Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1764 - Unstoppable Price

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Chapter 1764 – Unstoppable Price

Silver sparkles of light glittered all over the dimly lit forging room. After tidying up the Ice Resistance Gemstones and storing them in his bag space, Shi Feng sorted them into groups.

Not all of the Ice Resistance Gemstones he had crafted were equal. The Ice Resistance they provided ranged between five and eight points. When he sold them, he’d have to price them accordingly. And these were only the normal Ice Resistance Gemstones.

Thanks to the Blacksteel Insignia, Shi Feng had a 3% chance of improving the Attributes on an item he forged. Each of the Ice Resistance Gemstones the Blacksteel Insignia had enhanced provided upward of 10 points in Ice Resistance. Naturally, these gemstones were worth far more than the normal ones.

While Shi Feng organized his bag space, Lifeless Thorn contacted him.

“Commander, we have an urgent situation. Hecate has found a group of extraordinarily powerful players. Before this group arrived, Hecate had been stuck on the Snow Ruin’s first underground floor, but now, they’re progressing through the Dungeon rapidly. The Guild’s team recently surpassed us, entering the fourth underground floor. They are only one away from the final floor now,” Lifeless Thorn said, greatly frustrated that Hecate’s team had surpassed his in the raid.

The Snow Ruin was like a Regional Dungeon. With each floor they descended, they would face greater challenges. Moreover, a team could only progress to the next floor after killing each floor’s Guardian Boss. Despite the fact that he and his team had strived for the past two days, they still couldn’t get past the third underground floor. To make matters worse, they had to watch Hecate’s members descend to the fourth underground floor while they had to wait for the Guardian Boss to respawn…

“Their raid progression is so fast?” Shi Feng was slightly surprised.

He had read the reports regarding the Snow Ruin, so he knew how difficult the ruin was to raid. The third floor’s Guardian Boss was already a Level 62 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species. In addition, the Boss had Unique Skills and fought in special environments that heavily favored them. Moreover, an ancient barrier enveloped the Snow Ruin that prevented the usage of any tools. Items such as the Bible of Darkness, Summoning Scrolls, and magic arrays were prohibited. Players had to rely on their own strength to clear the ruin.

Even a 100-man team of Tier 2 players of the same level would struggle greatly to defeat the third underground floor’s Guardian Boss, yet Hecate had succeeded. This outcome truly exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

“Commander, why don’t we call some of Asura’s members from the main continent?” Lifeless Thorn suggested.

The team he currently worked with was comprised of 100 of the strongest Asura members in Cold Wind City. He had even included Solitary Nine and Yan Ya, who were managing the Asura adventurer team and Adventurer Alliance’s affairs, in the raid. However, they still couldn’t get past the third floor’s Guardian Boss.

Their only option left was to mobilize the Asura members still on the continent of God’s Domain. After a period of training, those members’ combat standards had surpassed Cold Wind City’s experts by leaps and bounds.

“Forget about it. Although doing so would increase the raid team’s overall combat power, the increase would be very limited. It isn’t enough,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Since the Boss hasn’t respawned yet, you should return and rest up. Once I’m done dealing with my matters, I’ll take a look at the Snow Ruin’s third floor. If we can’t find a way through the Boss, it won’t be too late to figure out another way.”

“Alright, I’ll have everyone head back.” Lifeless Thorn found Shi Feng’s plan reasonable. It was true that although. As for Shi Feng taking part in the raid personally, Lifeless Thorn did not think that would make much of a difference, either. The Snow Ruin’s Guardian Bosses had to be defeated with the power of a team. There was a limit to how much an individual could contribute to the raid.

However, Lifeless Thorn still looked forward to Shi Feng taking charge of the raid team. They might very well be able to get through the third floor with his help. As for the fourth floor, they’d have to find a way to deal with that Guardian Boss when they came to it.

If push came to shove, they could ask Zero Wing’s experts for help. He was fully aware that the group from Zero Wing was far stronger than him. If these monstrous players took action, surpassing Hecate would be child’s play.

However, what Lifeless Thorn did not know was that Shi Feng had never had any intentions of involving Zero Wing’s members in the Ice Crystal World’s struggles. Moreover, now that Zero Wing had grown so large, the Guild required manpower in many aspects. It could no longer afford to gather its top combatants.

