Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1782 - Raising Funds

Chapter 1782: Raising Funds

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When Shi Feng tapped on the item, the exquisite gift box opened slowly.

Inside the gift box was an exquisite, golden card. Embossed on the card were the words “Secret Pavilion Auction Invitation Card.”

The invitation card for the Secret Pavilion’s auction? Shi Feng took out the card to inspect its Attribute Panel. This is interesting.

Recorded on the card’s Attribute Panel was the address for the venue of the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction. The card also served as an electronic pass that allowed entry into the auction. Meanwhile, the card could allow up to five people to participate in the auction.

Shi Feng knew very clearly what an internal auction hosted by the Secret Pavilion entailed. These internal auctions were a hub of high-class items. Moreover, the auctions weren’t limited to items found in God’s Domain. Real-world items that could be of help to one’s progression in the game would also be available.

During the first two years after God’s Domain’s launch, not even the Dark Arena’s Dark Auction could have compared to the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction. Epic items were commonplace in these internal auctions, not worth mentioning. More importantly, the auction would include Fragmented Legendary items and clues that could lead to Legendary items.

The internal auction also offered a massive quantity of items. Sometimes, the internal auctions would last two days due to so many items for sale. As long as one attended, they could reap a considerable harvest.

For Shi Feng, this auction’s timing could not be more perfect He currently needed a large stock of high-quality Fire Resistance equipment, and the Secret Pavilion, which reached all across the continent of God’s Domain, definitely had some Fire Resistance equipment to sell. Purchasing some during this auction would save him a lot of time and effort.

Taking a look at the auction’s date, he noticed that it would be held in four days. He still had time to prepare.

Later, Shi Feng gathered Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow to inform them of the Secret Pavilion’s invitation.

If it were merely a normal auction, he might not have bothered to notify these two, but this was a Secret Pavilion internal auction. Many of God’s Domain’s outstanding experts would be there due to the auction’s tradition.

To prevent the participating superpowers from monopolizing the finale items, leaving nothing for the other powers, the Secret Pavilion would hold a competition to decide how many of the finale items each power could purchase. Of course, one could refuse to take part in the competition, but they’d be limited to two or three of the finale items at most.

To avoid missing out on anything precious, the various participating powers would show some effort in the competition.

After all, the Secret Pavilion’s finale items were all extraordinary.

Of course, not just anybody could participate in this competition. Only 25-year-olds and younger could participate. If old monsters were allowed to take part, then up-and-coming powers might as well sit still and do nothing.

Because of this, the various powers usually brought their outstanding experts to the internal auction. Although these experts were relatively unknown in the current God’s Domain, they would definitely become famous figures in the future.

As Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders, it was best to let them keep an eye out for these up- and-coming experts. After all, nobody knew if these up-and-coming experts would become enemies in the future.

When Aqua Rose saw the invitation card in Shi Feng’s hand, she stared with wide, surprised eyes.

“Guild Leader, you’re too awesome! You actually received a gold invitation card! I’ve heard that the Secret Pavilion has only distributed 50 Gold Cards this time!” Aqua Rose said in admiration.

The Secret Pavilion’s internal auction was a grand event in the virtual gaming world. Even veteran first-rate Guilds like Twilight Echo would only receive a silver invitation card. Meanwhile, those with a Gold Card would enjoy a massive loan from the Secret Pavilion. Even if one attended the event with empty pockets, they could use the Gold Card to purchase some items, paying their bill several days later.

This provided a massive advantage in the auction.

The Secret Pavilion had distributed such Gold Cards to prevent the various superpowers from casually bidding on finale items and winning them by default or for a very low price. Aqua Rose found it truly hard to believe that Shi Feng had actually received a Gold Card…

“They’ve only sent out 50?” Shi Feng could not help but take another look at the invitation card.

During his previous life, he had never participated in any of the Secret Pavilion’s internal auctions since Shadow hadn’t qualified for an invitation. He had only heard details about the internal auction from other Guilds. He certainly hadn’t expected the Secret Pavilion to send Zero Wing such a high-ranked invitation card.

