Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1785 - Gold VIP

Chapter 1785: Gold VIP

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Inside the top-floor hall:

When Shi Feng’s group exited the private lounge, it immediately attracted the attention of the various major powers present. “Huh? They’re out so soon?”

“Could they be done negotiating already?”

Zero Wing’s group had entered the private lounge less than five minutes ago. Everyone could not control their curiosity at this sudden development

However, just as everyone was wondering about the results of the talks between Zero Wing and the Starline Corporation, a tall man wearing a black suit walked out of the private lounge as well. When this tall man exited the lounge, he sent a sneer at Shi Feng’s group before heading for Yuan Tiexin, who was entertaining the representatives of the various major powers present.

“What’s going on?”

“Did the negotiations fail?”

Everyone in the room was familiar with this tall man. After all, he was Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard, who also served as his aide. Meanwhile, the bodyguard’s expression was not what one would make after a successful negotiation, no matter how they looked at it Rather, it seemed more like he was ridiculing Zero Wing’s group.

Walking beside Shi Feng, Aqua Rose noticed Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard’s direction, and her complexion darkened.

“Are they planning on using the Secret Pavilion to deal with us?” Aqua Rose could not help frowning in worry as she watched the bodyguard getting increasingly closer to Yuan Tiexin.

The Starline Corporation had already relied on its influence to stop the Secret Pavilion from sending an invitation to Unyielding Soul, a super-first-rate Guild. Getting the Secret Pavilion to remove Zero Wing from the auction would be even easier.

If Zero Wing were to miss out on this internal auction, it would suffer a massive loss.

“No need to panic. Let’s see how things develop first,” Shi Feng said calmly as he looked at Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard. “If it really isn’t possible, then we’ll just leave.”

While it was indeed true that the items auctioned by the Secret Pavilion were extraordinary, Zero Wing was not so desperate that it would collapse just because it couldn’t get them.

At this time, Mu Lingsha walked up to Shi Feng.

“Thank you! Because of my problem, I have caused Zero Wing to provoke the Starline Corporation. I’d like to use a plot of Land in Dark Night City as compensation. The Land is under my name and is located near the city’s Central District.” Mu Lingsha thanked Shi Feng sincerely.

When faced with the threats and pressure of the Starline Corporation, few would be willing to help Unyielding Soul. After all, even Twilight Echo, a veteran first-rate Guild that had close ties with Unyielding Soul, had yielded to Starline’s tyranny. Nonetheless, Zero Wing, a Guild that had practically no relations with Unyielding Soul, had actually stood up to Starline for Unyielding Soul.

Upon hearing Mu Lingsha’s words, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow turned involuntarily to look at her in surprise. They had never thought that Mu Lingsha would use a valuable plot of Land located within the Dark Night Empire’s imperial capital as a token of gratitude.

Nowadays, major corporations and companies around the world were investing in God’s Domain, boosting the prices of Lands in major NPC cities as a result, especially in kingdom capitals and imperial capitals. A plot of Land without high potential would still sell for a fortune. As for those with high potential, even if one offered tens of thousands of Gold to purchase such a Land, nobody would be willing to sell.

Shi Feng found it difficult to refuse such compensation.

The Dark Night Empire’s imperial capital had a player population of over 10,000,000. If he could set up the Candlelight Trading Firm on this plot of Land, the trading firm would gain access to all these players. At that time, Candlelight’s income would definitely increase by a significant margin. Hence, Shi Feng ended up accepting Mu Lingsha’s offer.

Meanwhile, over at Yuan Tiexin’s location…

Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard had arrived before Yuan Tiexin and relayed his employer’s words to him.

Upon receiving this unreasonable demand, Yuan Tiexin fell silent He simply could not figure out just what Zero Wing had done to anger Lu Xingluo this much.

“I hope that the Secret Pavilion can make a decision soon. The Starline Corporation dislikes having to wait,” Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard said in an indifferent tone.

In his opinion, there was no need to consider this decision at all. The Starline Corporation was entirely out of Zero Wing’s league. It would be in the Secret Pavilion’s best interests to go along with the Starline Corporation’s demands and remove Zero Wing from the auction.

The nearby people who overheard the bodyguard’s words were momentarily dumbfounded. They had never thought that Zero Wing would be so bold as to actually provoke the Starline Corporation.

Zero Wing really is overestimating itself to go against the Starline Corporation. When Nine Dragons Emperor received this piece of news, he could not help but laugh.

Previously, he thought that Zero Wing would obtain the Starline Corporation’s support. If that had happened, he would most likely be doomed. After all, Phoenix Rain would’ve indirectly gained a powerful helper in the fight to become the Great Pavilion Master.

However, now that Zero Wing had provoked the Starline Corporation, not only did this outcome not provide Phoenix Rain with the slightest bit of help, but it would also become a huge hindrance to her becoming the Great Pavilion Master. After all, the Guild Elders would have to take the Starline Corporation into account when considering Phoenix Rain for the position.

Meanwhile, when the various major powers attending the auction received news about this matter, they were similarly shocked.

Zero Wing’s foolishness had thoroughly exceeded their imagination. The Guild had actually provoked the Starline Corporation for some unknown outsider.

The Starline Corporation was in possession of plenty of High-level Energy, which many superpowers had tried to purchase to no avail. Now that Zero Wing had become a thorn in the corporation’s side, many superpowers would probably gun for Zero Wing to curry favor with Starline. At that time, even if they failed to establish a partnership with the corporation, they should still be able to purchase some High-level Energy to strengthen their own Guilds.

“Damn it. The Secret Pavilion will most likely earn the Starline Corporation’s favor.”

“Zero Wing sure is pitiful. Despite this being the Guild’s first time at one of the Secret Pavilion’s internal auctions, it is already going to get chased off before it can even take part in the actual auction.”

The representatives of the various superpowers looked at Shi Feng’s group with pity in their eyes.

“Uncle Yuan?” Purple Jade was dying of curiosity as she looked at Yuan Tiexin, who had remained silent all this time.

Yuan Tiexin was the host for this auction. All matters relating to this Secret Pavilion branch were currently under his management. In normal times, the Secret Pavilion would definitely remove Zero Wing from the premises without hesitation, to curry favor with the Starline Corporation. After all, there was simply no comparison between the two.

“What is it? I’m just asking to have Zero Wing’s people removed from the auction venue. Is this a difficult matter for you to accomplish?” Lu Xingluo’s bodyguard demanded in irritation as he looked at the unresponsive Yuan Tiexin.

“It is indeed very difficult, as I do not have this authority. Although I am the host for the auction this time, Zero Wing is just like the Starline Corporation and is a VIP invited with a Gold Card,” Yuan Tiexin explained after taking a deep breath.