Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1755 - Asura Hall

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Chapter 1755 – Asura Hall

Inside the spacious hall…

When the Starlight Gathering Magic Array activated, white mist began to fill the hall. The light then dimmed, and twinkling starlight glittered around the room.

A short moment later, the Mana density inside the hall swiftly started to rise.

100%… 200%… 300%…

The Ice Crystal World’s ambient Mana density was already higher than that in God’s Domain, and now, after this 300% increase, the Shop’s Mana was even denser than the Mana in Zero Wing City.

Celestial Magic Arrays truly are amazing!

Shi Feng was quite satisfied as he gazed at the galaxy that had appeared on the hall’s ceiling.

As he stood in the hall, he could feel his mind become tremendously clear. He could even push aside unwanted thoughts and block his sense until he only existed within his own consciousness. As long as he put a little effort in, his mind could easily process what he wanted and provide the desired results. In fact, he even felt physically lighter.

As a magic array that had been passed down since ancient times, current magic arrays simply couldn’t compare to the power of a Celestial Magic Array like the Starlight Gathering Magic Array.

Due to the Celestial Power, Celestial Magic Arrays were able to operate at a cheaper cost and higher efficiency than present magic arrays of similar rank and functionality.

That was also why any Celestial Magic Arrays that had appeared on the market in the past had sold for astronomical prices.

If he hadn’t caught Abandoned Wave, he wouldn’t have obtained the Starlight Gathering Magic Array.

Yan Ya, who stood beside Shi Feng, was utterly dumbfounded as she felt the change that had taken place around her.

The strength of the Starlight Gathering Magic Array before her was simply too frightening!

The entire hall felt like a revolving galaxy. The ambient Mana was so dense that she felt almost omnipotent.

If she could train in such an environment, she was confident that she could fully grasp the Basic Combat Techniques, which she had struggled with before, in a short time. She even felt like she could learn the Advanced Combat Technique, Void Steps.

An Advanced Combat Technique!

Void Steps was an Advanced Footwork technique that not even Lifeless Thorn had mastered.

If she could grasp this footwork technique, her combat power would rise to a whole new level. She was even confident that she’d be able to take on Flowing Water Realm experts. After all, with Void Steps, she would have absolute control over the battle’s initiative. She could clash or retreat whenever she wanted, and her opponent would be powerless to stop her.

Excitedly, Yan Ya turned to Shi Feng and asked, “Commander, are you planning to make this our adventurer team’s training ground?”

With such a Mana-rich environment, this place could definitely become a sacred training ground for players.

Ordinary experts, particularly Cold Wind City’s experts, did not understand the true benefits of Mana-rich environments. However, Yan Ya had learned well the benefits of such an environment. After all, she had gone through plenty of hardships while learning her combat techniques. If not for the combat rooms in Zero Wing City’s Battle Arena, she never would’ve grasped the several Basic Combat Techniques she now knew so quickly.

If she could train in such a Mana-rich environment, she could practice her Basic Combat Techniques relentlessly without running out of Stamina or Concentration.

“No,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “I plan to make this the Adventurer Alliance’s training ground.”

“A training ground for the Adventurer Alliance?” Shi Feng’s answer stunned Yan Ya.

Shi Feng had already offered the Adventurer Alliance’s members amazing benefits, which not even the various large Guilds could afford to offer. Yet, he also intended to make this sacred ground one of the alliance’s benefits, as well. She didn’t dare imagine the craze in Cold Wind City if news of this went public.

If Cold Wind City’s various Guilds learned of this, they’d want nothing more than to eat Shi Feng alive.

“Of course, I will also segregate a portion of the space specifically for Asura’s members,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

While reserving this place for Asura’s members was a good idea, maintaining the Starlight Gathering Magic Array was not cheap. The magic array cost 500 Magic Crystals to operate per day. That was the equivalent of running a single Magic Tower.