“Guild Leader, can I bring a friend to the auction as well?” Aqua Rose asked hesitantly.

Depending on the type of invitation card one received, players could bring a certain number of people with them. Bronze Cards, the most common invitation cards, only granted entry to two people, and Silver Cards granted entry to three people. Only Gold Cards granted entry to five people.

“Sure. We have plenty of slots, in any case,” Shi Feng answered.

He had only intended to bring Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow to the auction. No one else really mattered. They were only going to get a glimpse at the various major powers’ up-and-coming experts. This information would only be useful to management-level figures in Zero Wing. Bringing Guild experts wouldn’t benefit the Guild. On the contrary, he would be wasting his experts’ time.

“Thank you, Guild Leader!” Aqua Rose said joyfully.

Shi Feng, Aqua Rose, and Gentle Snow agreed on a specific time to meet up at the internal auction’s venue in the real world. Before this, though, Shi Feng had the two of them lead a team of their own to raid specific Team Dungeons to acquire some Fire Resistance equipment.

As for Shi Feng, he did his best to collect funds.

The Secret Pavilion’s internal auction used three different currencies. The first =was Credits, which was also the most preferred currency of the various superpowers, the second was in-game Coins, and the third currency was Magic Crystals.

Currently, Zero Wing severely lacked Credits. Hence, that only left the option of paying with Coins and Magic Crystals. Fortunately, the Secret Pavilion preferred Magic Crystals and Coins. Hence, during the auction, Magic Crystals and Coins would have a priority over Credits.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of purchasing items using Magic Crystals since they weren’t easy to obtain. Moreover, Zero Wing currently needed a lot more Magic Crystals to sustain its operation compared to other Guilds. Hence, he would have to rely on his Coins.

Shi Feng had spent three full days cooped up inside one of Candlelight’s Special Forging Rooms, constantly producing Advanced Mana Armor Kits.

Even at this stage of the game, Advanced Mana Armor Kits were still highly sought after. There simply weren’t enough to satisfy market demand. However, Shi Feng hadn’t had much time to craft the kits, so supply hadn’t increased. Now, not only could he use these Advanced Mana Armor Kits to make money, but he could also use them to increase his Forging Proficiency. One hundred thousand Proficiency Points were required for a Basic Master Forger to become an Intermediate Master Forger. Only after a Basic Master Forger had the required Forging Proficiency and created the necessary number of weapons or equipment could they become an Intermediate Master Forger.

Producing both the Bronze Guardian Puppet and the Hell Chariot required an Intermediate Master Forger.

Between the Bronze Guardian Puppet and the Hell Chariot, it was easier to acquire the necessary materials and manpower to craft the Hell Chariot If Candlelight could produce Hell Chariots, it would be of immense help to Zero Wing.

Aside from Shi Feng, the only Basic Master Forger in the Candlelight Trading Firm was Melancholic Smile. However, as Melancholic Smile had just reached that rank, she would need some time to become an Intermediate Master Forger. The best candidate to become an Intermediate Forger right now was Shi Feng himself.

While Shi Feng had worked to maximize his Coin profits, he had Melancholic Smile sell some of the less-important rare materials they had in stock. Since the various large Guilds were so eager to acquire these rare materials, they could sell for a high price.

However, based on the latest market trends, Shi Feng could sense that these Guilds were trying to save their funds likely due to the Secret Pavilion’s upcoming auction. Some Guilds were even selling strategic resources to raise funds. This caused the various large Guilds throughout God’s Domain to sense the impending arrival of a storm. Only small Guilds and powers remained ignorant about the situation. Some minor powers even felt lucky that they had been able to purchase quite a few items they normally couldn’t find…

After the Advanced Mana Armor Kits and rare materials had sold, Shi Feng had earned over 80,000 Gold. Including some of the Coins Zero Wing City and Stone Forest Town generated, Shi Feng had a total of 124,000 Gold Coins in his bag. This was definitely enough to inspire awe in any first-rate Guild.

This should be enough.

After taking a look at the time, Shi Feng chose to log out and head to the Secret Pavilion’s internal auction.