Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1753 - Madness-inducing Benefits

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Chapter 1753 – Madness-inducing Benefits

Cold Wind City, Frostbone Plain:

Many adventurer teams grinded the area’s Level 50-plus Undead.

The Frostbone Plain was a Level 50 to Level 60 map. Although it wasn’t a resource-rich map, the Undead here had a chance of dropping Frost Stones since they absorbed Power of Frost all-year long.

When Frost Stones were used in crafting weapons and equipment, the items had a chance of gaining Ice Resistance. Although each weapon and equipment piece would only have a small amount, if players wore items that all had the bonus, it would add up.

Naturally, there were many maps in the Ice Crystal World that had extremely low temperatures. Without a certain amount of Ice Resistance, players’ would be restricted.

As a result, items like Frost Stones, which could increase a players’ Ice Resistance, were very valuable. Moreover, since Frost Stones’ drop-rate was incredibly low, many Guilds only accepted Frost Stones as currency for the weapons and equipment they produced.

Because of this, grinding Frost Stones had become the best way for independent players to make money and obtain better items.

However, the Frostbone Plain’s Undead were not easy to defeat. These Undead rarely acted independently, moving in groups of over a hundred instead. Even the weakest of these monsters was an Elite, while the stronger Undead were usually Great Lords. From time to time, players even encountered patrol squads, usually consisting of 500 to 600 Undead, led by Grand Lord ranked Frost Generals.

Most of the adventurer teams grinding in the Frostbone Plain operated in units of 100. However, many players watched as a 20-man team fought a Level 50-plus Frost Undead patrol squad with relative ease.

The 20-man team systematically annihilated the 100-plus Undead in the patrol squad. These players had even suppressed the two Level 55 High Lord ranked Frost Captains. After just ten minutes, the entire patrol squad had been eliminated, leaving a pile of materials on the ground for the battle’s victors.

“Brute, your combat standard have improved pretty quickly! You can even solo a Frost Captain now. If you hadn’t handled one of the Frost Captains, we might have had to flee,” a Level 51 Shield Warrior said, smiling at the Level 52 Guardian Knight beside him. The Guardian Knight wielded a dark-blue diamond shield in one hand and a crystalline axe in the other.

“I recently researched the war between Asura and Hecate and gained some insight from watching Asura’s Solitary Nine and Dark Madness. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to tank the Frost Captain by myself,” the Guardian Knight named Brute Seven responded excitedly. “After this hunt, I should have enough materials to purchase a Level 50 Secret-Silver chest piece. Once I have that, I might be able to challenge a Level 55 Great Lord.”

Anticipation illuminated Brute Seven’s features as he spoke about the Level 50 chest piece.

He had been grinding Frost Stones in the Frostbone Plain for a long time now. Once he had the chest piece, their adventurer team might be able to explore more of the map and challenge Level 55 Great Lords.

In the Ice Crystal World, materials’ drop-rates drastically decreased after monsters hit Level 50. Meanwhile, Great Lord rank acted like a dividing line for monsters. Not only would Great Lords drop more rare materials of high quality, but they also had a certain chance of dropping Mysterious-Iron Weapons and Equipment. If their adventurer team could grind Great Lords, their income would increase significantly.

“The Guilds are being too stingy right now. They’re asking for several times more materials for each piece of Secret-Silver Equipment. Even now, I’ve only managed to collect half of the materials needed for a piece of Secret-Silver Equipment. It’s a pity that our forgers’ standards are so low. Otherwise, we could craft our own Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment,” the Shield Warrior said, slightly envious when he heard Brute Seven’s plan.

Although their adventurer team had nurtured its own Advanced Forgers, their Advanced Forgers were weaker than those in the various Guilds’ in both techniques and their tools. Their adventurer team’s Advanced Forgers even struggled to craft Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, not to mention Secret-Silver rank.

Yet, without good equipment, they couldn’t challenge stronger monsters and obtain better resources.

Only the various Guilds’ forgers could produce Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, and because of that, these Guilds demanded exorbitant prices for the items, leaving adventurer team players no choice but to provide these Guilds cheap labor.

As Brute Seven’s team rested and chatted amongst themselves, one of the team’s members abruptly shouted in the team chat.

“Guys, look at the forums! Asura just announced that it has officially established the Adventurer Alliance, stating that anyone who wants to join can apply at Asura’s Residence.”

“Tch. So what? Although the Adventurer Alliance’s members get to enjoy some of Asura’s benefits, Asura is only an adventurer team. It can’t compare to a Guild. Who would possibly join the Adventurer Alliance now that the various Guilds have singled Asura out?”

“That’s right! Since the Guilds are the sole suppliers of Level 50 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment, only players who don’t want to upgrade their items would consider joining the Adventurer Alliance. It really makes you wonder what Asura’s upper echelons are thinking. They are actually trying to compete with the Guilds for Cold Wind City. Isn’t that just suicidal?”

None of the team’s members showed any interest in joining the recently-established Adventurer Alliance. They all thought that Asura’s commander, Shi Feng, was a fool. Despite his adventurer team’s bright future, he had decided to ruin his players’ prospects by competing for Cold Wind City.

After these players chatted for some time, they discovered that the Asura adventurer team had posted a new announcement.

Adventurer Alliance’s benefit list!

“What? They’re trying to lure people to join by posting their benefits?”

“What is Asura playing at? Even if Asura offers good benefits, how could it possibly contend with the various Guilds, which can produce Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment?”

But as these players clicked on the new post, preparing to laugh at Asura’s foolishness, they were dumbfounded by what they saw.

“What’s going on?”

“Am I seeing things?”

“Crap! This is amazing! Not even large Guilds can offer this!”

“Is Asura really an adventurer team?”

Everyone’s eyes glowed as they read the benefit list the Adventurer Alliance offered. Even just looking at the offered benefits excited them greatly.

The list contained a total of three benefits, the first of which regarded the purchase of weapons and equipment. The second involved the purchase of combat techniques. The third consisted of the rare materials and tools available for purchase. Meanwhile, players would only be able to buy these items with the Adventurer Alliance’s internal points.

These three benefits were incredibly tempting, especially when players read the list of weapons and equipment Asura had to offer.

If Asura had only offered Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Weapons and Equipment, they might have viewed the adventurer team in a better light, nothing more. If the list included Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment, these players would assume that Asura planned to duke it out with the various Guilds, and they’d consider the adventurer team a little more mad than they had expected.

But there were Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment on that list…

This was practically a dream!

Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment was as rare as a phoenix’s feather, even in the various large Guilds. Not even the Guilds’ core members were guaranteed to get a piece, yet the Asura adventurer team was offering these items up for purchase.

And that was only the tip of the iceberg!

What truly dumbfounded Cold Wind City’s players was the Level 50 Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Sets Asura offered!

Not even Hecate, Cold Wind City’s current number one Guild, likely had such equipment on hand, yet not only did Asura have these items, but the adventurer team was offering them to other players for exchange!