Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1774 - Initial Appearance in a Foreign Region

Chapter 1774: Initial Appearance in a Foreign Region

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Since NPCs were in charge of building the teleportation gate at the central plaza, after Shi Feng paid the necessary fees, construction took less than ten minutes.

As the pitch-black barrier enveloping the central plaza disappeared, a six-meter-tall stone gate inside came into view. The ground around the gate had all sorts of divine runes and magic arrays carved into it, which increased the Mana density at the central plaza slightly.

Currently, a large number of players had gathered around the central plaza, their eyes filled with interest as they looked at the teleportation gate. Some adventurer teams couldn’t hold back their curiosity and directly teleported to the three border fortresses the teleportation gate connected to.

When Shi Feng’s expedition team arrived at the central plaza, it immediately attracted the attention of every player there.

Now that Asura had become the master of Cold Wind City, no power in Cold Wind City dared oppose the adventurer team anymore. Only those seeking to halt their development in Cold Wind City would go against Asura now.

Following Shi Feng’s arrangement, Asura’s expedition team started teleporting to the Snow Ruin in batches.

“What’s Asura trying to do with so many players?”

“Didn’t you see that they teleported to the Snow Ruin? Moreover, there are quite a few low-leveled Lifestyle Players in the team. I guess that they plan to develop in another region’s city.”

“Crap! Asura is too amazing! It’s already trying to expand to another city?! With this, the Guilds of Cold Wind City will fall even further behind Asura!”

“I know, right? I heard that some of the smaller Guilds have already disbanded in order to join the Asura adventurer team.”

“Asura’s recruitment standard is very high. Although I’ve reached the Trial Tower’s fourth floor already, I was still deemed too weak when I tried applying. Right now, I can only slowly improve my ranking in the Adventurer Alliance.”

While the bystanders at the central plaza were discussing the Asura adventurer team, Shi Feng’s group had arrived at the Snow Ruin’s main hall. Once everyone was present, Shi Feng used the Hero’s Key and teleported 500 players to the other end of the Primordial Teleportation Magic Array. As for everyone else, they teleported there using the Teleportation Entry Permit.

When everyone opened their eyes again, they had already arrived inside an abandoned shrine. The shrine was so dilapidated that snowy-white clouds peeked through the many holes in the roof. Meanwhile, this shrine was located at the other end of the Snow Rift.

System: Congratulations! You have arrived in the Frozen City Region.

“We made it over, just like that?” When everyone heard the system notification, they had a sense of unreality; it felt as if they were still in the Cold Wind City Region.

“Alright, everyone, get ready! We’re setting out for Frozen City!” Shi Feng commanded.

Although they had teleported to another region, they were still inside the Snow Rift, which remained a forbidden land for players. Needless to say, there were definitely plenty of monsters here.

However, before the expedition team even got 1,000 yards away from the abandoned shrine, a group of players suddenly surged out from the snow-capped forest on both sides of the team. Very quickly, these new arrivals not only blocked off the expedition team’s path of advance but also formed an encirclement around the team.

With a glance, Shi Feng and the others could easily tell that this group of new arrivals comprised at least 30,000 players, every one of them wearing Hecate’s Guild Emblem. From the sneers and killing intent these Hecate members displayed, these Guild players obviously held bad intentions towards them.

Before Shi Feng and the others could do anything, the sky above them suddenly darkened. A moment later, everyone in Asura’s team gained a debuff that prevented them from using teleportation tools and Teleportation Skills for three hours.

The Tier 3 Magic Scroll War Blockade? Shi Feng could not help but frown as he looked at the debuff on him.

“Commander, this is bad. They clearly came prepared. Right now, we can’t even use Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls to leave this place,” Yan Ya said, an ugly expression on her face as she looked at the Hecate members surrounding them.

Their opponent outnumbered them by too much. Moreover, these Hecate members were all very well-equipped. Even the weakest piece of equipment on them was Level 50 Mysterious-Iron rank. As for their levels, they were all at least Level 53. Quite a few of them also radiated a chilling aura. These players were evidently experts that had fought on many battlefields. Most likely, they were not the slightest bit weaker than herself and the other Tier 2 experts of Asura. Meanwhile, the 20-plus players standing at the forefront of the Guild’s line-up even felt lethal to Yan Ya.

