion, the corporation would get the short end of the stick, not the Pavilion. The Secret Pavilion simply had too much influence in God’s Domain, and it had even more resources. Very few superpowers in God’s Domain could compete with the Pavilion.

“What about Zero Wing?” the bodyguard asked again.

“A worm. Once we return, notify the players from Dark Soul and have them take care of it,” Lu Xingluo said, snorting. Even a super-first-rate Guild like Unyielding Soul amounted to nothing in his eyes, much less an up-and-coming Guild like Zero Wing. Of course, although he did not regard Zero Wing with any importance, since a worm had dared to insult him, he would stomp it to death.

“Understood!” the bodyguard sneered.

Had Zero Wing obediently accepted their goodwill, it would’ve received at least 1,000,000 Credits, but now that Lu Xingluo wanted to mobilize Dark Soul, it wouldn’t be long until the Guild was obliterated from God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, in the banquet hall…

The previously dull atmosphere had livened considerably after the drama between the Starline Corporation and Zero Wing.

After everyone chatted for a while longer, some staff members came and notified the guests about the start of the auction. The representatives then made their way towards the venue the Secret Pavilion had prepared.

Compared to the auction venues in God’s Domain, the Secret Pavilion’s venue wasn’t worth mentioning. The venue could, at most, house around 3,000 people. That was a fraction of the auction venues in God’s Domain, which could easily house tens of thousands of people. However, nobody looked down on the small venue. The most insignificant of the guests were representatives from first-rate Guilds. Second- and third-rate Guilds could never qualify for an invitation.

Moreover, the Secret Pavilion had prepared plenty of items for this auction. As the first internal auction since God’s Domain had launched, the Secret Pavilion had over 2,000 items for sale, and none of these items could be purchased in the game. Among these items, over 150 had been set aside for the finale. Needless to say, these finale items were extraordinarily valuable. The cheapest among these items had a minimum bid of 2,000 Gold. Once the bidding began, even first-rate Guilds would despair.

However, every one of these finale items was definitely worth its weight in gold. Otherwise, the Secret Pavilion wouldn’t have bothered with them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction! As always, items will go to the highest bidder. This time, though, we will give priority to bids involving God’s Domain’s Magic Crystals and Coins,” Yuan Tiexin explained after stepping onto the main stage. “Without further ado, let us begin the auction and welcome our first item for the day!”

When Yuan Tiexin finished speaking, the image of a thick tome appeared on the virtual display above him. Several words graced the tome’s cover in large text, and based on the footage, it was clear that the tome passively gathered Mana around it. The tome certainly wasn’t an ordinary item. The item instantly grasped the crowd’s attention.

The Book of Undying?! Shi Feng could not help his shock when he saw the image. Why is this thing here?!