Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1773 - Unifying Cold Wind City

Chapter 1773: Unifying Cold Wind City

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Inside the quiet VIP lounge…

After Shi Feng paid the 10,000 Gold and 100,000 Magic Crystals, a magic barrier formed in Cold Wind City's central plaza. Players caught within the barrier were immediately teleported out of the central plaza.

'What's going on?"

"Why can't anyone get into the central plaza?"

"Is that even possible?"

"It's true! I can't get into the central plaza! I can't even see what's going on inside!"

The players standing around the pitch-black barrier that had enveloped the central plaza could not help their growing curiosity about the new development.

A short moment later, every player in Cold Wind City heard the ring of a system announcement.

Cold Wind City Region System Announcement: The Asura adventurer team has constructed a teleportation gate in the central plaza. Players can now use the teleportation gate to travel to the connected border fortresses. More detailed information will be posted on the central plaza's notice board.

The system announcement repeated three times.

"What's going on? A teleportation gate? We can actually teleport to other regions now?"

"That doesn't seem to be the case."

"Anyone over at the central plaza right now? Mind updating us on the situation?"

"I just read the notice! The Asura adventurer team is amazing! The new teleportation gate Asura has constructed allows us to teleport to two Level 60-plus maps! Moreover, this teleportation gate is linked to the Snow Ruin! If we want to explore the Snow Rift or Snow Ruin, we can just teleport there now! We won't have to run all the way anymore!"

"Damn! Doesn't that mean it'll become much easier to travel and grind there now?"

For a time, Cold Wind City's independent players excitedly celebrated the new construction. To them, players who were doomed to live long-term in Cold Wind City, nothing could be more troublesome than physically traveling to maps. Practically half their time in the game was spent on travel. Now that there was a teleportation gate that could send them to the Snow Rift directly, they could spend more time grinding. This, in turn, would increase their leveling speed.

In contrast to the independent players' reactions, the upper echelons from the city's various Guilds wore gloomy expressions when they heard the news.

Independent players might not have a clear idea of what kind of authority an Acting City Lord possessed, but this information was not foreign to the various Guilds. It took only a little investigation to find out.

The various Guilds had believed that they still had a chance of wrestling the position of Acting City Lord away from Asura within the next month, but now, their hopes had been dashed. The Asura adventurer team was invincible in Cold Wind City.

The teleportation gate's activation meant that Asura could start collecting teleportation fees and earn a massive amount of income. With these funds, Asura could commission more Advanced Constructions and earn more City Contribution Points…

Meanwhile, their Guilds would hold less influence in Cold Wind City as time went on. From now on, the Asura adventurer team would o make the rules in Cold Wind City.

"Vice Guild Leader, what should we do?" Vice Heaven, who occupied the Snow Ruin's first-upper-floor hall, turned to Carnage when he saw the latest system announcement.

Now that Asura had built a teleportation gate, Hecate would have a very difficult time trying to compete with Asura even if it completed several Epic Contribution Quests.

"Interesting. It seems that I have underestimated Asura's commander," Carnage said, smiling. "However, if Asura thinks it can compete with Hecate just because it has secured Cold Wind City, then it has made a massive mistake. Notify the Vultures and have them take action."

"Have the Vultures take action?" Vast Heaven's eyes sparkled upon hearing the order. "I'll notify them right away."

In one of the City Hall's VIP lounge…

Once Shi Feng had paid the construction fee, The Senior Administrator, Merckhans, gave Shi Feng a detailed form relating to the Small Teleportation Gate to fill out.

The form would allow Shi Feng to decide the teleportation's pricing and ranking systems.

In God's Domain, the smaller a teleportation gate was, the greater its operating cost would be and vice versa.

Hence, the system had determined that the minimum teleportation fee for traveling to the Snow Ruin was 1 Silver, 50 Copper, and it's maximum could be set to 5 Silver.

In the end, Shi Feng had decided to set the teleportation fee for the Snow Ruin at 2 Silver. While this price might be a little high for current ordinary players, it was affordable for elite players. With the amount of time players could save, they could easily earn back the 2 Silver and more.

