Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1776 - Asura's Sword

Chapter 1776: Asura’s Sword

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After Shi Feng spent 7,000 Magic Crystals to activate the Ring of Gospel’s World Projection and Ring of Brilliance, the Attributes of Asura’s members increased, and the those of Hecate’s members decreased. The change immediately alleviated the pressure on Asura’s members. Now, Asura’s ranged members were able to repel Hecate’s melee members with greater ease. Even when their attacks struck the enemy MTs’ shields, the impact pushed the MTs back, stopping their advance momentarily.

After a single round of attacks from Asura’s ranged members, the offensive formation of Hecate’s MTs shattered. When the second round of attacks descended, over 30 Hecate MTs died. For a moment, Hecate’s melee unit couldn’t close the distance between itself and Asura’s expedition team.

“Hahaha! The commander’s move is awesome! With this, these bastards can’t even come within melee range of us!”

The Asura members that had begun to despair felt their hopes rekindle.

They might be able to cope with Hecate’s ranged attacks by blocking and dodging, but if they allowed Hecate’s melee members to come in close and personal, they would definitely be in a bind. If they were pinned down for too long, Hecate’s ranged members would make quick work of them.

Thanks to World Projection and Ring of Brilliance, Asura’s advancement had increased considerably. Now, with the exception of Hecate’s Tier 2 players, Asura’s members held their ground against the incoming attacks. Hecate’s Tier 1 players could no longer break their formation.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who opened a path for his team, was like a killing machine.

Despite Shi Feng having only advanced one-quarter of the way through Hecate’s blockade, more than 400 players had died by his swords.

In addition, Shi Feng’s Tier 3 Demon disrupted Hecate’s formation from time to time This prevented Hecate’s members from slowing Shi Feng down, and Hecate’s members could only watch as Shi Feng made his way through their ranks.

“Blade, go, stop him with the Vultures! We must not let these people get away!” Cold Brew said, gnashing his teeth as he watched Shi Feng plow through Hecate’s army unhindered.

Shi Feng played a crucial part in this battle. If he hadn’t torn a hole in their encirclement, Asura’s members wouldn’t have had a chance of breaking through.

Moreover, too many Hecate members had died at Shi Feng’s hands. Shi Feng left only corpses in his wake. If they did not remove the man from the battle now, they would suffer immense losses.

“Got it!” Blade Hand, who had hidden a short distance away from Asura’s expedition team, replied through the team chat He then led the six Assassins around him and snuck toward Shi Feng.

The Vultures was a party of Assassins Hecate had specifically nurtured to eliminate important figures in other large Guilds. The Vultures had successfully assassinated the upper echelons of super-first-rate Guilds in the past.

When the Vultures were within 30 yards of Shi Feng, the six Assassins each took a Magic Array Scroll from their bags.

When they were within 25 yards, they used Shadow Steps and instantly appeared beside Shi Feng.

“Seal!” The Vultures moved extremely quickly and simultaneously unfurled the Magic Array Scrolls in their hands.

However, Shi Feng’s response was also swift. He instantly knew what these newcomers intended to do. Immediately, he began brandishing his swords.

Sword’s Orbit!

Dazzling stars bombarded the six Assassins, one after another.

With both hands occupied, the Vultures couldn’t defend themselves. Hence, they promptly activated Wind Steps, utilizing the brief invulnerability the Skill provided to block Shi Feng’s strikes while they continued to activate their Magic Array Scrolls.

Suddenly, a magic array formed beneath Shi Feng’s feet He then felt a powerful gravitational pull as chains emerged from the magic array and wrapped around his body, reducing his Basic Attributes, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed by 60%. Moreover, a magic barrier formed around him, Blade Hand, and the Vultures, sealing them off from the outside world. No Attack Spells or Healing Spells would be able to get through this barrier.

“Die!” Blade Hand appeared behind Shi Feng, slashing his two daggers at the Swordsman while he activated his Berserk Skill.

Similarly, the six Vultures activated their Berserk Skills and used Absolute Strike, the Assassin class’s strongest Tier 1 Skill.

Since the attacks had been launched from such a close range and Shi Feng’s Attributes and speed had been drastically reduced, he couldn’t defend himself in time. As a result, all seven attacks hit their mark at the same time.

“Commander!” Anxiety and concern overwhelmed Yan Ya as she watched Shi Feng take the hits.

Facing one Tier 2 Assassin and six Tier 1 Assassins with activated Berserk Skills, even Shi Feng, who had activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, would likely fall.

He’s finally dead! Cold Brew could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw the attacks strike Shi Feng.

With Shi Feng dead, the remaining members of Asura were fish on the chopping block. Moreover, the fact that they had killed Shi Feng, the Asura adventurer team’s commander, more or less justified the large number of casualties they had suffered.

