Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1770 - Cold Wind City's Ruler

Chapter 1770: Cold Wind City’s Ruler

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As the system announcement rang out again, the members of Hecate’s raid team, who were originally celebrating their attainment of the Snow Ruin’s First Clear, fell into a daze.

“Did I hear wrong? Hero Mode’s First Clear?”

“There must be a mistake. How could anyone possibly clear the Hero Mode at this stage of the game?”

“Right. Previously, Asura’s raid team couldn’t even beat the third-floor Boss. How could it possibly beat the Hero Mode’s Final Boss?”

As Hecate’s members stared at the latest system announcement, they could not bring themselves to believe what they were seeing was true.

The Hero Mode Snow Ruin’s difficulty was significantly greater than the Normal Mode version’s. If a team did not gather enough good equipment from the Normal Mode Snow Ruin, challenging the Hero Mode was practically impossible.

Meanwhile, Asura’s raid team wasn’t even capable of clearing Normal Mode before. So, just how could it possibly clear Hero Mode?

“Hero Mode?” Carnage’s expression darkened at this sudden turn of events.

He had never thought that Asura would actually challenge the Hero Mode. However, the fact that Asura had cleared the Hero Mode Snow Ruin was still not the most important part. The crucial point was that Asura had gained 500 Cold Wind City Contribution Points.

Currently, the minimum requirement for an organization to take control of Cold Wind City was to have 500 Contribution Points. In other words, the Asura adventurer team had already taken control of Cold Wind City and become the city’s ruler. For the following month, Asura would hold a certain amount of authority over Cold Wind City. Only after one month had passed would the system conduct a re-evaluation and designate the player organization with the highest Contribution Points as the new ruler of the city.

During this one month, Asura would gain plenty of benefits as the ruler of the city. If Hecate wished to overtake Asura in terms of City Contribution Points, then the Guild would have to put in many times the effort it was putting in now.

While Hecate’s members were reeling from Asura’s clearing the Hero Mode Snow Ruin, Cold Wind City was in an uproar.

“All hail Asura!”

“Amazing! Asura managed to secure the First Clear of the Hero Mode Snow Ruin! Just how strong is Asura’s main force?”

“Hecate is truly pitiful. Shortly after it got the First Clear of the Normal Mode Snow Ruin, its achievement immediately got overshadowed by Asura’s.”

“However, with this, we independent players will have a great time in Cold Wind City. Since the Adventurer Alliance belongs to the Asura adventurer team, the Adventurer Alliance will definitely develop into an even better organization. In the future, it might actually be possible to exchange for Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment from the alliance.”

The system announcement of the Asura adventurer team claiming the Hero Mode Snow Ruin’s First Clear brought endless joy to Cold Wind City’s independent players. Now, many of them wished to join the Asura adventurer team. As for the various Guilds of Cold Wind City, this news signaled the beginning of their nightmare.

Had Hecate been the one to take control of Cold Wind City, the Guild would have definitely placed heavy pressure on the Asura adventurer team and the Adventurer Alliance. At that time, the independent players of Cold Wind City would have been made to realize the strength of Guilds. However, now that Cold Wind City had fallen into Asura’s control, more players would feel that joining the Adventurer Alliance was better than joining a Guild. If that happened, then Guilds would have even less living space in Cold Wind City.

Meanwhile, Sky Slicer of the Centurion Dynasty was also dumbfounded when he received the system announcement.

He simply could not fathom how the Asura adventurer team had accomplished such a feat.

That was the Hero Mode Snow Ruin they were talking about! Even Hecate’s raid team, which had nineteen Tier 2 players, did not dare to challenge Hero Mode. Yet, Asura had managed to clear it with just thirteen Tier 2 players in its team. No matter how he looked at it, this had to be a joke from the system.

With this, his plans to take advantage of the situation to gain some benefits for his Guild were ruined. To make matters worse, his Guild’s living space in Cold Wind City would even get further constricted.