As for the ranking system, Shi Feng had settled on three ranks: Basic, Silver, and Gold. At the Basic rank, players would not receive any discounts when using the teleportation gate, players at the Silver rank received a 10% discount, and players at the Gold rank received a 20% discount. At the Gold rank, players only needed to pay 1 Silver, 60 Copper to use the teleportation gate, which was only 10 Copper more than the minimum price.

For the Adventurer Alliance, members would enjoy access to Silver rank discount when using the teleportation gate as long as they reached Silver rank in the alliance, and Gold ranked members would enjoy the Gold rank discount when teleporting. In the Asura adventurer team, elite members would get access to the Silver rank discount, while core members could use the Gold rank discount.

After this rule was set, not only would it tempt more of Cold Wind City's players to join the Adventurer Alliance, but they'd also contribute more to the alliance to raise their ranks. After all, the teleportation gate was an incredible convenience for players. Players would use the teleportation gate frequently since just traveling to a nearby map like the Snow Rift would save them 20 to 40 Copper, depending on their rank in the Adventurer Alliance. As for teleporting to the three border fortresses, which were even further away from Cold Wind City, players would be able to save even more money. In the long term, the 10% to 20% discount would save players a huge amount of money.

At that time, the Adventurer Alliance's development in Cold Wind City would skyrocket.

When Shi Feng finished with the teleportation gate, he left the City Hall and returned to Asura's Residence.

Constructing the teleportation gate was only a small matter to Shi Feng.

He still had much larger problems, which were his original purpose for visiting the Ice Crystal World–collecting Soul Dissolving Flowers.

Despite exhausting all options, he had only collected six Soul Dissolving Flowers thus far. He was still far from reaching his goal of twenty stalks. Moreover, he had been in the Ice Crystal World for such a long time already. This meant that he had already obtained all of the available Soul Dissolving Flowers in Cold Wind City. He wouldn't be able to acquire more within a short time.

If he wanted to acquire the twenty Soul Dissolving Flowers quickly and complete the Philosopher's Hand quest, he had to visit the Ice Crystal World's other cities.

Upon entering the courtyard of Asura's Residence, Shi Feng was greeted by the sight of many high-spirited players. When these Asura members noticed Shi Feng's return, they promptly greeted him with joy and respect.

"Commander, you're back."

"Greetings, commander!"

Seeing a crowd rapidly form around him, Shi Feng did not dare to tarry. After responding with a few nods, he sped into the Residence.

"Commander, I've gathered the people you asked for. Aside from 500 experts from our Asura adventurer team, we've also selected 200 Advanced Lifestyle Players from the Adventurer Alliance. We have a total of 700 players ready to depart," Yan Ya said as she gestured to the rows of players in the lobby. Smiling, she continued, "Even if we visit another NPC city, we won't be much weaker than its well-known adventurer teams."

It was not easy for Guilds and adventurer teams to secure a foothold in other NPC cities since they had to compete with the local Guilds and adventurer teams. However, with 500 expert players, the Asura adventurer team should be capable of contending with a large-scale adventurer team with around two or three thousand members. Including the 200 Advanced Lifestyle Players, even if Asura's new branch couldn't trade for with the local Guilds or adventurer teams for any good equipment, it could produce its own high-quality equipment using the materials it earned from killing monsters.

Moreover, as long as this first deployment endured, the Asura adventurer team could send reinforcements from Cold Wind City.

"Fortunately, I've grown quite a bit stronger recently and got myself a piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met the conditions to take part in the expansion expedition. Now, I'll get to fight alongside the commander in another city."

"I know, right? We're even earning 50% bonus Contribution Value for this expedition. We'll also earn 15% more points. By the time the others visit the new city, we might have already reached Bronze rank in the alliance."

When the team members saw Shi Feng, they chatted quietly amongst themselves.

"Good! Since everyone's here, let's move out," Shi Feng said after glancing at everyone's excited expressions. He then led the group to the central plaza.