Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1779 - Difference between Cities

Chapter 1779: Difference between Cities

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“Everything?” the NPC senior administrator couldn’t help but ask, flabbergasted. “Lord Protector, there are a total of 14 plots of Land on these streets. Are you sure you want all of them?”

Even Yan Ya gave Shi Feng an astonished look, her jaw dropping. She simply could not fathom what Shi Feng was trying to do.

Although the Lands in the Old City District were much cheaper than the Lands in the central district, purchasing all 14 plots would still cost a fortune. Moreover, the Old City District was in a remote area of the city. Even now, nobody had bothered to purchase any of those Lands. One could easily see just how poor the location was. Just finding a tenant might be impossible.

“That’s right. I want all of them.” Shi Feng nodded.

“Alright, the total for the 14 plots of Land comes to 31,500 Gold!” After making sure that Shi Feng wanted to buy Old City District’s Lands, the senior administrator excitedly calculated the total price and handed Shi Feng a list.

Examining this list, Shi Feng noticed that the cheapest plot cost over 2,000 Gold. These Lands were slightly more expensive than those in the outskirts of a kingdom’s capital city.

However, once the air routes between main cities opened to the public, these Lands would become dozens of times more valuable. Even if he didn’t have a use for these Lands, he could rent them out and make a fortune. Naturally, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to purchase these Lands.

After ensuring that everything was in order, Shi Feng completed the payment.

At this stage of the game, 31,500 Gold was a massive sum even to a first-rate Guild. To Shi Feng, however, this amount was nothing. Shi Feng had already sent Solitary Nine with the rare materials, which the Asura adventurer team and the Adventurer Alliance had gathered, to the Candlelight Trading Firm. On his return, Solitary Nine had brought back plenty of items from Candlelight, such as Stamina Potions, Ice Resistance Armor Kits, and other items that could not be found in Cold Wind City to sell or put up for trade for the Adventurer Alliance.

Cold Wind City’s players preferred to purchase their items with Coins rather than trade rare materials for items. Hence, he had earned quite a lot of Coins recently.

Thus far, Solitary Nine had made two trips to White River City. His first trip had netted them over 20,000 Gold. On his second trip, which had been several days later, Candlelight was far more prepared as it had obtained the massive stock of rare materials. As a result, the items Solitary Nine had returned to Cold Wind City with on his second trip had netted them over 60,000 Gold in profit

Now, Shi Feng’s pockets were heavy with Coins. It was a pity that Asura and Zero Wing couldn’t afford such shipments every day. After all, there were only so many players in Cold Wind City. There was a limit to the market’s appetite. By Shi Feng’s estimates, it would take the city’s players at least four to five days to digest all of the items. In other words, he could only earn a fortune once every four or five days.

Before Shi Feng had left Cold Wind City, he had spent 10,000 Gold on the teleportation gate’s construction. He had also left 10,000 Gold behind for Asura and the Adventurer Alliance’s development. He still had over 60,000 Gold on hand.

However, while 60,000 Gold might seem significant, it wasn’t enough for Shi Feng to accomplish anything. He needed a lot more than this paltry amount Aside from Cold Wind City’s development, Shi Feng was responsible for the development costs of Zero Wing’s Branch Guild, $ilverwing Town, and the Lost Town in the Boneless Land, all of which required a massive amount of funds.

This was especially true for Silverwing Town and the Lost Town. Silverwing Town was located beside a Primordial Divine Ruin that was connected to Primordial City. It was a strategic location that could constantly bring in combat techniques and resources, which could aid players in their Promotion Quests. As for the Lost Town, it was a holy land that could help players grasp the Realms of Truth. It would help Zero Wing nurture countless experts for the future.

These two towns were the foundations necessary for Zero Wing to become a Super Guild, and they needed to be fortified as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the various superpowers realized the value of these two towns, they would do everything they could to steal them from Zero Wing. This was also why Shi Feng had told no one about the Lost Town.

With how large Zero Wing had grown, there were many spies within the Guild. The risk of leaking information was too great In God’s Domain, the strong preyed on the weak. On the off chance that the various superpowers discovered the Lost Town’s ability, Zero Wing’s current strength wouldn’t be enough to defend the town from the claws of multiple superpowers.

It was absolutely necessary that Shi Feng fortify the two towns as soon as possible, and the fastest way to do so required spending money to earn even more.

Purchasing these 14 plots of Land was his plan’s first steps.

