Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1766 - Asura Arrives

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Chapter 1766 – Asura Arrives

Cold Wind City, Snow Rift:

The Snow Rift was a mountain range that stretched for several hundred kilometers, blocking the path that connected Cold Wind City to other cities. As players ventured deeper into the mountain range, they’d encounter more powerful monsters, even Bosses over Level 100. It was not a place that current players could casually explore.

At this stage of the game, the only viable way to travel from Cold Wind City to other cities was to enter the Snow Ruin and activate the teleportation device there. The teleportation device was connected to a teleportation array on the other side of the Snow Rift.

To get a head start and reach other regions before others, the various adventurer teams and Guilds in Cold Wind City had dispatched teams to the Snow Ruin and were frantically raiding it.

Frost Apes occupied the Snow Ruin’s surroundings all-year-round. Not only were the Frost Apes nimble, but they also knew how to arm themselves and fight like humans. Including the fact that they were used to the cold environments, they possessed very high combat power. Moreover, the weakest Frost Ape around the Snow Ruin was a Level 55 Chieftain, with Lords taking up the majority. The leader of each Frost Ape patrol squad that wandered the Snow Ruin was even at the Great Lord rank.

As the Snow Ruin’s area was a Frost Ape nest, a very large number of Frost Apes could be found around the ruin. Moreover, as players approached the Snow Ruin, they’d encounter stronger Frost Apes. An ordinary 100-man elite team would have almost no chance of even getting close to the Snow Ruin, which even the Frost Apes considered a forbidden land, let alone challenge the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, a 100-man team rapidly approached the Snow Ruin. Dozens of Frost Apes charged at the team, including five Great Lords and over a dozen Lords, yet despite such a force, the 100-man team pushed the monsters aside and continued with ease. Seeing this, the other 100-man teams some distance behind the advancing team could not help but grow envious.

However, even though the other teams were jealous, they could do nothing about it. This was because the advancing team was Centurion Dynasty’s main force. Every member was equipped with a minimum of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, with over half of their equipment consisting of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. A few of the leading figures even wore a few pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment.

In contrast, the other teams barely had a handful of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment among their players, not to mention Fine-Gold Equipment.

“These Frost Apes are really persistent. They’re always like this whenever we come here. Even after we kill one of them, another one just takes its place. Just getting into the Snow Ruin costs us a considerable amount of Stamina and Concentration,” a Level 53, Tier 2 Shield Warrior complained. Currently, the Shield Warrior used his dark-gray tower shield to hold back three Level 57 Great Lord ranked Frost Ape Captains.

Although the Shield Warrior complained, his feet never stopped moving. He constantly maintained his aggro on the three Frost Ape Captains, preventing the Great Lords from breaking past his team’s defensive line and damaging to the rear line players.

“We’re almost at the entrance! Ranged unit, prepare to open up a path! Everyone else, prepare to move! We can’t waste too much Stamina dealing with the Frost Ape Chieftain this time! Today, we must get through the first underground floor!” a Level 53, Tier 2 Berserker wielding a massive, silver greatsword shouted as he fought a Frost Ape Captain on his own. Under the might of his Tier 2 Skills, the Great Lord was forced to retreat.

The players around the Beserker were in awe of the strength he displayed.

This Tier 2 Berserker was none other than Sky Slicer, Centurion Dynasty’s Guild Leader and one of Cold Wind City’s top 10 experts.

Meanwhile, roughly 500 yards away from Centurion Dynasty’s team, a Frost Ape that was twice as large as the others watched the fight. This gigantic Frost Ape wore tattered armor and wielded twin sabers.

[Frost Ape Chieftain] (Humanoid Creature, Grand Lord)

Level 58

HP 64,000,000/64,000,000

The Frost Ape Chieftain was the Snow Ruin’s unofficial gatekeeper. The Grand Lord would attack any player that tried to approach the Dungeon. Due to the Frost Ape Chieftain, many teams’ expeditions to the ruin had been terminated before they got to it. Even the various Guilds’ main forces disliked dealing with the monster.

As an ancient magic array, which increased Stamina and Concentration consumption, enveloped the Snow Ruin’s surroundings, players would lose a considerable amount of these resources if they fought the Frost Ape Captain. Even if they defeated the Grand Lord without complications, they would have a harder time challenging the Snow Ruin. Hence, the various Guilds always tried to avoid the Grand Lord and reduce any unnecessary Stamina and Concentration consumption to focus on the Dungeon.