Since both towns generated massive amounts of income, it didn’t really matter that the Magic Towers in Stone Forest Town and Silverwing Town were expensive to run. However, the Asura adventurer team did not possess the ability to generate so much income. After all, Asura only had around 3,000 members.

It might be fine if the Starlight Gathering Magic Array’s operation required Coins, as earning Coins was relatively easy for an adventurer team of Asura’s caliber, but it was a different story forMagic Crystals. Furthermore, Magic Crystals were rarer in the Ice Crystal World than in the continent of God’s Domain.

If Shi Feng wanted to maintain the Starlight Gathering Magic Array, he needed a huge source of Magic Crystal income.

Currently, Cold Wind City had over 2,000,000 players, the majority of which were independent players. Shi Feng wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of interest in the new training ground with such high Mana density. As long as he charged a small fee for using the training ground, he could easily maintain the Starlight Gathering Magic Array’s operation.

Moreover, by making the Starlight Gathering Magic Array available to the Adventurer Alliance, not only could he earn back the magic array’s operation cost, but he could also attract more players to join the alliance, killing two birds with one stone.

Following which, Shi Feng began to modify the Shop’s interior.

All three of the Shop’s floors would become training grounds. He also set aside some room on the first floor to establish a restaurant and bar for players to rest.

Using the remaining space, he constructed a total of 270 training rooms, 50 of which would be reserved for the Asura adventurer team.

However, although there were 220 training rooms left for the Adventurer Alliance’s members, considering how many members the alliance had, Shi Feng ensured that each alliance member could only rent a training room for one hour per day if they paid with Coins or Adventurer Alliance Points. If players paid their rent with Magic Crystals, they would be allowed to rent up to two hours a day. This way, Shi Feng wouldn’t have to worry about not earning enough Magic Crystals. This would also help reduce some of the points alliance members accumulated.

Whether players wanted to purchase the Adventurer Alliance’s weapons, equipment, or combat techniques, they all required a large number of points. In other words, none of the Adventurer Alliance’s services were cheap.

If that were the case, it would only be a matter of time before the Adventurer Alliance collapsed in on itself.

With the training ground absorbing some of the points the alliance members accumulated normally, the alliance’s points would be more valuable and meaningful.

After Shi Feng finished arranging the training ground’s layout, he made a trip to the Adventurer’s Association and hired five Advanced NPCs and 100 Basic NPCs to manage the training ground. This way, his players wouldn’t have to waste their time with managing the building.

Naturally, he set the training room’s rent higher than the fee for Zero Wing City’s Battle Arena. He decided on five Silver Coins’ worth of points per hour. This might be costly to ordinary players, but to elite players, who normally had 50 to 60 Silver Coins in their pockets, it was affordable. Besides, they could only rent the training rooms for one hour per day with points. If they paid in Magic Crystals, they’d only have to spend 10 Silver Coins per day.

For expert players, this expenditure was pocket change.

“Commander, the only thing left to do is name the training ground. Then, we can open it to the public,” Yan Ya said. As she looked at the dazzling training ground before her and watched the NPCs as they prepared to work, she couldn’t help her growing excitement.

“A name?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “Let’s call it Asura Hall, then.”

His main goal in establishing this training ground was to strengthen the Asura adventurer team. Now that that was done, he had to put Asura’s name on it, letting everyone know about the Asura adventurer team.

Once Shi Feng had stated his desired name for the establishment, the NPC managers engraved the name on a plaque on the building’s entrance.

The massive, golden engravings quickly caught the attention of the players passing by. Players could even see the words ‘Asura Hall’ from a good distance away.

“Asura Hall?”

“What’s this place?”

“It should be related to the Asura adventurer team!”

“It seems to be open already. Let’s go in and have a look.”

After the Asura Hall opened, the passersby curiously entered the building. They had seen all kinds of Shops before, but this was the first time they had seen one with such an ambiguous name. Furthermore, the Shop seemed to be related to the Asura adventurer team.