Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1762 - Cold Wind City’s Number One Power

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Chapter 1762 – Cold Wind City’s Number One Power

Ice Crystal World, the Snow Rift:

As Shi Feng traversed through the Snow Rift, he came across multiple Guilds and adventurer teams that were grinding and harvesting rare materials in preparation to raid the Snow Ruin, which was located in the deepest part of the Snow Rift.

As long as players conquered the Snow Ruin, a path connecting the region of Cold Wind City to other regions would open. At that time, Cold Wind City could interact with a few other cities, and players here would be able to travel to more maps and acquire more resources.

The various Guilds, however, were trying to conquer the Snow Ruin to acquire City Contribution Points, enabling them to take control of Cold Wind City as soon as possible.

After returning to Asura’s Residence in Cold Wind City, Shi Feng noticed that the queue standing outside the Residence had grown.

“The Asura Hall the Asura adventurer team established is truly amazing! I never thought that it would be so wonderfully effective for training!”

“I know, right? I’ve heard that two expert players sparred in one of the training rooms. After just an hour, both players saw a noticeable improvement to their combat standards. They can now defeat players that were of similar combat standards to them before with ease.”

“That’s nothing. Previously, one of my friends in the Adventurer Alliance had been stuck at 79% with his Skill Completion Rates. After training in one of those training rooms for one hour, he had actually achieved a maximum Skill Completion Rate of 84%. He could also maintain it at 81%. The five Silver Coins he spent for that room were worth it.”

“Right now, the Asura Hall is packed with players. I really regret not joining the Adventurer Alliance sooner. I could’ve been training in one of those rooms by now.”

“That’s right! Now, everyone that has joined the Adventurer Alliance is queuing up for the training rooms. If we don’t join in on the action, we’ll get left behind. I’ve withdrawn all of the Magic Crystals I’ve stockpiled thus far. I’ve heard that if you pay in Magic Crystals, not only will it cost you four Silver per hour, but you can even rent a training room for two hours per day.”

The independent players lined up outside Asura’s Residence all chatted about the Adventurer Alliance with great interest. The recently established Asura Hall had become the main topic of their conversations.

Seeing this, Shi Feng chuckled as he entered Asura’s Residence.

Although he had only established the Asura Hall a few hours ago, it had already begun to serve its intended purpose.

The first thing Shi Feng did after returning to the Residence was call a meeting with Yan Ya and the other Adventurer Alliance management members.

“Commander, do you need us for something?” Yan Ya asked curiously.

She and the other managers were all swamped with work. Just registering the new applicants for the Adventurer Alliance required a lot of manpower, not to mention the exchange work for materials and points. As the various rare materials’ market value fluctuated every day, the Adventurer Alliance had to adjust its prices constantly. Managing the Adventurer Alliance was many times more troublesome than managing the Asura adventurer team.

“How is the Adventurer Alliance’s current situation?” Shi Feng asked.

“Hehe! Thanks to the Asura Hall, the Adventurer Alliance has become the number one power in Cold Wind City. We already have over 300,000 members, and this number continues to climb. I don’t believe it will be long before the alliance has 1,000,000 members,” Yan Ya said, smiling.

The Adventurer Alliance’s growth had completely exceeded her expectations.

If the Adventurer Alliance’s member count reached 1,000,000, nearly half of the city’s player population would belong to the alliance. It would also have more members than all of the Guilds in the city combined. With such a force, even if the Adventurer Alliance failed to gain true authority over Cold Wind City, the alliance would be the city’s absolute overlord; the alliance’s word would be law.

“So many people have already joined?” Shi Feng could not help but be surprised.

Initially, he had expected the alliance to gain 100,000-plus members at best, hitting 500,000 before things started to slow down. However, it would seem that he had slightly underestimated the value of the Adventurer Alliance’s exchange services and the Asura Hall.

“Commander, that’s not all. Many independent players have expressed interest in joining the Asura adventurer team; they’re hoping that we’ll start recruitment soon. At the same time, several of the top-ranking adventurer teams in Cold Wind City have requested that we grant them some authority in the Adventurer Alliance. If we do, they’ll join the alliance immediately and focus on supporting the alliance’s development,” Yan Ya said as she took out several contracts a few of Cold Wind City’s top-ranking adventurer teams had proposed.

