Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1752 - Enemy of Guilds

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Chapter 1752 – Enemy of Guilds

Cold Wind City, Hecate’s Guild Residence:

Due to the sudden reduction in Hecate’s recruitment requirements and exchange rates for weapons and equipment, the Guild Hall was crowded with players.

Most of these players had been independent players, and all of them traded rare materials for Level 50 weapons and equipment.

“Vice Guild Leader, since we lowered the exchange rates, we’ve seen twice as many players come to purchase our weapons and equipment. Moreover, these players are all at the elite standard and above. Not only have they signed an agreement stating that they won’t support Asura, but they will also secretly discriminate against Asura’s members. The other Guilds have taken similar measures against Asura as well. Right now, the majority of Cold Wind City’s elite players have taken a stand against Asura.

“Even if Asura establishes that Adventurer Alliance, the adventurer team won’t be able to obtain many resources from the alliance to increase its strength.”

“Good! Well done! Now, all that’s left is to find out how Asura’s experts became so strong so quickly. Then, we’ll take full control of the city.”

Carnage was very satisfied with his subordinate’s report.

He had to admit that the Asura adventurer team posed an even greater threat than the Centurion Dynasty when it came to competing for Cold Wind City’s authority.

However, the adventurer team overestimated itself if it thought it could compete with Guilds. The various Guilds simply wouldn’t allow that to happen. After all, if news of this situation spread, they would become a laughingstock in the other cities. The various Guilds would rather sacrifice a portion of their profits to prevent such a thing.

Now, due to the various Guilds’ efforts, the majority of Cold Wind City’s elite and expert players had sided with the various Guilds. The remaining elites and experts had their own methods of obtaining weapons and equipment, so they weren’t interested in the Guilds’ exchange services. All in all, the various Guilds had already taken control of Cold Wind City’s main source of rare materials.

Although the Asura adventurer team had plenty of powerful experts, it couldn’t take control of the city by relying on experts alone. An organization would need well-equipped elite and expert players to perform the difficult and necessary contributions.

While Asura had quite a number of ordinary expert players, it lacked top-tier weapons and equipment. Producing such items required plenty of rare materials, and the high production difficulties only increased how many materials were needed.

With how few members Asura had, the adventurer team simply didn’t have the manpower to obtain the necessary resources.

Moreover, unlike Guilds, adventurer teams did not have specially trained groups of Lifestyle Players. Even if an adventurer team had its own Lifestyle Players, it wouldn’t have the resources to nurture many, or any, Advanced Lifestyle Players.

Now that the various large Guilds had severed Asura’s source of rare materials, the adventurer team would have no way to compete for the authority over Cold Wind City.

“Vice Guild Leader, based on our investigations thus far, the Asura experts that have recently returned haven’t said a single word about how they had grown so powerful. The adventurer team’s other members know nothing about it, either. It seems they’re keeping a very tight lid on this secret,” the Level 52 Assassin reporting to Carnage said helplessly.

“No matter. Keep on looking into it,” Carnage said, smiling faintly. “It is fine even if we fail to find out about it. Even if we fail to learn Asura’s secret, once we take control of Cold Wind City, we’ll thoroughly eliminate the adventurer team!”

Hearing Carnage’s words, the reporting Assassin could not help but smile.

Although the Asura adventurer team had become quite famous in Cold Wind City, at the end of the day, it was still an adventurer team. Asura was both foolish and suicidal if it thought it could go up against Hecate.

Once Hecate took control of Cold Wind City, the Guild would secure a small portion of the city’s authority. This fraction of authority, fortunately, would be more than enough to deal with one adventurer team. A few more powerful experts wouldn’t matter in the end.

“Right, didn’t I send you out to poach Asura’s experts? How is that coming along?” Carnage asked.

He had a very optimistic view of Cleansing Whistle and the others. With such strength, they could become a great source of combat power for the Guild if they joined Hecate.

Hearing Carnage’s question, the reporting Assassin fell silent.

“What? Did they dislike our offer?” Carnage asked curiously.

“Mhm. They said that they’re not interested in a Reserve Elder position. They said that they might consider joining if we offered them the position of… Guild Leader or Vice Guild Leader…” the Assassin said honestly.


Carnage slammed his fist on the office table before him, shattering it when he heard the Assassin’s reply. The killing intent he radiated shocked the nearby upper echelons, making them shudder.

“Reckless fools! Since they want to fall with their adventurer team, I’ll grant their wish!” Carnage said, a cold glint flashing in his eyes. Sneering, he continued, “Place a 3,000-Gold bounty on each of those players. Send someone to keep an eye on them and tell the Twelve Heavens to get here as soon as possible!”

“Understood!” Everyone in the Guild Leader’s office nodded. They couldn’t help but feel some pity for Cleansing Whistle and her companions, but the group had simply asked for their deaths.

Very quickly, Hecate publicized its bounty and caused a huge commotion in the city.

“Crap! Is Hecate that determined to destroy Asura?”

“Three thousand Gold! With that kind of money, Asura’s own members might take action against these people!”

“But those players are incredibly strong. They’re almost impossible to kill.”

“Who told you that? Although they are very powerful, there are many tools available in God’s Domain. With a sufficiently powerful tool, killing them is definitely possible. It is just a matter of whether the owners are willing to use their tools or not. For 3,000 Gold, though, they might be tempted.”

“It really makes you wonder what Asura’s higher-ups are trying to do. First, they provoked Hecate. Then, they made an enemy of every Guild in Cold Wind City. Not only has Asura’s material sources been cut off, but its peak experts are also targets. As far as I see it, Asura is doomed.”

“I know, right? At the end of the day, an adventurer team is still an adventurer team. It is impossible for an adventurer team to go up against a large Guild.”

Cold Wind City’s general populace was sorely tempted by Hecate’s bounty. They wanted nothing more than to rush into Asura’s Residence and slay its experts. However, plenty of independent players pitied the Asura adventurer team.

If Asura hadn’t set its eyes on Cold Wind City’s authority, Hecate might have been powerless against the adventurer team. Eventually, Asura might have even grown powerful enough to intimidate the various large Guilds.

As everyone talked about the Asura adventurer team, Asura had announced the Adventurer Alliance’s official launch and welcomed anyone and everyone to apply for membership at Asura’s Residence. As long as a player was independent, they could join the Adventurer Alliance and enjoy a portion of the benefits Asura offered.

“Asure really is dumb. Who would dare apply to join the Adventurer Alliance right now?”

“That’s right! The majority of Level 50 weapons and equipment on the market have been produced by Guilds. How many weapons and equipment could a measly adventurer team possibly offer? Only people who don’t want to upgrade their weapons and equipment would join the Adventurer Alliance.”

The general populace showed no interest in Asura’s announcement. In fact, many players did not want anything to do with the adventurer team now. Seeing this, the various Guilds’ upper echelons in Cold Wind City sneered at Asura and its members.

“Commander, even though we’ve announced the launch to the public, not a single player has shown interest in joining,” Yan Ya expressed her frustration from her seat in Asura’s Residence.

She had to admit that the various Guilds’ strategies had been very effective. It had utterly dissuaded any independent players from joining the Adventurer Alliance.

“Alright, then. I had wanted to show the Guilds some respect, but since they refuse to accept my kindness, there’s no need for me to hold back,” Shi Feng said, not particularly surprised by the situation. He then instructed, “Tell Solitary Nine to publicize the Adventurer Alliance’s exchange list on the forums.”

“Understood! I’ll notify the vice commander right away!” Yan Ya said, smiling. Excitedly, she contacted Solitary Nine.