Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1775 - Nightmare's Beginning

Chapter 1775: Nightmare's Beginning

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In the narrow valley…

As Shi Feng completed the Tier 3 Magic Scroll's incantation, three crimson magic arrays appeared beneath and circled Shi Feng's feet. Immediately after, the ground started to tremble, extending forward and away from Shi Feng.

Even Hecate's members, who stood over 50 yards away, felt the intense quaking.

"Damn it! It's a large-scale destruction Spell! Everyone, dodge!" Cold Brew panicked when he noticed a torrent of Mana surge toward Shi Feng.

However, the Magic Scroll Shi Feng had used had a very short channeling time. By the time Hecate's members had noticed it, the three crimson magic arrays' formation had completed.

In the next moment, a gigantic, flaming phoenix, with a wingspan of easily over 100 meters, appeared above Shi Feng. The heat the phoenix radiated melted the snow around it.


With a screech, the phoenix flapped its wings once and disappeared, sundering the space it had occupied. In the blink of an eye, the phoenix arrived before Hecate's army.

Seeing the approaching avian, horror flashed on the faces of Hecate's members. At the same time, thoughts of escape flooded their minds.

However, compared to the phoenix's speed, Hecate's members were little more than snails. Wherever the phoenix passed, a sea of fire followed…

When Vast Heaven, who led the charge against Asura's members, saw the flames, his eyes widened in shock. With a frustrated gaze, he turned towards Shi Feng as the fire devoured him, his HP falling to zero instantly as his body turned to ash. After Vast Heaven disappeared, an item took his place.

If these flames even killed a Tier 2 player like Vast Heaven upon contact, Hecate's Tier 1 players didn't have a chance of survival. Agonized screams echoed throughout the valley.


Cold Brew's expression darkened as he glared at the phoenix as it flew past him.

Due to the valley's narrow terrain, the single attack had claimed more than 3,000 Hecate members. Four of the Twelve Heavens, who weren't adept at protecting themselves, had died as well. The loss Hecate just suffered was egregious.

"Everyone, charge! Let's teach Hecate's members that if they target our adventurer team, they'll have to pay in blood!" Shi Feng commanded through the team chat as the phoenix disappeared. "Asura will fully compensate you for any losses you suffer today!"

Against an army of 40,000 elite and expert players, even a 100-man, Tier 2 team would fall. After all, players had limited Stamina. Furthermore, Hecate had come prepared for this ambush. The Guild had all kinds of Magic Scrolls and tools for this battle. Even if the 100 Tier 2 experts could maneuver around the battlefield and dodge incoming attacks, some hits were bound to land.

All these players could do was try to flee. Fighting was simply suicide.

Originally, Purgatory Flames was an AOE Spell that dealt fire damage to an area of 20*100 yards, but with World's Power's enhancement, it's range had grown to 400 yards. It was just enough to open a path through Hecate's army.

As long as they could break free from this encirclement, they would have a chance of survival.

"Right! At worst, we'll just die once! Isn't that just one piece of equipment? Let them have it!"

"We follow the commander's orders!"

"Nice! I've been itching for some payback!"

Hearing Shi Feng's words, Asura's members burned with fighting spirit, their fear of Hecate vanishing.

"Good! Let's charge!"

As his team brimmed with fighting spirit, Shi Feng nodded approvingly. He then took out the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Tier 3 Demon to remove anyone in his way. He then followed after the Demon.


"Kill these bastards from Hecate!"

Asura's members flowed into a defensive formation, with the experts around the perimeter and the Lifestyle Players in the center, and followed after their commander.

When he saw Hecate's members start to fill the gap in their army's formation, Shi Feng used Flame Domain to reopen his path, instantly slaying another several hundred players.

"Do not let them escape! All ranged players, attack with everything you've got!" Cold Brew shouted as Asura's members tried to escape. He then cast the Tier 2 Spell, Frostflame Bullet at Asura's members.

