Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1760 - The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

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Chapter 1760 – The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

The four lightning arcs of Thundering Flash killed Silent Eagle and three of his party members instantly. Now, only a Level 50 Oracle and a Level 51 Ranger remained standing before Shi Feng with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

The two players never thought that Shi Feng would actually take action, much less that he would do so without the slightest shred of hesitation.

After all, they were in Lake Heart City right now. Although their current location was not the busy central district, as long as a player took action inside the city, the NPC soldiers would not let the offender get away.

At that time, depending on the severity of the offender’s actions, not only would they be killed, but they might end up in jail as well.

Now that Shi Feng had killed four players inside the city, he would be locked up for seven days at the very minimum—an even worse penalty than getting killed by another player. Not to mention, he had just recently triggered a new expansion pack. If he got jailed for eight days, he would lose the opportunity to take advantage of his knowledge regarding the new expansion pack. He was simply insane to actually take action inside the city.

“You’re dead! The NPC soldiers definitely won’t let you get away!” the Level 50 Oracle exclaimed, horrified as he pointed at Shi Feng.

“Crazy bastard! You are a real lunatic! You actually decided to go for mutual destruction just to avoid getting your location exposed?! Are you not afraid of losing this advantage of yours?!” the Level 51 Ranger demanded with a somber expression.

“Mutual destruction? Unfortunately, you guys are not qualified to make me sacrifice myself!”

As soon as the Oracle and the Ranger were done speaking, an indifferent voice immediately entered their ears. In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s other hand released a blinding glow. The Swordsman then suddenly disappeared from where he stood. By the time he reappeared, he was already standing in front of them.

Void Steps!

Flame Burst!

The two players were previously already shocked by Shi Feng’s actions. Hence, they failed to react in time to his sudden and swift attack. When the Abyssal Blade cut through them, their bodies were instantly incinerated into nothingness, two ownerless items taking their place a moment later.

After killing Silent Eagle’s party of six, Shi Feng quickly collected and stored the seven items the party dropped. From start to end, merely four seconds had passed. Only after the battle was over did the distant NPC soldiers react to the fight.

Meanwhile, the Level 50 masked Assassin, who was hiding behind a tree 50 yards away from Shi Feng, was greatly shocked as he looked at the Swordsman.

Who is he? He was actually able to kill Eternal Song’s party of six so quickly! The masked Assassin’s expression turned serious as he replayed Shi Feng’s actions in his mind.

Although Eternal Song was not a top adventurer team in the Black Dragon Empire, it was still a considerably well-known one. The adventurer team had several hundred members and plenty of experts. Even he would not be able to deal with a party of six Eternal Song members all by himself, yet Shi Feng had accomplished this feat in just a few seconds. Moreover, Shi Feng had even killed Silent Eagle’s party right in the middle of Lake Heart City. The Swordsman’s strength was truly horrific.

Although the masked Assassin felt fearful of Shi Feng, he still could not help smiling.

His reaction was because he had managed to listen in on the conversation between Silent Eagle and Shi Feng by using his Eavesdrop Skill.

Eavesdrop was a super-rare Skill of the Assassin class that enhanced the user’s hearing. With the Skill, he could easily pick up a conversation 50 yards away from him. He could even listen in on a conversation held behind closed doors if he wanted to. It was also because of this Skill that his Guild Leader had selected him to keep watch over Silent Eagle’s party.

The person that triggered the new expansion pack, is it? If I notify the Guild Leader about this, he will definitely be very happy. Now, not only did I discover an exchange point for high-ranking items, but I also found information regarding the new expansion pack. With this, I should have no problems entering the Guild’s main force.The masked Assassin inwardly laughed in joy. He had gained such an unexpected harvest from stalking Silent Eagle’s party. The value of this harvest was much greater than even the discovery of the secret exchange point.However, this person is too strong. We’ll need the peak experts of the Guild to capture him.

He had already placed a tracking marker on Shi Feng. Unless he got killed like Silent Eagle, his tracking marker would not disappear.

Moreover, thanks to Silent Eagle’s party foolishly threatening Shi Feng, the masked Assassin had obtained even more information regarding the Swordsman. Now, his Guild would have a much easier time capturing Shi Feng.

As the masked Assassin was entertaining such thoughts, Shi Feng, who had just finished collecting his spoils of war, suddenly swung Killing Ray in the direction of the Assassin.

Lightning Slash!

Suddenly, a massive lightning bolt tore through space, leaving a pitch-black spatial tear in its wake as it streaked toward the masked Assassin. The attack had been so quick that, before the masked Assassin even realized he was under attack, the lightning bolt had already torn his body in half.

In the next moment, the masked Assassin’s vision started darkening.

What’s going on? Why’s my vision darkening? The masked Assassin looked at his surroundings in confusion. When his eyes fell on his HP bar, which was located at the top-left corner of his vision, he gasped inwardly. How did I die?!

Even after the masked Assassin’s body had collapsed to the ground, the Assassin himself still could not believe what just happened was true. He failed to understand how he had died so suddenly.

He clearly stood 50 yards away from Shi Feng. Moreover, he had remained in Stealth all this time. Even a Tier 2 expert should not be able to detect his presence. Despite that, the Swordsman managed not only to discover him but also to strike with pinpoint accuracy. The attack had been so fast that the Assassin didn’t even realize he had been attacked.

What the masked Assassin did not know was that Shi Feng had long since noticed his presence. Shi Feng was no ordinary Tier 2 player. Currently, he had already reached Level 66; hence, the masked Assassin’s Stealth Skill had a greatly reduced effect against him. Not to mention, Shi Feng also possessed extraordinary Basic Attributes. Although he could not see the masked Assassin’s figure clearly, he could still grasp the Assassin’s general location fairly easily. Moreover, with Omniscient Eye’s 100-yard perception range, it was simply impossible for a Level 50, Tier 1 Assassin to hide from him.

Now that the final fly has been dealt with, it’s about time I left this place.

After taking one last glance at the tree the masked Assassin had hidden behind, Shi Feng promptly decided to hightail it, not even bothering to loot the item the Assassin dropped. At this time, the NPC soldiers were already running toward his direction. As he did not notice anything special about the item the Assassin dropped, he decided not to waste any more time here. He immediately activated Space Movement and departed from Lake Heart City.

Meanwhile, some players were currently standing a few hundred yards from Katie Green’s mansion with bewildered expressions on their faces.

“Who’s that person? Isn’t he a little too amazing?”

“Crap! He managed to kill multiple Level 50 experts in just a few seconds! Is that guy a monster?”

“Too amazing! Not only did he kill multiple players inside the city, but he also managed to escape with his life. Even the peak experts of Super Guilds wouldn’t be capable of such a feat.”

These players had witnessed the process of Shi Feng slaying Silent Eagle’s party and the masked Assassin from start to end. Very quickly, they spread the footage they recorded around the Black Dragon Empire’s official forums.

An amazing individual appears in Lake Heart City! Slays several experts in the city and leaves safely!

When news of this battle spread, a huge commotion arose in Lake Heart City. The players of the city had never thought that anyone could achieve such a feat. At the same time, this situation also brought home to players that NPC cities were not as safe as they took them to be.

Meanwhile, by this time, Shi Feng, the perpetrator of this incident, had already changed to another appearance using the Demon Mask and reentered Lake Heart City. He then nonchalantly hailed an advanced horse carriage and rode it to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

With nothing better to do, he started inspecting the loot from Silent Eagle’s party.