As Centurion Dynasty’s main force moved within 100 yards of the Frost Ape Chieftain, the Grand Lord roared and charged at the team. Nine Great Lord ranked Frost Ape Guards followed closely behind.

“Quicksand, hold the Chieftain! The other MTs, take care of the Guards! Ranged unit, use everything you have to repel the Guards! Everyone else, charge into the ruin!” Sky Slicer hurriedly shouted.

With a battle cry, Quicksand, the Level 53, Tier 2 Shield Warrior, raised his shield to receive the Frost Ape Chieftain’s approaching slash, the muscles of his arms bulging.


Quicksand was immediately forced to retreat by five steps, a damage over -10,000 appearing above his head. Meanwhile, the Frost Ape Chieftain’s charge had abruptly halted. Though, seeing that its first attack had failed, the Grand Lord swung its other saber. Reacting quickly, Quicksand slanted his shield and deflected the attack, mitigating a significant portion of the force.

At this time, the other MTs and Sky Slicer charged at the approaching Frost Ape Guards.

Under the combined bombardment of the team’s ranged players, the team broke through the Frost Ape Guards’ blockade and opened a path into the Snow Ruin.

After about two minutes, the team finally shook off the Frost Ape Captain and Guards and entered the Snow Ruin. The team’s entry also forced the Grand Lord and Great Lords to give up their chase.

Seeing this, awe and envy overwhelmed the other teams that were preparing to enter the Dungeon. They doubted that they could get past the Frost Ape Chieftain so easily, and they knew that they’d incur some casualties if they tried.

“Everyone, rest up. We’ll enter the first underground floor in one minute!” Sky Slicer commanded as he swept a glance over his team members. Every member of the team had lost a considerable amount of their HPs and Mana during that fight.

Hearing this, Centurion Dynasty’s members breathed a sigh of relief. They were also delighted that they had gotten past the Frost Ape Chieftain much easier than the last visit. Now, they’d have a greater chance of clearing the first floor.

While Centurion Dynasty’s players rested, they heard multiple explosions from outside of the Snow Ruin. Moreover, the sound grew louder as the seconds ticked by.

“Is another bunch of ignorant newcomers trying to take advantage of our efforts to get in?” Sky Slicer, who rested on the ground, cracked open an eye as he sneered. This was not the first time their team had encountered such a situation.

Although their team had revealed a gap in the Frost Ape Chieftain’s defense as they entered the Dungeon, the Grand Lord’s failure to stop the intruders would eventually enrage it. While enraged, the Frost Ape Chieftain’s Strength and speed would increase significantly. The Frost Ape Guards would also receive a strength boost.

This had undoubtedly increased the difficulty of breaking into the Snow Ruin.

The correct way to enter the Snow Ruin would be to wait until the Frost Ape Chieftain and Frost Ape Guards calmed down.

“These ignorant newcomers are in for a big surprise.”

“I’m guessing that they will team-wipe. Even Boss Quicksand can’t stand against the Frost Ape Chieftain after it goes berserk.”

“This should teach those people a lesson. Didn’t they see the other teams outside sitting around and waiting, rather than charging into the ruin after us?”

While the Centurion Dynasty’s members discussed the newcomers, the sounds of battle outside of the Snow Ruin grew more intense. After 30 seconds, though, silence returned to the Snow Ruin.

“It seems they’ve wiped.”

“The battle sure ended quickly.”

As the area fell silent, some of Centurion Dynasty’s members expressed pity, while others laughed in ridicule.

“Alright, let’s get ready to set out!” Sky Slicer said once he noticed that his team had mostly recovered.

Just as the team members began to stand and head into the first underground floor, a team walked through the Snow Ruin’s dilapidated entrance.

Contrary to the raid team’s expectations, however, these newcomers had lost barely any HP, let alone looking miserable. Moreover, the team still had all 100 of its members…

“What’s going on?” Sky Slicer stared at the intact 100-man team with wide eyes.

Centurion Dynasty’s other members also gaped at the newcomers. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes. That was the enraged Frost Ape Chieftain they were talking about…

“Who are these people?”

“Hold on, isn’t that Asura’s Lifeless Thorn?”

“It’s the Asura adventurer team?”

Meanwhile, after glancing at Centurion Dynasty’s members, Shi Feng and the others moved past them into the Snow Ruin’s first floor, leaving the stupefied Guild members behind them.