Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1748 - Small Display of Strength

Chapter 1748: Small Display of Strength

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As the towering pillar of fire dissipated, it revealed a charred circle within the snow-covered plain. Even players over 30 yards away could feel the rising heat that radiated from the scorched area.

Aside from the weapons and equipment, nothing remained in the 70-yard radius of charred earth…

A large-scale destruction Spell?Autumn Changes paled when he saw the burned ground.

Although he had his players spread out, Shi Feng's large-scale destruction Spell had slain over 300 of his people. That was more than one-tenth of Hecate's army…

The players that had just died were all experts and elites from Hecate. This was the first time the Guild had suffered such a devastating loss since Hecate had arrived in Cold Wind City. They'd need an astronomical amount of resources to recuperate from this. The responsibility he'd bear would also be massive.

"Kill them! I want all of them dead!" Autumn Changes bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng, the person who was responsible for this loss.

He'd only be able to avoid a severe punishment if he annihilated the Asura members before him.

Hearing Autumn Changes's command, Hecate's members snapped out of their daze. Although they still somewhat afraid of Shi Feng's group and worried that their enemies had more large-scale destruction Spells in store, they had over 2,600 players on their side. How could Asura possibly stop them all with just 60 members?

Like a pack of hungry wolves, Hecate's members descended on their enemies.

Of course, although Hecate's members had been stirred into a frenzy, their movements were still well-organized. Their actions displayed these players vast experience in team battles, and instead of charging as one, they split into dozens of smaller groups to deal with each individual opponent. Each of the groups that aimed for Shi Feng's team of 10 consisted of 50 players.

Stained Maple and his team became incredibly nervous as they watched the army of thousands approach.

Although they had fought in many team battles before, they had been small-scale skirmishes, only involving one or two hundred players. This was the first time they had participated in a battle involving thousands. As they watched the large groups rush towards them in an orderly manner, they struggled to breathe.

Hecate's army outnumbered them by dozens of times. This overwhelming advantage couldn't be negated just because Shi Feng had used one large-scale destruction Spell.

"The Asure adventurer team is finished now."

"There's no helping it. Hecate is Cold Wind City's current overlord. How could an adventurer team hope to contend with it?"

The independent players in the distance sighed ruefully as they watched the battlefield at the bottom of the canyon.

This was the difference between a Guild and an adventurer team!

Even if an adventurer team were very powerful, it would only be able to stand against an ordinary Guild like Centurion Dynasty or Matchless Family at most. However, Hecate was a large Guild that ruled over multiple cities. An adventurer team with a little over a thousand members was a joke before a Guild like Hecate.

As Hecate's army advanced, Lifeless Thorn and the others exchanged glances before they turned to Shi Feng.

"Commander, you mustn't join this competition! This is a rare chance for us to display the fruits of our labor. If we miss out on such a golden opportunity, it'll be difficult to find another," Lifeless Thorn said.

"That's right! Commander, if you make a move, we won't have anything to do!" Cleansing Whistle complained.

The rest of Shi Feng's party nodded in agreement.

They were very familiar with Shi Feng's strength. After the battle on Thunder Island, in particular, they had learned just how vast the world truly was.

All of the players that had participated in the struggle for Thunder Island had been experts among experts. Refinement Realm experts had been a dime a dozen, yet Shi Feng had slaughtered everyone that had stood in his path. No one had possessed the power to stop his rampage. A couple of thousand elites and ordinary experts were not even worth Shi Feng's time.

Meanwhile, they had just recently completed their Tier 2 promotions and had yet to test out and familiarize themselves with their newfound strength. A battle of thousands of players was the best practice ground for them.

"Fine, I won't attack, but you better take care of this quickly. Stained Maple's group won't be able to hold on long," Shi Feng said, sighing. He had wanted to trample over Hecate's army with overwhelming strength, which would've made it easier to expand the Asura adventurer team in Cold Wind City. That way, he would have had more players to help him with his quest. After all, the Soul Dissolving Flower he needed was extremely rare. Without sufficient manpower, searching for the flower would be nigh impossible.

"Commander, rest assured; we'll make sure to end the battle before Stained Maple's group starts to falter," Lifeless Thorn, his eyes glowing with excitement as he turned to the approaching Hecate members.

Shortly after completing his Tier 2 promotion, Shi Feng had suddenly called for them to gather for a trip back to the Ice Crystal World. He hadn't even had the chance to experience the power of his Tier 2 class.

After reaching Tier 2, his physique had improved significantly. This would no doubt affect his execution of Skills and combat techniques, and he would need to fight in many battles before he got used to the new changes. He could also use this chance to try out new combat methods, which he hadn't been able to use with his previous physique.