Following which, Shi Feng spent half an hour or so categorizing the Ice Resistance Gemstones, delight filling his eyes as he did.

There were 42,651 gemstones that added five points of Ice Resistance, 37,332 that added six points, and 12,451 that added eight points.

Shi Feng also had 2,921 gemstones that provided 10 points or more…

Back on the continent of God’s Domain, five-point gemstones currently sold for around 1 Gold, 50 Silver on the market. That was very close to the production cost. These were also the gemstones he had the most of, although he counted himself lucky since he had only crafted 40,000-plus five-point gemstones out of the 400,000 attempts.

Naturally, the six-point gemstones were worth more, selling for around 2 Gold. Most of the Ice Resistance Gemstones on the market were six-point gemstones.

As for seven-point gemstones, they were slightly rarer and could sell for roughly 3 Gold.

The eight-point gemstones were very rare, selling for around 5 Gold.

Meanwhile, successfully forging over 33,000 seven-point gemstones and over 12,000 eight-point gemstones was truly beyond Shi Feng’s expectations.

As for the Ice Resistance Gemstones that offered 10 or more points in Ice Resistance, needless to say, they could easily sell for 10 Gold or more.

After all, Ice Resistance Gemstones would always retain their value. Even if players only had a full set of five-point gemstones, they would acquire more than enough Ice Resistance to deal with frosty environments and ice-type Bosses.

Shi Feng then brought the Ice Resistance Gemstones to Asura’s Residence, placing them in the Adventurer Alliance’s trade window. He even placed the entry on the catalog’s first page.

However, unlike the catalog’s other items, the Ice Resistance Gemstones could only be purchased with the auction system. Moreover, players had to use both Magic Crystals and Adventurer Alliance Points, with Magic Crystals having a higher priority. In other words, regardless of how many points players bid, the player that bid the most Magic Crystals would win the auction. The Adventurer Alliance Points would only be used as a tie-breaker if the top contenders bid the same number of Magic Crystals.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng set the minimum bid for the five-point gemstones at four Magic Crystals.

Not wanting to post too many gemstones at a single time, Shi Feng only posted 200 five-point gemstones.

Shortly after Shi Feng updated the exchange catalog, the players who had visited the Adventure Alliance to purchase items noticed the change. Immediately, a commotion arose in Asura’s Residence.

“Ice Resistance Gemstones! The Adventurer Alliance is amazing! It actually has such an item as well?!”

“Amazing! One gemstone adds five points in Ice Resistance! That almost rivals the Ice Resistance from Mysterious-Iron Equipment!”

“Crap! If I could fully equip myself with these Ice Resistance Gemstones, I could explore the Snow Rift practically unhindered!”

“Just where did the Adventurer Alliance get its hands on such an item?”

Items that provided Ice Resistance were highly sought after by Cold Wind City’s players. Although the Ice Crystal World had many Ice Resistance items, none of them were like the Ice Resistance Gemstone, which would not become obsolete after a certain level.

News of the Ice Resistance Gemstones spread like wildfire among the city’s various adventurer teams and Guilds. These organizations immediately sent representatives to purchase these gemstones.

A flood of independent players also rushed to compete for the Ice Resistance Gemstones.

Although Magic Crystals were rare and hard to obtain in Cold Wind City, there weren’t many places where players could spend them. This was especially true for independent players. Most players would rather trade their Magic Crystals for Ice Resistance equipment. However, the various Guilds hoarded most weapons and equipment that increased Ice Resistance. No Guild would sell such items to independent players. Hence, now that a treasure like the Ice Resistance Gemstone had appeared, independent players had to fight for some of their own.

Shortly after, the Ice Resistance Gemstones’ prices continued to rise.

The price instantly rose to five Magic Crystals per stone. It then climbed to five Magic Crystals and 100 points, 200 points… Meanwhile, each Adventurer Alliance Point was currently worth 20 Copper Coins.

Very quickly, the price had reached six Magic Crystals. At this point, the Ice Resistance Gemstones’ prices had hit the limit of what independent elite players could afford. Even so, this outcome had greatly exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

Yet, the price increase still showed no signs of stopping…