Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1756 - Adventurer Alliance’s Power

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Chapter 1756 – Adventurer Alliance’s Power

Upon entering the Asura Hall, the group of independent players felt as if they had stepped into a sports arena’s main lobby. The ceiling was covered in a galaxy of stars as if it were the actual night sky. It gave players a relaxed, happy feeling.

“What’s going on? The Mana density here is so high!”

“Why do I feel like my mind has become so much clearer than before?”

“This place is amazing!”

Every player that entered the Asura Hall quickly discovered its peculiarities. Not only did they feel calmer after entering the building, but they also felt physically lighter. They felt as if they could now accomplish tasks that had been impossible, and these players eagerly wanted to test themselves in battle in this environment.

However, when these players saw the pricing list at the Asura Hall’s front counter, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“So expensive!”

“Is this a joke? Renting a training room actually costs five Silver per hour? Is the Asura adventurer team that desperate for money?”

“Wait, that’s not right. Only the Adventurer Alliance’s members are allowed to rent training rooms. No one else has access.”

“Just where has Asura gotten the confidence to impose such a restriction? Who would bother to rent a training room here, to begin with?”

Everyone’s burning interested in the Asura Hall instantly froze after they saw the rental prices. Some players had even turned and left the building on the spot, not wanting to waste any more of their time with this place.

As the first group of visitors left the Asura Hall, news of the establishment quickly spread throughout Cold Wind City, becoming the latest and hottest topic for discussion.

Although many players had deemed that the Asura Hall’s prices were too high, they were very interested in its Mana-rich environment.

“Commander, although quite a few players have visited the Asura Hall, none have tried to rent a room. They all think that the price is too high. Why don’t we lower the price slightly?” Yan Ya suggested as she watched a group of players idle around the first-floor hall.

“No need to rush. We have plenty of time. Players will eventually discover the Asura Hall’s true benefit,” Shi Feng said, smiling. He then continued, “Right now, we need to focus on collecting enough Ice Crystal Fragments and Soul Devouring Flowers.”

“I’ve already posted a purchase request for Ice Crystal Fragments and Soul Dissolving Flowers in the Adventurer Alliance. Moreover, I’ve ensured that players who want to purchase Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment or the Magic Light Set will have to use both CPs and a sufficient number of Ice Crystal Fragments or Soul Devouring Flowers,” Yan Ya said. “Right now, a piece of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment will require at least one Ice Crystal Fragment. For Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons, each will require two Ice Crystal Fragments or one Soul Dissolving Flower. For the Magic Light Set, players must contribute 12 Ice Crystal Fragments or six Soul Dissolving Flowers.

“While you were designing the internal layout of the Asura Hall, we acquired nine Ice Crystal Fragments and one Soul Dissolving Flower through the Adventurer Alliance. I doubt it will be long before we have the required number of fragments and flowers.”

“That quickly?” Shi Feng could not help his surprise when he heard Yan Ya’s report.

Ice Crystal Fragments only dropped from Bosses in the Ice Crystal World’s forbidden lands. Moreover, only Great Lord ranked and above dropped the fragments. Even if he used Icarus’s Heart, obtaining an Ice Crystal Fragment from each Boss he killed wasn’t guaranteed. The drop-rate would be even worse for other players.

The Adventurer Alliance had only established a few hours ago, yet it had already collected nine Ice Crystal Fragments and one of the super-rare Soul Dissolving Flowers. The alliance’s material collection speed was astonishing.

If the Adventurer Alliance were developed properly and attract hundreds of thousands of independent players from Cold Wind City, the alliance would beat any Guild in the city when it came to collecting materials, aside from the items that dropped from Team Dungeons.

As for Guilds that tried to acquire the Adventurer Alliance’s top-tier weapons and equipment or combat techniques by disguising their members as independent players, Shi Feng did not particularly mind. Rather, he welcomed it. After all, the extraordinary items the alliance offered required other items of considerable value, such as the Ice Crystal Fragment and Soul Dissolving Flower, in trade.