Not only did the city’s top-ranked adventurer teams wield considerable strength, but they also nurtured their own Lifestyle Players. Hence, they were not particularly concerned about joining an idle power like the Adventurer Alliance.

As for the Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment and Magic Light Sets the Adventurer Alliance offered, they could simply send some of their members to join the alliance to purchase these items. They didn’t need to join the alliance as a whole.

However, after the Asura Hall had opened to the public, the various adventurer teams in Cold Wind City had lost their calm. While they could take advantage of the alliance’s exchange services sending a few of their members to join, all of their members needed to be in the alliance to utilize the Asura Hall’s training rooms.

However, these top-ranked adventurer teams weren’t willing to submit to Asura’s management like the weaker teams. Hence, they wanted some authority within the Adventurer Alliance.

“Things have reached such a point already?” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he looked through the contracts. “Alright. Even if they hadn’t asked, I had planned to set up ranks within the alliance. Since they’ve asked, I can use this opportunity to organize the ranks.”

The Adventurer Alliance was a massive collection of adventurer teams and independent players. Although the alliance did not restrict its members’ freedom, and members were allowed to leave whenever they wished, the alliance needed to provide some assurances. However, as the alliance had too many members, management would be troublesome. Managing the alliance would be no easier than managing a large Guild. Hence, the alliance’s members needed to be segregated into certain ranks.

There were bound to be some people that contributed more to the Adventurer Alliance than others and vice versa. It was impossible to treat everyone equally. Otherwise, who would be willing to contribute to the Adventurer Alliance? If everyone was treated the same regardless of their contribution, then all of the players would only contribute the minimum necessary for their purposes.

Following which, Shi Feng divided the Adventurer Alliance’s members into four ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Epic. Each rank would enjoy a different level of authority and different benefits within the alliance. Players and adventurer teams’ ranks would be based on their individual strength and contributions to the Adventurer Alliance.

Among the four ranks, players and adventurer teams at the Bronze rank would receive a 10% discount when purchasing items and would have access to some high-ranked items that weren’t available to normal members. Players and adventurer teams at the Silver rank would receive a 20% discount and every benefit Bronze members enjoyed, including the level of authority.

Gold members would similarly receive a 20% discount. The alliance would also provide a certain amount of resources and Credits to Gold members each month. Overall, Gold members would enjoy the authority and benefits that upper echelons had in the various large Guilds. Moreover, unlike Guild upper echelons, Gold members were not bound by any restrictions. In addition, Gold ranked adventurer teams would have the authority to manage one of the alliance’s branches.

As for Epic rank, things were slightly different. There could only be 12 Epic ranked adventurer teams at a time. An adventurer team’s qualifications for Epic rank would be based on their placement in the Gold rank. In other words, the top 12 ranking Gold adventurer teams would become the Adventurer Alliance’s Epic adventurer teams. Depending on the Epic adventurer team’s abilities, they would be granted the authority to operate multiple branches.

As for individual players, there was no set limit to how many individual players could reach the Epic rank. Individual players could reach Epic rank as long as they earned a sufficient Contribution Value[1] and achieved a certain degree of strength. The Adventurer Alliance would give Epic ranked players priority when purchasing resources and other benefits that could easily rival what a large Guild’s Vice Guild Leader enjoyed.

“Commander, when the various adventurer teams and independent players learn about the new ranking system, they’ll go mad with joy. However, if we do something like this, I’m afraid that, aside from needing a ton of resources, we’ll also need massive financial support.” Although Yan Ya felt appreciated Shi Feng’s plan, the Adventurer Alliance would need a ton of Credits to support the various adventurer teams and players that reached the Gold and Epic ranks.

“Leave the funding to me,” Shi Feng said as he waved a hand, indicating that there wouldn’t be a problem. “All you need to do is let every player in Cold Wind City know about this new system.”

Shi Feng needed to secure a steady foundation for the Adventurer Alliance in the Ice Crystal World swiftly. If he took too long, he’d face a lot of issues once the Black Dragon Empire’s various large Guilds entered the Ice Crystal World.

“That won’t be a problem. I’ll see to it right away.” After saying so, Yan Ya published the new regulations Shi Feng had stated on Cold Wind City’s official forums.