Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1777 - Scourge

Chapter 1777: Scourge

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Along with the magic barrier’s disappearance, Hecate’s members, who were slowly closing in on Asura’s members, could not help being stunned.

Everyone in Hecate knew of the Vultures. The group was second only to the Guild’s pride, the Twelve Heavens, in terms of strength. When it came to fame, the Vultures were far more renowned than the Twelve Heavens because the Vultures had killed many people in the upper echelons of first-rate Guilds before and even someone in the upper echelon of a super-first- rate Guild.

Moreover, Blade Hand, Hecate’s number one Assassin, had even led the assault on Shi Feng this time.

Yet, after fighting for just a little over ten seconds, all seven of the Vultures actually got killed.

“He’s not dead, even after all that?” A hint of fear flashed across Cold Brew’s eyes as he watched Shi Feng collect the items dropped by Blade Hand and the Vultures. Although he had long since known that Shi Feng was very strong, he hadn’t thought the Swordsman was this strong. Gritting his teeth, Cold Brew immediately commanded, “Everyone nearby, listen up! Stop Asura’s commander at all costs! He has already used up all his trump cards! We cannot let him get away, no matter what! I will reward four pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment or one Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapon to whoever manages to kill him!”

With such strength, if they allowed Shi Feng to develop freely, he would undoubtedly become a scourge on Hecate in the future. Only by killing Shi Feng once now and damaging his vigor would they be able to disrupt Shi Feng’s development Moreover, it wasn’t very easy to hunt down and encircle players out in the field. They had succeeded this time only because Shi Feng had not been prepared. After today, they definitely wouldn’t find another good opportunity like this to strike at Shi Feng in the future.

Anyhow, the sudden boost in Shi Feng’s Attributes definitely wouldn’t last long. Once they outlasted its duration, victory would be theirs for the taking.


Meanwhile, when Hecate’s members heard the reward Cold Brew was offering, their eyes promptly turned bloodshot. The Guild had precious few Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons, much less Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons. If they could get their hands on one, it would definitely boost their combat power significantly.

Following which, the Hecate members that were previously drawing closer to Asura’s members suddenly changed course for Shi Feng.

Dozens of melee players swarmed Shi Feng simultaneously. Spells and Skills also flew at him one after another. Seeing this, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray lightly.

Summon Lightning!

Suddenly, with Shi Feng as the center, countless streaks of lightning spread out into his surroundings. As he was still under the effects of Twofold Berserk, every player that came into contact with the lightning strikes were killed, their bodies becoming piles of ash on the ground. Before the might of this attack, Hecate’s members, who were fired up with bloodlust, instantly cooled down, their charge coming to an abrupt halt.

Sure enough, there are still too many people. Shi Feng paid no attention to the Hecate members that had stopped approaching him. Instead, he shifted his gaze to his teammates, who were currently fighting a heated battle. Although the Ring of Gospel’s Skills had helped Asura’s members significantly, the disadvantage in numbers was simply too massive. Now, less than half of the Asura expedition team remained alive. Shi Feng then turned to look at the snow-capped forest a little over a thousand yards away. I have no choice but to try.

Just as Cold Brew had expected, Shi Feng was already running on fumes right now. Twofold Berserk was his final trump card. Once he activated it, either his enemies died or he did.

If he could get his team into the forest and utilize the terrain, hiding would be a snap. At that time, Hecate’s members would no longer be able to surround them easily.

Following which, Shi Feng used his final trump card, Forbidden Domain!

Suddenly, gray fog spread out from Shi Feng’s body and enveloped the path ahead of him, extending to the snow-capped forest.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I used my Spells?”

“That’s not right! I can’t even use my tools now!”

The Hecate members caught within Forbidden Domain quickly realized that something was wrong and panicked. After all, players relied mainly on Skills and Spells to do combat. Not being able to use these things was akin to a tiger that had lost both its teeth and claws. Most importantly, the healers could no longer heal themselves or their allies.

“Everyone, charge forward together with me!”

Upon seeing Hecate’s members rattled, Shi Feng quickly gave the order through the team chat and charged at the human wall before him. He then swung Killing Ray at the shields of the MTs blocking his way.

