Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1784 - Unyielding Soul

Chapter 1784: Unyielding Soul

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“The Starline Corporation has its eye on Zero Wing?”

叮hat’s not possible, right? Didn’t Starline reject a partnership offer from a super-first-rate Guild before? Why would it suddenly set its sights on Zero Wing?”

“If this is true, we’ll have to be careful of Zero Wing in the future.”

The corporate representatives and the upper echelon of various Guilds inside the hall discussed among themselves in hushed tones as they watched Lu Xingluo and Shi Feng’s group enter a private lounge.

Meanwhile, Nine Dragons Emperor, who had quietly watched these proceedings from a corner of the room, frowned deeply.

Previously, he had sought out the Starline Corporation for partnership but got rejected outright. He did not even manage to meet with a corporate representative like Lu Xingluo.

The Starline Corporation was one of the major corporations that had invested in God’s Domain early on, unlike those that joined the struggle after the game had garnered global fame. Hence, the Starline Corporation already had a solid foundation in God’s Domain, so much so that even the various superpowers feared the corporation greatly.

If Zero Wing really partnered with the Starline Corporation, then he would have a much harder time dealing with Zero Wing in the future.

“Uncle Yuan, what do you think this is all about? Is the Starline Corporation actually trying to partner with Zero Wing?” Purple Jade, who was wearing a white dress, asked curiously as she watched Shi Feng’s group enter the private lounge.

“I’m not sure. From what I know, the Starline Corporation has never taken the initiative to seek a partnership with a Guild before. Could Zero Wing still have some secrets that we are not aware of?” Yuan Tiexin replied, shaking his head. He was also very confused by this situation.

In fact, even the Secret Pavilion wanted to collaborate with the Starline Corporation, which held a large amount of energy resources, especially the extremely rare High-level Energy. If the Secret Pavilion could get its hands on sufficient High-level Energy, it would be able to nurture many more experts than before.

This was also the reason why many super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds sought a partnership with the Starline Corporation.

Inside the spacious private lounge, both sides were currently seated on leather sofas and observing each other. At this moment, Shi Feng was honestly surprised that the famous Starline Corporation would approach Zero Wing. As for Liang Jing, she was already close to fainting.

After the silence persisted for a while, Lu Xingluo shifted his gaze to Aqua Rose’s cousin, revealing a playful smile as he said, “Miss Mu Lingsha, your Unyielding Soul really is tenacious. Do you think that, just because you managed to worm your way into the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction this time, you’ll be able to obtain that thing and avoid defeat?”

Due to Lu Xingluo’s words, the atmosphere inside the room suddenly became tense. Meanwhile, Shi Feng and Gentle Snow automatically turned to look at Aqua Rose’s cousin, who had remained silent all this time.

She’s someone from Unyielding Soul? Gentle Snow blinked repeatedly, her heart full of surprise as she looked at Mu Lingsha.

Unyielding Soul was a veteran super-first-rate Guild. At its peak, it had been stronger than many Super Guilds. Although it had not made headlines during the past few years, it was still much stronger than the current Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

She found it very hard to imagine that such a super-first-rate Guild would need to rely on Zero Wing to get into the internal auction.

What Gentle Snow did not know was that the Secret Pavilion had not sent an invitation to Unyielding Soul this time due to the Starline Corporation’s meddling. Hence, Mu Lingsha had turned to Aqua Rose for help.

The first reason for her decision was her family ties with Aqua Rose.

The second reason was Aqua Rose’s having been under Unyielding Soul and Mu Lingsha’s care during her youth. Hence, the two of them could be considered best friends as well.

As for getting Twilight Echo’s help, that first-rate Guild had refused to share any of its participation slots with Mu Lingsha when she asked. Just when Aqua Rose was feeling troubled by Mu Lingsha’s request for help, Shi Feng happened to reveal that he had received an invitation—a golden invitation card at that. Since there were additional slots, Aqua Rose ended up asking for one for her cousin.

Meanwhile, despite having heard Lu Xingluo’s question, Mu Lingsha remained silent for a long time.