As Hecate’s army drew closer, Asura’s members grew anxious.

At this time, a Berserker clad in dark-blue armor walked out from Hecate’s army. Looking at Shi Feng and the others, the Berserker laughed loudly, “Hahaha! Aren’t you people from Asura very amazing? Why are you getting afraid now?”

This Berserker was none other than Vast Heaven.

“It is normal for them to be afraid. After all, we have a total of 40,000 elites and experts gathered here. What could they

possibly do with their measly 700 players?” said a slim man clad in dark-gray mage robes, standing beside Vast Heaven, chuckling. “However, the Vice Guild Leader sure has a high opinion of them to have actually sent so many of us here to stop them.”

The eleven Tier 2 players standing beside him nodded in agreement with the gray-robed man’s words.

“The Vice Guild Leader has told me to remind you all to be careful of Asura’s commander. That man is very strong,” Vast Heaven said as he fixed his gaze on Shi Feng.

“That person is Asura’s commander? He doesn’t look like much at all! Regardless, since the Vice Guild Leader has already said so, leave that person to us. We’ll leave the small fries to you,” the slim man said as he glanced at Shi Feng, a hint of playfulness in his eyes. “Blade, I’ll attack first later on. You ambush him from the side. We’ll give this brat a taste of what it feels to be utterly helpless.”


The Level 55, Tier 2 Assassin standing beside the slim man replied indifferently before disappearing from where he stood.

“Alright, I’ll go deal with those small fries,” Vast Heaven said, a hint of disappointment in his voice as he watched the Tier 2 Elementalist and Tier 2 Assassin moving out.

The Tier 2 Elementalist walking straight toward Shi Feng and the Tier 2 Assassin that just disappeared were both part of the Twelve Heavens. They also ranked number one in their respective classes in Hecate. The Elementalist was Cold Brew while the Assassin was Blade Hand. Either of them could defeat him easily. Working together would amplify the combat power they could display by multiple times; hence, instantly killing a Tier 2 player would be child’s play for them.

At this point, Hecate’s other members had also started slowly closing in on Asura’s members.

Facing such a force, even Yan Ya, who was a Tier 2 player, could not help but gulp. As for the other experts of Asura, they were already breaking out in a cold sweat. After all, this was the first time they were going up against such a massive force. Resisting the horrific aura and pressure Hecate’s army projected was deeply ingrained, yet in such a situation, they could only watch the Guild players draw near.

“We’re doomed!”

“Hecate is too ruthless! We have only 700 people on our side, yet they actually dispatched so many elite and expert players to deal with us.”

The members of Asura’s expedition team panicked as Hecate’s members closed in on them.

When less than 100 yards separated the two sides, Cold Brew smiled as he looked at Shi Feng. He then chuckled and said, “You guys were pretty good at the Snow Ruin before, to have actually claimed the Hero Mode’s First Clear and snatched our Guild’s Cold Wind City. It’s a pity that, instead of meekly staying and ruling that backwater city of yours, you even dared to come running over to this place. Well? Tell me how you want to die.”

“Everyone relied on their own capabilities to struggle for Cold Wind City. Is there a need to call it snatching?” Looking at Cold Brew slowly approaching him, Shi Feng smiled and said, “Moreover, in Cold Wind City, it was clearly you guys that started attacking us first. During this time, you people from Hecate have even ambushed and killed over 400 members of our adventurer team, causing us to suffer severe losses. Today, I’ll use this opportunity to claim full compensation from you!”

“Hahaha! You want to take revenge on us?” Cold Brew laughed loudly. “Our Guild had countless enemies. Unfortunately, we annihilated every one of them in the end. How will your Asura adventurer team take revenge on us?”

As soon as Cold Brew said so, the large group of experts behind him sprang into action. Like a pack of fierce tigers, they surged towards Asura’s members.

“We’ll take revenge like this!” Shi Feng replied, plucking a scroll and the Evil God’s Eye from his bag. He then unfurled the Tier 3 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll Purgatory Flames and used the Evil God’s Eye’s World Power on it. “Burn! Purgatory Flames!”