Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1751 - Future Help

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Chapter 1751 – Future Help

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s announcement, the hundreds of thousands of players on the street outside Asura’s Residence fell silent, every one of them staring at Shi Feng in disbelief.

However, as if some spell had broken, the sounds of cheering echoed down the street a moment later.

“All hail Asura!”

“What?! The Asura adventurer team is so generous?!”

“What a wealthy move!”

“Does Asura plan to unify Cold Wind City?”

The Asura adventurer team’s sudden announcement stunned everyone in Cold Wind City. Meanwhile, some players from the various large Guilds, who watched from a distance, gaped in shock.

Solitary Nine, Lifeless Thorn, and Asura’s other members gave Shi Feng incredulous looks. They all thought that Shi Feng had gone crazy.

An adventurer team wasn’t like a Guild. There were very few restrictions on an adventurer team’s members. In fact, some adventurer teams didn’t even place a single restriction. They were mostly a large group of players with the same goal.

Meanwhile, the Asura offered particularly valuable benefits, even better than what some Guilds offered their members. With the adventurer team’s Contribution Points, one could purchase weapons, equipment, and Basic Combat Techniques. However, the adventurer team had strict conditions for joining. Fortunately, Asura had plenty of experts, so the team had a much easier time gathering resources and developing.

However, Shi Feng’s decision would allow every independent player to enjoy Asura’s benefits without meeting any of the entry requirements, yet the adventurer team had to pay for these benefits.

“Commander, are we really going through with this?” Yan Ya hurriedly asked Shi Feng.

Even if they were going to acquire Cold Wind City, they had many other methods they could use to do so. There was no need to earn the public’s hearts with such a wasteful option.

“Mhm. Here are the details. Publicize them in a moment and inform everyone about what the Adventurer Alliance is,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then some details regarding the Adventurer Alliance he had intended to establish to Yan Ya and the others.

In reality, he had planned to establish an Adventurer Alliance even before he had first visited the Ice Crystal World.

Someone had established an Adventurer Alliance, an organization that would serve independent players, during his previous life. It served as a platform for independent players to purchase better equipment, materials, information, and find companions to quest with. This helped independent players avoid getting taken advantage of by the various large Guilds.

However, when the Adventurer Alliance had first appeared during his previous life, mainstream players on the continent of God’s Domain had already reached Level 90. Although setting up the Adventurer Alliance was very costly and would require further investments, the organization would command more influence and strength as it gradually took shape.

In the end, the Adventurer Alliance had become the number one ranking adventurer team throughout God’s Domain. It had even become one of God’s Domain’s apex powers!

God’s Domain had many superpowers, but very few could be considered an apex power, every one of which had powerful backgrounds and countless experts. Meanwhile, not even ordinary Super Guilds had dared to provoke the Adventurer Alliance in the past due to its frightening member count. Many of God’s Domain’s top-ranking apex experts had belonged to the Adventurer Alliance, including Tier 6 God-ranked players.

Although the Adventurer Alliance had only established a few restrictions on its members, the alliance and its members had been inseparable. If any Super Guild had harmed the alliance, the independent apex experts and Tier 6 God-ranked experts would’ve taken action. This was why the Adventurer Alliance had become one of the game’s apex powers.

In terms of ability to collect materials, not even the Secret Pavilion had been a match for the Adventurer Alliance. No matter how many members a Guild possessed, independent players far outnumbered them.

Since nobody had established an organization like the Adventurer Alliance in this life yet, Shi Feng wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this idea. After all, materials were very important in God’s Domain, and if he wished to acquire Soul Dissolving Flowers quickly, this was the fastest way.

The Adventurer Alliance could also be a huge help to Zero Wing in the future.

Unfortunately, establishing the Adventurer Alliance would require a lot of investments. This was especially true for the weapons, equipment, and the alliance’s resource bank. The alliance would also require a large number of people to manage and operate the organization. Then it would have to earn a reputation and credibility among independent players. Hence, setting up the Adventurer Alliance’s foundation certainly wouldn’t be easy.

