Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1771 - Hell Chariot

Chapter 1771: Hell Chariot

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As Shi Feng used Omniscient Eyes on the tome in his hands, a loading bar appeared before him, needing 10 seconds to fill completely.

“Ten seconds?” Shi Feng’s heartbeat quickened when he saw the loading bar.

The longer the appraisal time, the more valuable the appraised item was.

War chariots could be categorized into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and Grandmaster ranks, the chariot’s value increasing with each subsequent rank. The war chariot’s abilities were also stronger with each rank.

A Basic War Chariot possessed enough combat power to deal with a Great Lord, but only a fool would use it against a monster. War chariots truly shined in siege battles and combat between players. Using a war chariot to deal with monsters was overly extravagant.

Unlike normal weapons and tools, repairing a war chariot required more than just Coins; players would also have to supply the materials.

If a war chariot were used to grind monsters, the income wouldn’t even be enough to cover the repair costs. Moreover, the required materials were very rare and hard to obtain.

Once the loading bar was full, the Hell Chariot Design’s details appeared before Shi Feng.

[Hell Chariot Design] (Intermediate Design) Can be used to produce the Hell Chariot. [Hell Chariot]

Maximum capacity: 20 people Increases Movement Speed by 180%. Possesses Tier 2 defensive capabilities. Durability 400/400 Additional Skill 1-

Magic Shield: Constructs a Tier 3 magic barrier that can absorb up to a maximum of 2,000,000 damage for 20 seconds. Each use costs 20 Magic Crystals.

Cooldown: 10 minutes Additional Skill 2-

Hell Cannon: 1,500 range. Deals a devastating blow at the Tier 3 standard to a 30-yard radius. Each use costs 100 Magic Crystals.

Cooldown: 15 seconds Additional Skill 3-

Flame Spears: Creates 12 Flame Spears. Each Flame Spear carries power at the peak of Tier 2 and has a 150-yard attack range.

Cooldown: 3 seconds

What a powerful war chariot. Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement as he read the Hell Chariot’s Attribute Panel.

He had seen many Intermediate War Chariots in the past, but the Hell Chariot’s Attributes could even rank among the top Intermediate War Chariots. Normal Intermediate War Chariots only had 300 points of durability and only increased Movement Speed by 160%, which was roughly the same as a Mysterious-Iron Mount, yet the Hell Chariot increased Movement Speed by 180%. That was on par with the increase of a Secret-Silver Mount.

However, the Skills had to be the best part about this Hell Chariot. Ordinary Intermediate War Chariots only provided a Tier 2 Magic Shield that could reduce damage from Tier 2 attacks by 70% and Tier 3 attacks by 40%. Meanwhile, the War Chariot’s Tier 3 Magic Shield could reduce damage from Tier 2 attacks by 80%, Tier 3 attacks by 70%, and Tier 4 attacks by 40%. With such a powerful Magic Shield, even a Tier 4 Mythic monster wouldn’t be able to destroy the Hell Chariot within a short time.

As for the production requirements, they weren’t particularly demanding. Only three Master Engineers and one Master Forger were needed to produce the Hell Chariot. The only troublesome part was the main material—Titan Ore. A single Hell Chariot required 500 pieces of Titan Ore, a super-rare ore that was even hard to find in the Storm Empire, which was famed for its production. This was because Titan Ore was one of the main materials for Epic Equipment.

It seems that I’ll need Melancholic to focus on collecting Titan Ore. Shi Feng started plotting as he gazed at the Hell Chariot Design in his hands.

It wouldn’t be impossible for the Candlelight Trading Firm to gather three Master Engineers and a Master Forger. The materials were the only other problem. Once they solved that, they could mass-produce the Hell Chariot

If Zero Wing had a tool like the Hell Chariot, its members could easily venture deep into neutral maps to grind and explore. The Guild’s members wouldn’t need to compete with other Guilds for nearby maps. In that case, Zero Wing’s members would acquire more resources for the Guild and themselves.