With Twofold Berserk in effect, Shi Feng was basically a humanoid monster. Just one attack was enough to send several MTs flying over a dozen yards away. Then, he followed up with Dragon Breath, tearing open the path that Hecate’s members had refilled just recently.

Although Hecate’s members did their best to reorganize their formation, having been Silenced, they were no different from paper before Shi Feng. Every player that stood in his path would be sent flying before transforming into a streak of light and disappearing. Nobody could stop him at all.

Asura’s members became hot-blooded at the sight of Shi Feng harvesting the lives of their enemies so effortlessly. They followed after him with renewed vigor.

Although Hecate’s members tried to prevent the adventurer team from advancing, the difference in combat power was simply too massive. Without any healing, Hecate’s melee players fell quickly to Asura’s members in just two or three moves. In the end, the Guild players could only watch as the remains of Asura’s expedition team entered the snow-capped forest.

“Boss Brew, Asura’s members have escaped into the forest Should we continue giving chase?” a Level 54 Ranger asked as he looked at the nearby forest.

“No, we’re retreating. The terrain inside the forest is too complex. Launching a search there will be too difficult We might even get ambushed by them if we charge in recklessly,” Cold Brew said, shaking his head. He then sent a fierce glance at the forest Shi Feng had disappeared into as he said, “We have plenty of time to deal with them in the future. Frozen City isn’t a place they can easily survive in!”

Following which, Hecate’s members all used their Return Scrolls and returned to Frozen City.

Meanwhile, news of Hecate’s failed encirclement soon entered the ears of the various Guilds of Frozen City and set off quite a commotion among the upper echelons of these Guilds. Many Guilds in Frozen City even held emergency meetings over this matter.

“Hahaha! This Asura adventurer team sure is amazing! It actually managed to make Hecate eat a loss!”

“This adventurer team is quite good. Have someone try to make contact with it.”

For a time, the various Guilds of Frozen City did their best to find out more about the Asura adventurer team. Hecate was the ruling Guild of Frozen City. Although the Guild had yet to actually take control of the city, nobody in Frozen City dared to oppose the Guild. Now that an adventurer team capable of inflicting such a huge loss on Hecate had appeared, how could the various Guilds not feel shocked by this matter?

Aside from Frozen City’s Guilds, the top-ranking adventurer teams of the city also obtained news of Hecate’s failure through their own sources.

A Level 54 Assassin suddenly entered one of Frozen City’s high-class bars with hurried steps.

“Commander, something big just happened! Hecate dispatched 40,000 elites and experts to ambush an adventurer team!” the Level 54 Assassin announced as he took a seat in front of a middle-aged man, who was currently enjoying some wine in a corner of the bar. This middle-aged man was Brilliant Heaven, the commander of the Frost Lion adventurer team, Frozen City’s second-best adventurer team. With great enthusiasm, the Level 54 Assassin continued, “What do you think the outcome was?”

“What else could it be? With a force of 40,000 elites and experts, you can even wipe out some of the large Guilds in Frozen City,” Brilliant Heaven replied disinterestedly.

“You guessed wrong! Hecate failed. I also heard that Hecate lost several thousand members as well,” the Level 54 Assassin said, shaking his head.

“Several thousand? Which adventurer team did Hecate target? Even White Soul, the current number one adventurer team, doesn’t have this kind of capability!” Brilliant Heaven could not help but be surprised by the Assassin’s words.

“No. Based on some insider information from Hecate, it seems this adventurer team came from another region,” the Level 54 Assassin said.

“Another region? What’s it called? How many people did they send over? Several tens of thousands?” Brilliant Heaven’s curiosity was now piqued despite himself.

“It seems the adventurer team is called Asura, and it sent roughly 700 people over this time,” the Level 54 Assassin said after taking another look at the message he received previously. “Moreover, I heard that Asura’s commander killed the Vultures and Blade Hand all by himself.”

“Seven hundred? And their commander killed the Vultures and Blade Hand by himself?” Upon hearing the Assassin’s words, Brilliant Heaven could not help wondering whether the Assassin was drunk. However, the Assassin had spoken very clearly and seriously. “If that is true, then I’m afraid Frozen City will soon have a new ruler.”