After purchasing these 14 plots of Land, Shi Feng chose the largest one and spent 3,000 Gold to build a luxurious Adventurer Residence, which would serve as Asura’s base in this city. He then selected another five plots of Land and spent a total of 5,000 Gold to build high-end Shops. Shi Feng intended to use these Shops as temporary warehouses.

Frozen City had far more residential players than Cold Wind City, and the resources these players possessed were doubtlessly superior to those in Cold Wind City in both quantity and quality.

After making the necessary preparations, Shi Feng went onto Frozen City’s official forums and published a post as the Asura adventurer team’s commander.

The Adventurer Alliance is currently recruiting in Frozen City. We offer excellent benefits with no restrictions! Strong, capable players can even join the Asura adventurer team directly!

The moment this post went public, many players that were interested in the Asura adventurer team clicked on it out of curiosity.

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

“What?! We can even purchase Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment?!”

“Quick, look! We can actually purchase combat techniques in the Adventurer Alliance! There are also Ice Resistance Gemstones among the exchangeable items!”

“This Asura adventurer team is too generous! Does Asura plan to gather strength for a war against Hecate?”

“Is this for real? If it’s true, I’ll join the Adventurer Alliance right away!”

“Magic Light Set, here I come!”

The post Shi Feng had uploaded contained information that introduced the Adventurer Alliance’s benefits. To attract more players to join, he had even used the Magic Light Set and combat techniques as bait

Of course, not only did items like the Magic Light Set require a large number of Adventurer Alliance Points, but they also required a sufficient number of Soul Dissolving Flowers.

Shortly after Shi Feng’s post went live, the independent players throughout the entire Frozen City went into an uproar. Every one of these independent players rushed toward Asura’s Residence. Although the majority of them did not have Soul Dissolving Flowers, they were still curious to find out whether the Asura adventurer team’s claim was true, wanting to confirm the situation with their own eyes.

Before ten minutes had even passed, over 10,000 independent players had crowded around Asura’s Residence, seeking to join the Adventurer Alliance; they packed the street outside the Residence, forcing Asura’s members to step up and maintain order.

When Frozen City’s independent players joined the Adventurer Alliance and saw the exchange list in the main lobby, they were ecstatic. The Magic Light Set was on the list, as promised, and there were actually three available!

After getting their fill of the Magic Light Set, the independent players in the lobby turned their bloodshot eyes toward the Ice Resistance Gemstones that increased one’s Ice Resistance by five points. They immediately began to bid on the gemstones.

Frozen City had far more resources than Cold Wind City, especially when it came to Magic Crystals. This was because Frozen City had an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon in its area. Players could visit the Regional Dungeon to harvest the Magic Crystals they needed. Hence, Frozen City’s players had slightly more Magic Crystals in their possession than Cold Wind City’s players.

Very quickly, the prices for the Ice Resistance Gemstones shot up to seven Magic Crystals, with some even reaching eight

Magic Crystals. Roughly 30 minutes later, the 5,000 five-point gemstones Shi Feng had brought from Cold Wind City had sold out. Frozen City’s appetite for the Ice Resistance Gemstones was many times stronger than Cold Wind City’s.

The sales had also earned Shi Feng over 35,700 Magic Crystals. Realizing that demand for the gemstones was so high here, Shi Feng posted 10,000 six-point gemstones for sale as well, with their minimum price set at seven Magic Crystals. However, instead of selling batches of 1,000 at a time, as he had before, he only sold the six-point gemstones in batches of 200 and 300.

To Shi Feng’s surprise, all three Magic Light Sets had sold roughly three hours after he had established the Adventurer Alliance in Frozen City, netting him 18 Soul Dissolving Flowers…

Despite all of his efforts to collect the Soul Dissolving Flower in Cold Wind City, he had only collected six stalks, yet he had secured 18 stalks only three hours after arriving in Frozen City. The difference between the two cities was greater than he had imagined. Although the Magic Light Sets had likely been purchased by players from large Guilds, potentially adding to these Guild’s strength, Shi Feng didn’t care.

After all, he had finally secured the 20 Soul Dissolving Flowers.

After Shi Feng withdrew the 18 Soul Dissolving Flowers from Asura’s warehouse, he nearly lost himself to his excitement and clicked to remove the curse on the Philosopher’s Hand. Fortunately, he managed to suppress his elation and found a private room in the Residence. Only after ensuring that he was alone did he retrieve the crystalline hand from his bag.

System: It has been detected that you have 20 Soul Dissolving Flowers. Do you wish to remove the curse on the Philosopher’s Hand?

Seeing the system notification, Shi Feng clicked “Accept” without hesitation.