However, unlike Cold Brew, the Vultures and Blade Hand, who were inside the magic array, expressed neither joy nor relief. Instead, they stared at Shi Feng with grim expressions.

This was because their weapons had not struck Shi Feng at all. Rather, a translucent barrier enveloping Shi Feng’s body had stopped their weapons.

What a powerful assassination technique. For a moment, even I thought I was dead meat. After taking glancing at his seven tense assailants, Shi Feng took a look at the Void Shield he had activated. His Void Shield had already lost more than 30% of its energy. If he had failed to activate the barrier in time, he definitely would have died.

“It’s only a protective shield! I refuse to believe it can last forever!”

After recovering from his shock, Blade Hand altered his daggers’ trajectory and launched another attack. Similarly, the six Vultures launched their own assault The seven Assassins remained cold and unmoving as they attacked Shi Feng’s protective shield in a frenzy, disregarding any cost.

While inside the magic array, their Basic Attributes surpassed Shi Feng’s. They were also faster than the Swordsman. Meanwhile, Skills that generated protective shields could only absorb a limited amount of damage. As long as they broke through the protective shield, Shi Feng would die all the same.

Daggers and short swords rapidly struck Shi Feng’s Void Shield.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Shi Feng executed Sword’s Orbit to defend himself, but each time he blocked an attack, his arms would tremble slightly. In terms of Strength, he was no match for the Seven Assassins. Meanwhile, the Assassins’ coordination prevented him from blocking all of their attacks. As a result, his Void Shield’s energy continued to deplete.

60%… 50%… 30%…

While Void Shield’s energy drained, the expedition team’s situation had taken a turn for the worst. Since Asura’s members had halted their advance for a time, Hecate’s members were able to land more attacks. As a result, Asura lost members rapidly. Seeing this, Shi Feng could not help but sigh. Immediately, he activated Blade Liberation, his aura’s intensity skyrocketing.

The instant Blade Hand and the Vultures came into contact with Shi Feng’s Killing Ray, they felt their arms go numb. The impact sent them flying and crashing into the magic barrier, which rippled under the force.

How did he recover his Strength? Blade Hand’s expression darkened further as he watched Shi Feng, who stood proudly in the center of the magic barrier. He could not understand how Shi Feng’s Attributes had increased by such a large margin.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of giving Blade Hand’s group any time to think as he took the initiative to attack.

Shi Feng’s Attack Speed was so high that even Tier 2 players had a hard time keeping up with his swords. Although Blade Hand and the Vultures were Assassins, not even they were a match for this Swordsman’s speed. They had to rely on their instincts to block Shi Feng’s swords.

The seven Assassins knew that they were pushing themselves to their limits.

Yet, every time their daggers or short swords came into contact with Shi Feng’s swords, an intense feedback coursed through their arms. The resulting impact was so powerful that they were even forced to retreat by several steps. Eventually, they could no longer keep up and were forced to use Vanish, temporarily negating Shi Feng’s attacks. Using the brief invulnerability, they launched a suicidal attack.

The reckless assault instantly shattered Shi Feng’s Void Shield and slightly lowered his HP.

Seeing that they had finally dealt damage, Blade Hand and the Vultures regained a little hope. Immediately, the seven Assassins disregarded defense and launched another reckless assault. However, just as their attacks were about to strike Shi Feng, their target split into two identical copies.

Phantom Kill!

Blade Hand and the Vultures were dumbfounded, but since their brief invulnerability was still active, they thrust their blades at the two copies.

However, with the seven Assassins’ attacks divided and the fact that Shi Feng had an absurd amount of HP and Defense, the Assassins failed to kill either of Shi Feng’s copies.

When the seven Assassins’ temporary invulnerability ended, Shi Feng and his doppelganger simultaneously activated Shadow Blade, sending 20 strikes flying at the Assassins. There was little space for players to move around inside the magic barrier, and as a result, five of the seven Assassins were killed instantly. Shi Feng and his doppelganger then executed Purgatory Pentaslash, each bombarding the two remaining Assassins with five slashes. The power of each slash grew stronger than the last, and by the time Shi Feng and his doppelganger landed their fifth hit, their opponents were paralyzed.

Suddenly, a streak of blue light cut down Blade Hand and the last Vulture.

This time, the two Assassins were powerless. When the streak of light cut through the two Assassins’ leather armor, both were thrown into the magic barrier, staring with widened eyes as they died. They simply could not bring themselves to believe that some commander of a measly adventurer team had turned the tables on Hecate’s Vultures, who were powerful enough to make the various large Guilds tremble with fear.

Although Blade Hand wanted to say something, his HP had reached zero. His vision faded to black as his body transformed into a streak of light and disappeared, leaving behind a piece of equipment Shortly after, the magic barrier around Shi Feng shattered and vanished.