Frostflame Bullet had a very strong penetrating ability. Even if players blocked the Spell with their weapons or shields, they would receive a significant amount of damage.

The eight Frostflame Bullets that appeared instantly killed two of Asura's experts that had stood along the edge of Asura's formation.

The Hecate members who stood along the valley's sides began to launch their own attacks, raining Spells and arrows down on Asura's members. Although Asura's members did their best to block these attacks, there were just too many, and some got past their defenses, plowing into these players.

Asura's expedition team had lost over 30 players after a single intense bombardment from Hecate's players. The difference in strength was clear for all to see.

As Hecate's members prepared to launch a second wave…

Yan Ya displayed her strength. As a Tier 2 Druid, her combat power might not be a match for other Tier 2 players, but when it came to defensive and healing capabilities, she was extremely powerful.

Tier 2 Spell, Song of the Forest!

Suddenly, a light-green dome with a 50-yard radius formed around Yan Ya. When Hecate's attacks entered the light-green barrier, their power drastically decreased. In addition, the Asura members inside the barrier recovered 2% of their HP every second. Although it wasn't much, this helped to alleviate the burden on the other healers.

Due to Song of the Forest, only a dozen or so Asura members died in the second wave of attacks.

Seeing the Spell's powerful effects, Cold Brew gnashed his teeth and retrieved a precious Tier 3 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll. He activated it, aiming for Asura's expedition team, but as the Spell was about to take effect, Shi Feng blocked the attack by activating Absolute Domain. In the end, the Spell failed to damage any of Asura's team.

Shi Feng proceeded to slaughter Hecate's frontline. He dispatched every melee player that approached his team as fast as possible. He also activated Heavenly Dragon's Power to enhance his combat power further.

Thundering Flash!

Lightning Edge!

Shadow Blade!

Aside from the players with powerful Lifesaving Skills, the Tier 1 players that stood in Shi Feng's path couldn't last more than one hit against the Swordsman. Like the Grim Reaper, Shi Feng harvested the lives of Hecate's members, one after another.

To ensure that none of Hecate's members could get past him to target his allies, Shi Feng abandoned his defense. He focused on killing as many enemies as possible, taking some hits in the process.

There was no lack of expert players among the Hecate members who charged at Shi Feng, and not only did these experts have incredible aim, but they also had an excellent grasp of timing.

While Shi Feng focused on carving a path of blood, Spells and arrows skillfully flew towards Shi Feng's blind spots to strike the Swordsman.





Seeing the damages above Shi Feng's heads, the attacking Hecate members gaped, their eyes nearly falling from their sockets.

"Impossible! My attack only did a little over a thousand damage?!"

"Is he even human?"

"He received so many attacks, yet his HP has barely moved?"

Hecate's players were horrified as they watched Shi Feng take little-to-no damage from their ranged allies' attacks as they charged towards Asura's team.

Shi Feng slew practically every player in his path with a single attack, and expert players were no exception. He easily maneuvered past their defenses, landing direct hits and killing them instantly. Only expert players that had activated a Berserk Skill had lasted a few more hits. In contrast, their attacks were little more than raindrops to this Swordsman. Even after landing several dozen attacks, they had only managed to drop Shi Feng's HP to 80%. Meanwhile, Asura's healers only needed a split second to restore Shi Feng's HP to full.

This was a nightmare!

However, things were not looking so good for Asura's members, either. Although Shi Feng easily held on, attacks from all sides bombarded his teammates, and they suffered one casualty after another. To make matters worse, more of Hecate's members were drawing near.

Just before Hecate's melee unit reached Asura's members and surrounded them…

A gigantic magic array appeared above the battlefield before a powerful force swept down from it. Under this force, Hecate's members felt their bodies grow heavy as their Attributes and physiques started to wane.

In contrast, Asura's members suddenly felt lighter, a surge of power flooding in their bodies. Even their minds cleared considerably.

"What's going on?" Cold Brew could sense that the battlefield's Mana density had increased, boosting Asura's Attributes.