Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1783 - Secret Pavilion Auction

Chapter 1783: Secret Pavilion Auction

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Tianyuan City, Secret Pavilion Branch:

The branch headquarters was a 181-story-tall building that stood in the city’s business district. The area the building occupied could fit a stadium that could accommodate 100,000 people. It was one of the most iconic buildings in the entire city. It was also where countless gamers wished to work.

Currently, curious passersby had gathered on the street outside of the building.

This was because today, the Secret Pavilion Branch, which generally saw little traffic, was quite lively. One luxury hovercar after another slid to a stop before the building’s entrance, with easily over 100 in line.

The crowd also gaped in shock when they saw the individuals who alighted from these hovercars.

“Isn’t that Thousand Miles, the Vice Guild Leader of the super-first-rate Guild Miracle? Why is he at Secret Pavilion’s Branch?”

“Look! That is Cleansed Rue, the Vice Guild Leader of the first-rate Guild Hundred Flowers Pavilion! She is so beautiful!” “Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Nine Dragons Emperor is here!”

“What’s going on? Why have the upper echelons of so many powerful Guilds come to the Secret Pavilion’s Branch?”

“I get it! The Secret Pavilion must be holding an internal auction today! The auction is so grand this time, though! So many Guilds have been invited!”

“I’m getting goosebumps from seeing so many of God’s Domain’s VIPs.”

“It would be great if I could join the auction just once.”

The crowd was relatively familiar with the people that had stepped out of the luxury hovercars. The virtual gaming world had already solidified its position in society. Large Gaming Guilds’ upper echelons were far more famous than celebrity singers or movie stars among the general populace. Moreover, since God’s Domain had gained so much popularity throughout the world, many people had started to pay attention to the virtual gaming world’s matters.

As the crowd watched one Guild VIP enter the Secret Pavilion’s Branch Headquarters after another, awe and admiration filled their hearts. Inwardly, they hoped that one day, they, too, could take part in such a grand event instead of being a silent spectator.

“Sure enough, the rumors were true. The Secret Pavilion has gone all-out this time. It has invited so many major corporations.” Thousand Miles, who stood in a corner of the branch headquarters’ main lobby, revealed a smile as he watched the VIPs enter the building.

“Commander, if that is true, then we’ll be in a tight spot. Based on our investigations, plenty of major corporations will be participating. I’m afraid that these corporations will compete with us over that item…” a beautiful woman in a dark-purple one-piece said, frowning.

If Shi Feng were present right now, not even he would’ve guessed this beauty to be Silent March, the vice commander of Miracle’s Purgatory Legion. She was far more charming and intellectual than her appearance in the game.

“We might not be a match for these corporations in terms of financial strength, but when it comes to resources in God’s Domain, Miracle doesn’t need to fear anyone. They won’t necessarily win that item,” Thousand Miles said, smiling as he eyed the dozen or so corporation representatives conversing in the lobby.

This internal auction was indeed much grander than before. Usually, major corporations that weren’t related to the virtual gaming world didn’t make an appearance. Not even the Dark Auction could lure these representatives.

While the various VIPs in the brilliant lobby chatted, a group of five entered the building. The group consisted of four women and one man, and compared to the other participants, the man appeared average at best. Nobody would bat an eye at him if he walked past However, two of the women beside him immediately attracted a lot of attention.

One of these women radiated a cold, sacred feeling, her body akin to perfection itself. As for the other woman, she was radiant with an exquisite form. These women’s smiles were so charming that others were unconsciously attracted.

These women were none other than Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, both appearing as they did in God’s Domain. However, when Shi Feng actually met the two in person, he had been slightly surprised.

Although there were many great beauties in the lobby, they were no match for Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose.

As for the other two women in Shi Feng’s group, one was his assistant, Liang Jing, while the other was Aqua Rose’s so- called friend. In reality, though, this woman was Aqua Rose’s elder cousin, and she looked quite similar to Aqua Rose. Although this female cousin wasn’t quite as beautiful as Aqua Rose, she radiated a mature, wise feeling.

“There are so many Guilds here!” Aqua Rose quietly exclaimed. After a brief glance at the people in the lobby, she noticed that many were celebrities in God’s Domain.

“There are also quite a few corporate representatives. The Secret Pavilion’s capabilities are quite impressive,” Gentle Snow added, a hint of admiration in her eyes as she surveyed the room.

Although some auctions in God’s Domain could attract a few major corporations, these auctions definitely weren’t as successful as the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction. After watching the room for a moment, Gentle Snow had noticed six major corporations that were frequently on the news. Countless large Guilds wanted to partner with these major corporations. Unfortunately, none of these Guilds had gained these corporations’ interest. On the contrary, these major corporations had annexed quite a few large Guilds in God’s Domain, developing their own Guilds rapidly.

Compared to Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, though, Liang Jing, who stood behind Shi Feng, was utterly baffled.

She simply could not understand what was going on, even wondering if she were dreaming. Just this morning, Shi Feng had her accompany him on the earliest flight to Tianyuan City. Then she had met Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, surprised by their appearances. She had never actually expected Shi Feng to know such stunning women.

She had worked as the head secretary of Big Dipper’s Chairman Xiao for three years now, and she had seen many VIPs before. Based on Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose’s temperaments, she recognized that the women were far from ordinary.

However, after arriving at the Secret Pavilion’s Branch Headquarters, she was beyond astonished.

Although she rarely paid attention to matters regarding the virtual gaming world, she knew a lot about the various major companies and corporations around the world. This was especially true for corporations.

She had spotted the representatives of over a dozen major corporations since she had entered the building. Normally, these representatives were VIPs that not even Chairman Xiao qualified to meet, yet they had gathered in one location to attend an event that she, too, attended. The only explanation that she could think of for such a situation was that she must be dreaming.

Although Shi Feng was a martial arts master and someone that even Chairman Xiao had to treat with importance, he wasn’t worth mentioning compared to these representatives. These people lived in entirely different worlds. Furthermore, the only thing Shi Feng did, aside from his position as a martial arts instructor, was play God’s Domain.

While God’s Domain was very popular, in Liang Jing’s opinion, it was only a virtual reality game. Even if a virtual reality game were quite impressive, how could it possibly attract the attention of powerful international corporations?

What Liang Jing did not know was that God’s Domain was unlike any virtual reality game in the past. God’s Domain was capable of extending its players’ lifespans. If one took care of their body properly, it was possible to extend their lifespans by decades and centuries. Hence, God’s Domain had attracted the attention of countless corporations to compete over the game and its limited resources.

While Liang Jing reminded herself that she must be dreaming, a healthy middle-aged man wearing an elegant suit and tie approached Shi Feng’s group.

Upon noticing this middle-aged man, many first-rate Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds’ upper echelons turned to watch Shi Feng’s group.

“Damn it! Why did he choose Zero Wing?” Nine Dragons Emperor gritted his teeth, nearly cracking them, as he watched this elegant man stop before Shi Feng.

While Nine Dragons Emperor’s eyes turned bloodshot, the middle-aged man introduced himself to Shi Feng’s group.

“Hello! You must be Zero Wing’s representatives, right? Let me introduce myself. I am Lu Xingluo, the Starline Corporation’s representative. May I know if we can find a quiet place for a proper chat?”

After the man introduced himself, some of the large Guilds’ upper echelons, who hadn’t recognized the representative, were dumbfounded. Even Liang Jing, who stood behind Shi Feng, gaped when she learned the middle-aged man’s identity.

The Starline Corporation!

That was one of the top 50 corporations in the entire world!