After saying so, Lifeless Thorn eagerly raised his spear and dashed towards Hecate's forces, which were still over 100 yards away. The rest of the team also advanced, but instead of moving as a unit, they split up and rushed at different sections of the enemy army. They showed no intention of cooperating.

"What are they trying to do?" Stained Maple felt devastated as he watched Lifeless Thorn and the others move independently.

They were going up against an army of over 2,600 players, yet Lifeless Thorn and the others planned to fight solo?

Even Autumn Changes was stunned as the enemies rushed towards him.

"Have these people lost their minds?" Autumn Changes could not help but rub his eyes to make sure that he was not hallucinating.

Hecate's army still had over 2,600 elite and expert players remaining. Even Vast Heaven wouldn't recklessly charge into such a force by himself, using a roundabout strategy instead, yet Lifeless Thorn and the other Asura members were running towards their army like a bunch of lunatics.

"Good! Since they wish to die so badly, we'll grant their wish! Ranged unit, prepare to attack! Once they're within 50 yards, launch your attacks and blast them to smithereens!" Autumn Changes commanded.

Hearing Autumn Changes's orders, the ranged players at the rear line readied their bows and channeled their Spells. As soon as Lifeless Thorn was within range, they would launch their attacks.

Ninety yards… Eighty yards… Sixty yards…

The moment Lifeless Thorn crossed the 50-yard mark, Hecate's ranged players fired their Spells and arrows.

These arrows and Spells blotted out the sky.

"Come!" Lifeless Thorn revealed a wild grin as the attacks rained down. He responded by swinging his sword at the incoming attacks.

Tier 2 Skill, Bladestorm!

With a light swing, a storm formed before Lifeless Thorn. Like a barrier of wind, the violent storm blocked every Spell and arrow Hecate's members had launched. Not a single attack had made it through.

"How is that possible?" Hecate's members were stupefied when they saw Lifeless Thorn emerge unscathed.

They had never dreamed that a Skill could be used in such a way. Lifeless Thorn had actually used an Offensive Skill as a Defensive Skill.

Bladestorm had a three-second duration. Taking advantage of the Skill, Lifeless Thorn made his way towards Hecate's frontline without receiving any damage.

However, eight MTs immediately stepped forward to intercept Lifeless Thorn. Seeing this, Lifeless Thorn swept his spear in a horizontal arc.

Tier 1 Skill, Whirlwind Slash!


The swing sent every MT that stood in Lifeless Thorn's path flying, their HPs decreasing by a significant chunk. Following which, Lifeless Thorn advanced and arrived before the other melee players. His rapidly thrust his spear at his enemies, and the weapon transformed into over a dozen afterimages. Although the melee players tried to defend themselves, the Lifeless Thorn's jabs targeted their blind spots. Moreover, his Attack Speed was extremely high. They simply could not keep up with the attacks. In the end, the spear struck these players multiple times before they transformed into streaks of light and vanished.

The attacks Hecate's ranged players launched were utterly ineffective against Lifeless Thorn as he constantly and swiftly changed positions. Wherever Lifeless Thorn passed, players fell, one after another. Moreover, Lifeless Thorn's movements became faster and smoother as he continued to fight.

Solitary Nine and the others had also charged into Hecate's ranks by this point. Although their performance was not as violent as Lifeless Thorn's, they were just as unstoppable. Whenever they used a Tier 2 Skill, they instantly killed ten or more players.

Although Solitary Nine and the others took some hits, they instantly recovered the lost HP with an Advanced Healing Potion.

Meanwhile, the Hecate members that had charged at Shi Feng were even more miserable. Before Hecate's members could reach him, Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade, which increased his attack range tremendously. He then lightly swung Killing Ray at the approaching players. The Swordsman's Strength was already beyond that of a Tier 3 Great Lord of the same level, and the players that had failed to block his attacks had fallen instantly. Although the players that had blocked the attack had survived, they were paralyzed for a brief moment. As a result, they couldn't block Shi Feng's following attacks.

At this moment, the difference in tiers and Attributes could not be more obvious.

Asura and Hecate's members were on an entirely different level…

"How is this possible?" Autumn Changes was racked with confusion as he watched this happen. With just ten members, the Asura adventurer team had rendered Hecate's 3,000-man army utterly helpless. "Just who are these people?"

Before even one minute had passed, Hecate's army had lost an additional 800 or so players. In contrast, Shi Feng's group of ten had yet to suffer a single casualty.

"It's about time we end this battle." Seeing that the enemy's morale had plummeted, Shi Feng pulled out the Bible of Darkness and activated Demon Summoning.

Immediately, a massive gate of white bone descended from the sky. As the gate opened, a five-meter-tall, dual-horned, pitch-black Demon emerged.