At this moment, Shi Feng finally understood just how frightening the Adventurer Alliance in his previous life had actually been. It was no wonder why the alliance had become one of God’s Domain’s apex powers.

Resources were everything in God’s Domain. With abundant resources, one could even pump out batch after batch of expert players. If one was fortunate enough, they could even nurture peak or apex experts.

“Although our resource collection speed is very fast right now, as more independent players join the Adventurer Alliance, our stock of weapons and equipment in the alliance’s inventory will begin to dwindle. If we don’t replenish the items soon, aside from the valuable items that require Ice Crystal Fragments or Soul Dissolving Flowers, everything will be gone,” Yan Ya said with a bitter smile.

The Adventurer Alliance indeed possessed a frightening resource collection ability. However, the cost of maintaining this ability was also frightening. At this point, the weapons and equipment they had gained from killing Hecate’s members before had already been purchased with rare materials. These materials flooded the Adventurer Alliance’s warehouse, and nobody had any intentions of purchasing the items…

The Adventurer Alliance earned its income of Coins and resources by buying and selling items, earning the price difference. For example, it would purchase a particular rare material using nine CPs and selling them for ten CPs, making a profit of one CP between trades.

However, the problem now was that nobody in Cold Wind City wanted these rare materials. The alliance was only gaining a mountain of rare materials that no one wanted while losing a bunch of weapons and equipment…

“You’re right.” Shi Feng smiled after listening to Yan Ya’s concerns, although the situation didn’t surprise him. The Asura adventurer team wasn’t like Zero Wing, which had the support of the Candlelight Trading Firm. So long as the Guild had rare materials, it could quickly turn those materials into products that various players needed. However, the Asura adventurer team lacked this ability. “Let’s do it this way, then. Have Solitary Nine bring a few Assassins and load them up with rare materials, then head to White River City and hand these materials to Melancholic Smile. We’ll have Melancholic collect as much Ice Resistance equipment and items as possible and send the items back with the Assassins. Meanwhile, I’ll try to craft as many items as possible to cope with the Adventurer Alliance’s current expenditure.”

While rare materials might not be particularly useful to adventurer teams, they were very valuable to the Candlelight Trading Firm. In Star-Moon Kingdom, Candlelight had difficulty purchasing rare materials in bulk, and the prices for these materials were very high. However, the situation was the opposite in the Ice Crystal World. Rare resources were more common and cost significantly less.

Shi Feng could take advantage of this situation and make a profit off of the price difference of rare materials between the two worlds.

The only problem was the amount of time and Magic Crystals required to transport the materials to the continent of God’s Domain. But compared to the potential profits, the cost was practically negligible.

Hearing Shi Feng’s plan, Yan Ya’s eyes glowed with realization.

Equipment and tools that could increase one’s Ice Resistance were worth a fortune in the Ice Crystal World. For example, Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment with Ice Resistance was worth two or three times more than equipment without Ice Resistance. If it were possible to convert these rare materials into equipment and tools that increased Ice Resistance, the Adventurer Alliance would attract plenty of independent players even if it ran out of Magic Light Sets and Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment.

Shi Feng then returned to the Forging Association to resume production of all sorts of Level 50 weapons and equipment. This time, though, he only crafted Secret-Silver Equipment. He left the Level 50 Mysterious-Iron equipment to the Lifestyle Players Asura nurtured internally.

Meanwhile, Yan Ya contacted Solitary Nine and had him gather nine Assassins. After filling their bags with rare materials, Solitary Nine and the Assassins disguised themselves and made their way to the Ancient Shrine before heading to White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm.

Time passed quickly. After working for around half a day, Shi Feng had made 50-plus pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment with the rare materials the Adventurer Alliance had acquired. During this time, his Forging Proficiency continuously increased. He also gained a lot of EXP. Now, he was at 41% of Level 66. His leveling speed via forging was no slower than expert players’ leveling speed.

While Shi Feng was in the midst of forging a piece of plate armor, Yan Ya sent him a message.

The content was very simple: All 100 Ice Crystal Fragments have been collected!

“The collection’s done?” Shi Feng smiled as he read the message. “It’s about time that I pay the Countess a visit, then.”