Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1772 - Acting City Lord

Chapter 1772: Acting City Lord

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After Shi Feng entered the City Hall, he noticed that quite a few Hecate members stood at the front desk to pick up city quests. It was evident that Hecate had no intention of giving up on Cold Wind City and was preparing to compete for the city’s authority once again. The Guild had even picked up two of the top five most difficult contribution quests available.

There were many contribution quests available in Cold Wind City, but they were all very difficult and could not be completed by ordinary experts. As for the top ten most difficult contribution quests, each of them could rival Epic Quests. After completing these Epic Contribution Quests, one would acquire roughly 50 City Contribution Points. Each of the top five contribution quests awarded 100 CCPs or more.

In addition, players had to pay a hefty deposit when picking up these contribution quests. In the case of the top five contribution quests, the deposit was 500 Gold plus 5,000 Magic Crystals. If players failed to complete the quest, they wouldn’t get their deposit back.

Yet, Hecate had picked up two of the top five quests at the same time. A thousand Gold might not be much for a first-rate Guild like Hecate, but 10,000 Magic Crystals was no small amount. After all, the Ice Crystal World was an Otherworld that had low production of Magic Crystals.

However, Shi Feng did not give the matter much thought as he followed the NPC senior administrator straight to the office of Cold Wind City’s Magistrate to receive a portion of authority over the city.

Bookshelves filled with books lined the peaceful office’s walls. Currently, a young man in noble garb sat behind a desk, reading through some documents. Upon seeing Shi Feng, the youth set aside his work.

This youth was none other than Frotte, Cold Wind City’s Magistrate and a Level 180, Tier 4 Sky Knight. It was very rare for one to become a Tier 4 Sky Knight at such a young age, so it was clear how much talent and potential Frotte had.

“Adventurer, you’re here,” Frotte said as he looked at Shi Feng.

“Greetings, Lord Magistrate. I have come here today as a representative of the Asura adventurer team. I wish to become the Acting City Lord and help contribute to Cold Wind City,” Shi Feng respectfully declared.

“I have heard of your deeds. Your Asura adventurer team is quite capable. You have opened the Snow Ruin that has been sealed for many years and the path to other cities. If your adventurer team possesses such strength, I believe that letting you manage Cold Wind City should be a wise decision,” Frotte said, nodding in approval after observing Shi Feng for a moment. He then took a silver token from one of his desk’s drawers, placing the eagle-shaped token on the table and said, “This is the

Acting City Lord’s Token. With this, you’ll command a portion of authority over Cold Wind City. However, I must warn you that if someone more capable comes to me, I will take the token back and give it to that person. Hopefully, you will utilize this token properly and help Cold Wind City develope!”

Saying so, Frotte passed Shi Feng the Acting City Lord’s Token.

Upon receiving the token, triumph filled Shi Feng’s heart.

With this token, he would be considered Cold Wind City’s ruler and possess Advanced authority over the city. He could now turn the entire city into the Asura adventurer team’s headquarters.

After becoming the Acting City Lord, he would gain access to several empty plots of Land in Cold Wind City’s central district. These plots were specifically reserved for the Acting City Lord to build Advanced Constructions, such as Advanced Smithies, Advanced Restaurants, Advanced Shops, and Advanced Magic Stores.

Advanced Shops, in particular, could even be used to host large-scale auctions, in which more than just players could participate. NPCs would be able to auction items as well. Only, these large-scale auctions could only be hosted once a week.

In addition, becoming an Acting City Lord granted him the authority to construct a Teleportation Plaza in the central district. He could establish teleportation gates that transported players to Cold Wind City’s border fortresses. These border fortresses were very far from Cold Wind City itself, and most of them occupied Level 60-plus high-resource maps. These maps contained many resources unique to the Ice Crystal World.

However, if players tried to reach these border fortresses on foot, they would have to pass through multiple Level 90 or above maps. Aside from the extreme danger, the journey was very time-consuming. Hence, traveling there via Teleportation Gate was the best option.