However, Cold Wind City was currently the best place to establish the Adventurer Alliance.

First, Cold Wind City wasn’t particularly large, with a player population just over 2,000,000. Meanwhile, unlike the situation on the continent of God’s Domain, players in the Ice Crystal World could not communicate easily, so Shi Feng didn’t have to worry about too many players trying to join the alliance at once. This also meant that the initial required investments wouldn’t be as massive, and the alliance wouldn’t have to worry about collapsing in on itself before it could even take shape.

When the Adventurer Alliance had first established in the past, the support it had received from multiple major corporations had been a large part of the reason for its survival during its infancy phases. These corporations had invested an astronomical amount of resources to help the alliance mature.

Shi Feng’s second reason was the love independent players had for the Asura adventurer team.

By establishing the Adventurer Alliance, the Asura adventurer team would also have an easier time taking control of Cold Wind City. Once Asura controlled the city, it could use the income to sustain the Adventurer Alliance.

When Yan Ya and the others read the details of Shi Feng’s idea, their eyes glowed with excitement as they began to understand why Shi Feng wanted to take on such a thankless task. Although the initial investments were massive, once independent players got used to using the Asura adventurer team’s Contribution Points, all sorts of materials, weapons, and equipment would continuously flow into the team’s hands. Moreover, Asura would be able to recruit expert players more easily.

Immediately, Solitary Nine and the others went into action and started to spread the Adventurer Alliance’s details.

Meanwhile, when the upper echelons of Cold Wind City’s various large Guilds received this news, hatred towards Shi Feng welled in their hearts. However, as the Asura adventurer team had already displayed such immense strength, they couldn’t stop the Adventurer Alliance’s establishment forcefully.

Hence, the city’s Guilds began to think of ways to stop Asura’s plans by deliberately lowering their recruitment standards. They also loosened the restrictions on their Guild members, making their Guilds more attractive to independent players.

After all, there was no way an adventurer team could offer as inviting benefits as a Guild. Moreover, Guilds had far more and far better weapons and equipment in their stocks than adventurer teams. Furthermore, players could earn a very high and stable salary by becoming one of the Guild’s upper echelons.

Meanwhile, in Hecate’s Residence in Cold Wind City…

“This Asura adventurer team is quite ambitious.” Like the other Guilds’ upper echelons, Carnage was surprised when he received news of the Adventurer Association. He had never thought that the Asura adventurer team would be so enthusiastic to grow. However, he revealed a sneer as he said, “It’s a pity that your efforts will go to waste. Notify our subordinates and tell them to lower the exchange rates for Hecate’s weapons and equipment. However, keep the original exchange rates for any player that’s related to the Asura adventurer team in any way.”

Hecate also began to hasten its exploration of the Snow Rift.

Having a large number of Guild members simply wasn’t enough to rule over Cold Wind City. An organization also needed to make sufficient contributions to the city.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng focused on producing all kinds of weapons and equipment in preparation for the Adventurer Alliance’s establishment.

After being away from Cold Wind City for some time, the Asura adventurer team had collected plenty of rare materials. It had even acquired 45 Ice Crystal Fragments.

Other Lifestyle Players might find it difficult to produce Level 50 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment, but to Shi Feng, who had long since become a Master Forger, it wasn’t a problem. Moreover, he had the assistance of a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame and the Forging Association’s Special Mana Forging Room to increase his forging success rate.

While Shi Feng forged Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment with the forging designs he had purchased from the Forging Association, he had Lifeless Thorn and the others raid the Snow Rift’s Bosses and collect materials and Ice Crystal Fragments.

In the end, Shi Feng spent three whole days cooped up in the Forging Association and produced 300-plus pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment, 100-plus pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons, ten Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Sets, and 500-plus pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment. He had basically spent all of the resources the Asura adventurer team had gathered during his absence.

“Now that the preparation work is complete, it’s about time to reveal it to the public,” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he looked at the room cluttered with the weapons and equipment he had crafted.