A war chariot wasn’t just a weapon of war; it was also a powerful transportation tool, much better than a Mount. This was because players would not lose Stamina and Concentration when traveling in a war chariot. Moreover, war chariots could regenerate players’ Stamina and Concentration. Although, its ability to do so wasn’t as good as a normal NPC city.

The most important point was that war chariots could hold simple repair tools. This allowed players to repair their weapons and equipment without visiting a smithy. Only, the repair fees were extremely high, three times a city’s prices. Also, there was a limit to how many repairs a war chariot could conduct. The simple repair tools that could be loaded onto an Intermediate War Chariot could only repair up to a maximum of 10,000 points of durability. However, to expert teams that valued time over money, this was a wonderful perk.

Following which, Shi Feng carefully stored the Hell Chariot Design and inspected the Hero’s Key, which he had acquired for securing the First Clear of the Hero Mode Snow Ruin.

[Hero’s Key (Snow Ruin)] (Dark-Gold Rank Item)

Can be used to activate the Snow Ruin’s Primordial Teleportation Magic Array. Can teleport up to a maximum of 500 players to the other side of the teleportation array.

Cooldown: 144 hours (3 natural days)

As expected of the First Clear reward for Hero Mode. The system actually gave out such an item. Shi Feng was astonished as he read the Hero’s Key’s Attribute Panel.

Unlike on the continent of God’s Domain, traveling between cities in any Otherworld was not an easy task. If Otherworlds’ players wished to visit other cities, they had to acquire an entry permit The teleportation function between two cities would only activate after a certain number of players had secured entry permits.

Before this requirement was fulfilled, players with a Teleportation Entry Permit would physically have to travel to the city specified in the entry permit or use some secret passage. There was no other way for players to travel between two cities.

Meanwhile, after killing the Skeleton King, a golden chest had appeared in the shrine, containing Teleportation Entry Permits.

When raiding the Normal Mode Skeleton King, players would only gain between 100 and 150 entry permits. Meanwhile, Hero Mode provided between 200 and 300 entry permits. Moreover, once players cleared the Snow Ruin, regardless of which mode they challenged, they would be prevented from challenging the Snow Ruin again for seven days.

However, the Hero’s Key could teleport 500 players to a different region directly. Moreover, it only had a 3-day Cooldown.

To the various Guilds and adventurer teams that were trying to find a foothold in a different region as quickly as possible, this was a godly tool.

“Commander, there are a total of 265 entry permits in the golden chest. What should we do with them?” Yan Ya could not help but ask as she retrieved the entry permits.

Currently, throughout Cold Wind City, only Asura and Hecate possessed entry permits to other cities. Meanwhile, these entry permits would only bind to players after use. In other words, they could be sold or traded.

For Cold Wind City’s players, traveling to another region was a golden opportunity. Many of these players dreamed of acquiring an entry permit, especially the city’s various Guilds.

If they sold the entry permits they had right now, they could definitely make a fortune.

“For the time being, our priority is to expand our development to other cities,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Head back to Cold Wind City immediately and find some experts and trustworthy management individuals that are willing to develop in another city from the adventurer team. Have them gather in the Residence. I’ll head over to meet with them once I’ve finished my task.”

The Black Dragon Empire’s various large Guilds were preparing to travel into the Ice Crystal World. To secure more of this Otherworld’s resources for Zero Wing, the Asura adventurer team had to occupy more cities in the Ice Crystal World. Otherwise, once the Black Dragon Empire’s various large Guilds arrived in the Ice Crystal World’s cities, it would become far more difficult for Asura to secure a foothold in those cities.

After all, both Asura and Zero Wing were far from a match for the empire’s large Guilds in terms of resources and manpower.

“We’re expanding our development to other cities?” Yan Ya’s eyes sparkled with excitement upon hearing Shi Feng’s words.

She was painfully curious about the Ice Crystal World’s other cities. Cold Wind City was only a minor city, not one of the Otherworld’s main cities.

Following Shi Feng’s command, Yan Ya promptly left the Snow Ruin to gather the Asura adventurer team’s expert players.

As for Shi Feng, he made his way to Cold Wind City’s City Hall.