Just as she was about to say something, Lu Xingluo turned his gaze to Shi Feng and Gentle Snow, who wore confused expressions on their faces.

“It seems you don’t know about this matter. Fine, then. I’ll treat this as Zero Wing being ignorant and overlook your transgressions. Afterward, just notify the Secret Pavilion’s security and have them escort Miss Mu out of the building. In compensation for your wasting a participation slot, I’ll send you one million Credits later,” Lu Xingluo said. He then sent one last glance at Mu Lingsha before standing up to leave.

At Lu Xingluo’s words, Mu Lingsha fell into despair.

In the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction, nobody had the authority to meddle with the people brought along by other invited persons. Only the invited persons themselves were allowed to send away their companions.

The Starline Corporation possessed massive influence both in the game and in the real world, as proven by the fact that the Secret Pavilion had not sent an invitation to Unyielding Soul this time. If even an entity as powerful as the Secret Pavilion had shrunk back because of the Starline Corporation, there was no need to mention what kind of response a minor existence like Zero Wing would make.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose, who was sitting beside Shi Feng, also turned pale at this turn of events. She had never thought that their actions would get discovered.

Mu Lingsha was her best friend. However, Aqua Rose also owed Zero Wing a huge debt of gratitude. Caught in a dilemma, she was at a loss as to what to do.

Just when Lu Xingluo’s party made for the lounge’s door, a voice suddenly rang out inside the room.

“One million Credits? Chief Lu sure is generous. Unfortunately, Zero Wing can’t accept this generosity. Since there aren’t any other matters to discuss, we’ll be taking our leave first”

Although these words were spoken with a calm tone, they deeply ingrained themselves in the minds of everyone present.

Aqua Rose, Mu Lingsha, and Liang Jing instinctively turned to Shi Feng, the originator of these words.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow revealed a bitter smile as she helplessly shook her head, her expression conveying that she had expected this outcome.

However, although Gentle Snow had a troubled look on her face, her eyes shone with joy and excitement.

After all, it was because of this attitude of Shi Feng’s that she had chosen to join Zero Wing back then. Despite Zero Wing having grown considerably, Shi Feng remained the same as before. He did not change his principles just because he now had more responsibilities on his plate.

Although Shi Feng’s decision would bring no small amount of trouble to the Guild, she still strongly supported this decision.

Guild Leader… Aqua Rose was greatly moved as she looked at Shi Feng, who currently wore a calm and indifferent expression.

Meanwhile, Liang Jing’s mouth was hanging wide open. Although she did not understand what exactly was going on here, she knew very clearly just how frightening the Starline Corporation was. If Shi Feng were to blatantly defy Lu Xingluo, Starline’s representative, he would definitely incur a disaster. Moreover, it would be a disaster that could drive even Chairman Xiao to despair.

Lu Xingluo, who had just arrived at the door, suddenly stopped. Thinking he had misheard, he turned around and looked at Shi Feng, who had just gotten up from the sofa, and asked, “Does this mean you are rejecting my goodwill?”

Although Lu Xingluo had spoken in a very bland and calm tone, the air inside the room seemed to have frozen when he was done speaking, the atmosphere becoming somewhat stifling.

The pressure he exerted with his words even made Liang Jing shudder.

Lu Xingluo was only an ordinary person. However, behind him was a monumental existence. If he wanted to, he could easily crush a company like the Big Dipper Group at any time.

“I have taken your kindness to heart However, Zero Wing does not need an outsider to tell it what it should or should not do,” Shi Feng replied coldly. After he was done speaking, he led Aqua Rose and the others out of the private lounge.

A short moment later, only Lu Xingluo and the tall man standing beside him remained inside the private lounge.

“Guild Leader, do you need us to take action?” the tall man asked quietly.

“No. This is the Secret Pavilion’s territory. We naturally have to let the Secret Pavilion be the one to take action. Go and notify the Secret Pavilion’s representative right now. Tell them that I do not wish to see Zero Wing in this auction!” Lu Xingluo said, sneering as he watched the departing figures of Shi Feng’s group.

“Understood.” After hearing Lu Xingluo’s words, the tall man promptly left the lounge to notify the Secret Pavilion.