While the outside world was in an uproar over the latest system announcement, inside the Hero Mode Snow Ruin’s fifth underground floor, Shi Feng was currently collecting the Skeleton King’s loot. As for everyone else in the team, they were lying on the floor and panting in exhaustion.

In Hero Mode, the Skeleton King was a bona fide Level 65 Mythic monster. If not for Solitary Nine and Dark Madness constantly activating their Tier 3 Mana Weapons and taking turns tanking using their Berserk Skills, the team would’ve been annihilated.

As for the Hell Flame the Skeleton King used, it was basically a large-scale destruction Spell. Whenever the Skeleton King used Hell Flame, the team had to rely on Shi Feng’s Absolute Domain to survive.

When the battle was over, the team had less than 40 survivors. Close to the end of the battle, even Solitary Nine and Dark Madness had died under the Skeleton King’s flaming greatsword. The rear line healers couldn’t keep up with the Skeleton King’s DPS at all. Fortunately, after Shi Feng activated his Berserk Skill, the team had managed to make it through the final stretch and defeated the Skeleton King.

Meanwhile, the Skeleton King’s death brought everyone two big surprises. The first one came in the form of a massive amount of EXP; the surviving members of the team received EXP equivalent to an entire day’s worth of grinding. The second one was the appearance of a jackpot The Skeleton King dropped so many items that just picking them all up took Shi Feng quite a lot of time.

In total, the Skeleton King’s jackpot had over 200 items. Among them, more than 180 consisted of rare materials, Mana Stones, and Magic Crystals. As many as five Mana Stones had dropped. Quite a few of the rare materials were the main materials required to produce Level 50-plus Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Every material was worth a considerable amount of money.

Among the remaining items were one weapon_an Epic ranked greatsword named Incineration Blade—and seven pieces of equipment The weapon was none other than the greatsword the Skeleton King had used, which was not only very powerful but also very stylish. As for the equipment, they were either Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment or Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment. The sight of these eight items caused everyone’s eyes to sparkle.

Monsters rarely dropped weapons and equipment in the Ice Crystal World. Let alone Dark-Gold rank, even Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment were extremely rare. As for Epic Weapons, those were practically myths in Cold Wind City.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of distributing the weapons and equipment to any specific person. Instead, he intended to place them in the Asura adventurer team’s exchange catalog and allow Asura’s members to exchange for them. These items would serve as an incentive to motivate Asura’s members to work harder. Meanwhile, for the team operation this time, he also granted everyone their deserved Contribution Points, which could be used to exchange for the items they wanted.

The remaining dozen or so items included three Master ranked potions, two Tier 3 Magic Scrolls, a design for Level 50 Dark- Gold ranked cloth armor robes, and a design for Level 50 Fine-Gold ranked plate armor armguards. There was also one item in particular that surprised Shi Feng.

And that was the Hell Chariot Design!

When Shi Feng picked up the ancient tome, which was even twice as thick as a dictionary, and read the name “Hell Chariot Design” written on the cover, for a moment, he actually thought he was hallucinating.

A war chariot!

This was a weapon meant for large-scale battles. It possessed not only frightening destructive power but also the ability to ferry large numbers of players across long distances. A high-ranking item that could be used to conduct ambushes and field battles, it also had excellent siege and defensive capabilities.

Compared to a war chariot, the Miniature Ballista was no different from garbage.

The Miniature Ballista moved very slowly and took a very long time to load. It also had no defensive capability and, hence, could be destroyed easily. In contrast, a war chariot was very fast and boasted powerful defensive capabilities. A war chariot could ensure that the players riding inside did not receive any damage from attacks—somewhat similar to the ships at sea.

Shi Feng had never imagined that the Snow Ruin’s Final Boss would drop such an item.

In terms of value, all the other items the Skeleton King dropped combined were not even worth one-fifth of the Hell Chariot Design.

After taking a few deep breaths and calming himself down, Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes and appraised the Hell Chariot Design. He wanted to know what rank the Chariot Design was exactly.