The Acting City Lord managed these teleportation gates, and both the teleportation fees and the currency used would be left to their discretion. Of course, the system would impose a maximum and minimum amount. Meanwhile, the Acting City Lord would receive 20% of the income from the teleportation gates. This was the greatest benefit of being an Acting City Lord.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng headed to a VIP lounge on the City Hall’s second floor and began to discuss the teleportation gates’ construction with the NPC senior administrator.

The sooner he built the teleportation gates, the more the Asura adventurer team would benefit.

“My lord, this is the information on the teleportation gates you have requested. From Small to Large Teleportation Gates, everything is on this list,” the senior administrator said as he handed Shi Feng a list of available teleportation gates.

How expensive! It’s no wonder why the Guilds that had taken control over Otherworld NPC cities in the past hadn’t constructed teleportation gates early on! Shi Feng was utterly astonished as he read the construction costs.

Just constructing a Small Teleportation Gate cost 10,000 Gold and 80,000 Magic Crystals. Meanwhile, a Small Teleportation Gate only allowed travel to three fortresses and would only teleport a maximum of 50 people at a time.

Meanwhile, a Medium Teleportation Gate cost 20,000 Gold and 200,000 Magic Crystals to construct. It allowed teleportation to six fortresses, with each teleportation transporting a maximum of 100 people. Though, the Mana cost for each teleportation was the same as the Small Teleportation Gate. In other words, a Medium Teleportation Gate could generate more profit.

As for the Large Teleportation Gate, it cost 40,000 Gold and 300,000 Magic Crystals to build. It allowed teleportation to ten fortresses, and each teleportation could carry up to 200 people. Similarly, the teleportation cost of the Large Teleportation Gate was equal to that of the Small Teleportation Gate.

Of course, since a teleportation gate would be very beneficial to Cold Wind City’s development, it would also award Shi Feng a considerable number of City Contribution Points. He wouldn’t just be spending his Coins and Magic Crystals to allow his successors to take advantage of his effort.

Building certain Advanced Constructions would award CCPs as well. Only, the amount varied depending on the type of construction. This was also the reason that once a player became an Acting City Lord, it was very difficult for others to surpass them.

“My lord, as you are the first adventurer to be chosen as the Acting City Lord, we can offer you two special teleportation gates. Here is the information for these gates,” the senior administrator said as he passed two more lists to Shi Feng. “Once you have made your decision, you may notify me at any time.”

Of the two new lists the senior administrator had provided, both recorded information on Small Teleportation Gates. However, unlike the normal version, these two gates each had an additional function.

The first gate allowed teleportation to four border fortresses, but the construction price was 10,000 Gold and 100,000 Magic Crystals.

As for the second gate, it still only allowed teleportation to three border fortresses, but it also included teleportation to the main hall of the Snow Rift’s Snow Ruin. Like the first gate, its construction price was 10,000 Gold and 100,000 Magic Crystals.

How fraudulent! One additional teleportation point increases the cost by 20,000 Magic Crystals! Shi Feng could not help but inwardly curse at the system as he read the list. However, after giving the matter some thought, he found this pricing to be reasonable. After all, these options were only offered to the first Acting City Lord. The next Acting City Lord wouldn’t have this benefit. He then said, “I wish to construct a Teleportation Gate that is connected to the Snow Ruin.”

While having the connection to an additional border fortress was valuable, he could gain more benefits in the shortterm if he allowed teleportation to the Snow Ruin. After all, teleporting between the Snow Rift and Cold Wind City would be helpful to players who wanted to venture to other cities. This was especially true for the Asura adventurer team. Furthermore, it would be some time before players could grind in the maps around the border fortresses.

After saying so, Shi Feng took out the Magic Crystals he earned from selling Ice Resistance Gemstones.

While he had been away in the Snow Ruin, he had sold another 16,000 Ice Resistance Gemstones and earned 110,000 Magic Crystals. Although the Magic Crystals he had weren’t enough to construct a Medium Teleportation Gate, constructing a Small Teleportation Gate shouldn’t be a problem.