Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1749 - Legend of Cold Wind City

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Chapter 1749 – Legend of Cold Wind City

The massive bone gate immediately caught the attention of everyone present. When the bone gate abruptly opened, Power of Darkness flooded out and instantly turned the snowy plain into a barren wasteland.

When a five-meter-tall, four-armed Demon with two crimson horns stepped out of the gate, the watching players gasped.

[Slaughterer Demon] (Demon, Great Lord)

Level 81

HP 33,750,000/33,750,000

“A Level 81 Great Lord?!”

“Crap! They can summon Tier 3 monsters!”

Hecate’s members were stricken with fear as they stared at the Slaughterer Demon.

It wouldn’t have been a major issue if the summoned Great Lord had only been Level 50 or 60, but the Great Lord before them was Level 81. That was far above their current levels. Although the level suppression system in the game had been nerfed quite a bit by this point, the suppression from a 30-Level difference would still be powerful.

Naturally, in terms of Basic Attributes, a Level 81 Great Lord was much stronger than a Level 50 Grand Lord.

Even a 100-man elite team wasn’t guaranteed success against an ordinary Level 50 Grand Lord, which would be a nightmare if controlled by a player.

Suddenly, the Slaughterer Demon unfolded its pitch-black wings and disappeared. The Demon then reappeared in the heart of Hecate’s army as if it had teleported. The Demon had used the Tier 2 Skill, Space Jump, which had a longer range than Instantaneous Movement, allowing the Slaughter Demon to cross a 400-yard distance in a fraction of a second.

Emerald flames then flared around the Slaughter Demon’s four bone swords before it stabbed all four into the ground.


With the Slaughterer Demon at the center, emerald fire swirled out, only stopping after it covered a 50-yard radius.

Tier 3 Skill, Omnidirectional Incineration!

Everything the emerald flames touched burned to nothingness. Even Level 52, Tier 1 MTs that had activated their Lifesaving Skills had died instantly.

In just one attack, Hecate’s army lost another several hundred members…

After this attack, Hecate’s members, who had already felt uneasy, fell to their despair.

“Retreat! Hurry up and retreat!” Autumn Changes shouted in the team chat as the Slaughter Demon prepared to attack again.

The combat power Lifeless Thorn’s team had displayed had already frightened him. He had never thought that players could become so powerful. Lifeless Thorn and the others were like monsters in player clothing. Lifeless Thorn, in particular, was ridiculously strong. Even several Level 50-plus MTs working together couldn’t stop his rampage. Just one of the Berserker’s attacks was more than enough to send multiple MTs flying. Meanwhile, cloth armor classes were little more than pests before this man; they’d definitely die if they received a single hit…

Now that a Level 81 Great Lord had joined the battle as well, Autumn Changes could not help but feel like the system was playing some cruel joke on him.

However, although Autumn Changes had already ordered the retreat, before a Tier 3 Demon strengthened by Demon Ruler, escape was impossible. The Slaughterer Demon was simply too fast. Moreover, it only needed one hit to kill the fleeing players.

Since Hecate’s members were focused on escape, Lifeless Thorn and his companions had an easier time killing their enemies.

Nine players and one Demon chased after the 1,000-plus players that fled in all directions.

The inconceivable scene left the distant independent players speechless…

They had witnessed many accounts of thousand-man armies chasing down groups of dozens of players, but they had never seen a handful of players chase after a thousand-man army.

The crowds’ eyes glowed with excitement, and some players even got goosebumps as they watched this miracle unfold before them.

Ever since Hecate had arrived in Cold Wind City, the Guild had constantly suppressed independent players like themselves. Naturally, they were more than pleased to see this Guild’s members get slaughtered. Their blood boiled with passion as they watched.

“Too strong!”

“Asura is invincible!”

“So, this is the strength of Cold Wind City’s number one adventurer team?”

The watching crowd gained a newfound appreciation for Asura’s strength. Numbers could no longer replace the strength the adventurer team wielded. As long as these Asura experts were present, the adventurer team would become a legend!

Rather, Asura’s legend would begin today in Cold Wind City!

Meanwhile, Stained Maple and his teammates, who tried their best to keep Hecate’s members from fleeing, felt an indescribable pride and excitement for their own adventurer team.

So strong!

Bot the Basic Attributes and combat standards Lifeless Thorn and his companions had displayed today were absolutely mesmerizing.

When they thought about how Lifeless Thorn and the others’ newfound strength was due to their commander, Shi Feng, their hearts burned with even more passion.

Since Lifeless Thorn and the others had improved so much by following the Swordsman, these players realized that if their performances were sufficient, they might get to train under their commander as well, experiencing the same explosive strength growth. If they could become half as powerful as Lifeless Thorn and his teammates, they’d be more than satisfied.

Meanwhile, many of the spectating independent players had recorded the battle between Asura and Hecate, and some had even uploaded their videos to Cold Wind City’s official forums.

Battle of the century in the Snow Rift!

Initially, very few players paid attention to the forum post; those that had checked it out had done so out of boredom. However, as soon as players clicked on the post and watched the videos, they couldn’t look away.

“What’s going on? Several players are chasing after thousands?”

“Is this some kind of movie shoot?”

“This battle is real! I am at the battlefield right now! You should’ve seen it for yourself! Several experts from the Asura adventurer team just slaughtered Hecate’s army! They can kill even Level 50 MTs with one hit!”

“When did Asura become so powerful?”

“I am also at the scene of the battle. I’m an Assassin, so I managed to get a closer view of the battlefield. It seems that Asura’s commander has finally returned. Those are the experts from Asura that left Cold Wind City with the adventurer team’s commander a while ago. Just now, Asura’s Cleansing Whistle single-handedly killed Hecate’s Vast Heaven. Moreover, she made it look easy.”

“Cleansing Whistle killed Vast Heaven by herself? Stop lying. Do you know who Vast Heaven is? He’s the current number one expert in Cold Wind City! The city’s previous top-ranked experts didn’t even last ten moves against him. How could Cleansing Whistle beat him?”

“I have screenshots and videos! Take a look for yourself!”

“What?! It’s actually true! That’s Vast Heaven!”

For a time, every player in Cold Wind City was focused on the shocking battle between Asura and Hecate. Cold Wind City’s inhabitants were astounded and excited as they watched thousands of Hecate’s elite and expert members flee from a handful of players from the Asura adventurer team.

Any thoughts they had harbored of the adventurer team falling apart had vanished.

After this heaven-defying battle, who in Cold Wind City would possibly look down on Asura’s strength?

At the same time, Asura was fated to become a legend in Cold Wind City after this battle. Even if a long time had passed, today’s battle would be regarded as a classic.

While Cold Wind City’s players heatedly discussed the Asura adventurer team, Hecate’s upper echelons, who had been stationed in Cold Wind City, gathered in Hecate’s Guild Residence for an emergency meeting.

Over a dozen people sat in the solemn meeting hall, every one of them radiating an aura that would make ordinary players shudder with fear. However, these players all watched the youth at the head of the table in silence and trepidation. This youth wore a particularly gloomy expression, and even the temperature of the air around him had dropped due to his aura.

“Speak! What is happening?! What is this Asura adventurer team?!” the handsome youth demanded.