Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1747 - King Returns

Chapter 1747: King Returns

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Chapter 1747 – King Returns

As Vast Heaven’s body transformed into particles of light and disappeared from the snow-covered field, an exquisite pair of silvery-gray arm guards took the Berserker’s place. Before the spectating crowd could recover from their daze, Cleansing Whistle collected the arm guards and stored it in her bag. She then shifted her gaze towards Hecate’s army.

“Who else wants to duel?” Cleansing Whistle asked with a faint smile as she glanced at Hecate’s members.

She had just acquired a piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment by killing one player. This was far more profitable than raiding a Team Dungeon.

Seeing the cute smile on Cleansing Whistle’s face, dread filled the hearts of Hecate’s members.

Too scary!

Vast Heaven was a Tier 2 expert, yet Cleansing Whistle had fought as if she had randomly encountered some Common monster. Not only had she dealt with the Tier 2 Berserker so easily, but she had also killed him in an instant…

This was a Tier 2 player they were talking about. Even if Cleansing Whistle were also a Tier 2 player, there shouldn’t be such a huge difference between her and Vast Heaven. Moreover, a Tier 2 Berserker had even more HP than a Tier 1 MT of the same level.

Yet, Cleansing Whistle had…

Faced with such power, who would possibly dare challenge Cleansing Whistle to a duel?

Hecate’s members remained silent for a time. Meanwhile, Stained Maple and his companions were ecstatic once they snapped out of their daze.

Hecate had constantly suppressed their adventurer team in Cold Wind City, so watching Cleansing Whistle kill Vast Heaven, one of Hecate’s top fighters, was truly a joy to behold.

“Amazing! So, this is the effect of the special training the commander had mentioned?” Stained Maple could not help but shift his gaze towards Shi Feng, astounded.

When Shi Feng had first established the Asura adventurer team, he had stated that as long as they were willing to work hard, he would help them grow stronger.

He had assumed Shi Feng’s claim was merely a boast.

Now, however, it would seem that Shi Feng had told the truth. The man really had a way to make them stronger. Moreover, the improvement wasn’t insignificant. Take Cleansing Whistle, for example. Compared to the last time he had seen her, when she had still been a member of the Wave Heart adventurer team, she was like an entirely different person.

However, the increase in her strength wasn’t limited to her Basic Attributes. He could also tell that Cleansing Whistle’s combat standards had undergone a qualitative transformation.

When Stained Maple looked at Cleansing Whistle now, he felt a mental pressure similar to Lifeless Thorn’s previous aura. Only, this pressure was not as intense Lifeless Thorn’s.

When Stained Maple thought about how Cleansing Whistle had grown so much stronger after leaving with Shi Feng, passion and anticipation rose within him.

He knew that Vast Heaven held a high position in Hecate. Although he had no hope of reaching Cleansing Whistle’s current standard, as long as he became as strong as Vast Heaven, he would qualify to look down on the various large Guilds.

Meanwhile, when the distant spectating independent players saw Vast Heaven die, their jaws hit the ground.

“He died!? Vast Heaven actually died?!”

“Who is that woman?”

“I know her! She’s Cleansing Whistle! She used to be the sixth strongest player in Cold Wind City!”

“The sixth strongest player? Are you kidding me? Vast Heaven has defeated two players who ranked higher than Cleansing Whistle by himself. Even if Cleansing Whistle has become significantly more powerful in such a short time, she shouldn’t be able to kill Vast Heaven so easily, right?”

As the spectating crowd watched Cleansing Whistle, they started to research the woman. However, what they learned shocked them.

Vast Heaven was a Berserker, while Cleansing Whistle was a Swordsman.

Normally, Berserkers had an absolute advantage in terms of Strength in a melee battle against Swordsmen without the involvement of Skills. Thus, in a one-on-one confrontation, Berserkers were far stronger than Swordsmen.

Yet, when Cleansing Whistle had fought Vast Heaven, she had suppressed the enemy Berserker from start to end. This proved that the woman wore higher-quality equipment than Vast Heaven.

But what surprised them most was the improvement speed of Cleansing Whistle’s combat standards.

Before joining the Asura adventurer team, Cleansing Whistle’s combat standard had only been slightly higher than independent experts like themselves. However, the combat standard the woman had just displayed was clearly far superior to theirs. The combat technique Cleansed Whistle had just employed, in particular, had seemed like some kind of Skill or Spell. They had never seen such mystifying combat techniques before.

No one would believe that Cleansed Whistle had hidden her strength before she had disappeared. After all, before joining the Asura adventurer team, Cleansing Whistle had constantly competed with Lifeless Thorn for the position of Cold Wind City’s strongest expert. Why would she have held back while doing so?

The only explanation was that Cleansing Whistle had drastically improved her combat techniques after she had joined the Asura adventurer team and left Cold Wind City.

For a time, the distant independent players were overwhelmed by their interest in and desire to join the Asura adventurer team.

Meanwhile, Hecate’s members glared at Cleansed Whistle in silence, having lost their prior fear.

“Asura adventurer team, huh? You actually dared to kill a member of Hecate? You must be tired of living!” Autumn Changes, the army’s vice-commander, said as he strode forward. He sneered at Cleansed Whistle and the others as he said, “This is a good opportunity! We’ll teach you who truly rules over Cold Wind City! Everyone, charge!”

Vast Heaven’s death was indeed shocking. He had never thought that the Asura adventurer team actually possessed an expert of such caliber.

Normally, he’d simply avoid clashing with an expert like Cleansing Whistle, but he had an army of 3,000 players behind him, many of which were experts. Furthermore, he had to restore the reputation their Guild had just lost due to Vast Heaven’s defeat.

“Despicable!” Stained Maple felt his scalp tingle as Hecate’s army surged forward.

He hadn’t expected Hecate to be so shameless, going back on its previous promise.

Including Shi Feng’s team, there were only 60 Asura members present. Meanwhile, Hecate had 3,000 members here. Hecate’s army also consisted of elite and expert players. The Asura adventurer team members likely had no hope of escaping with their lives.

“Commander, you guys should take off! We’ll hold them back! As long as you survive, Not even Hecate can deal with our adventurer team so easily!” Stained Maple hurriedly said.

Both Shi Feng and Cleansing Whistle were emotional pillars for the Asura adventurer team right now. If Hecate’s members took these two down, Asura’s reputation would plummet. If that happened, it Asura would struggle to develop in the future.

However, as soon as Stained Maple finished speaking, he noticed Shi Feng approaching Hecate’s army with Lifeless Thorn and the others close behind.

“Commander, what are you trying to do?!” Stained Maple asked in a panic.

“Do I really have to answer that. We’re getting to work!” Shi Feng laughed nonchalantly. “The fifty of you, get into a defensive formation and focus on dodging AOEs. Just don’t die and leave the rest to us.”

“We finally get to stretch after such a long trip.”

After exchanging a glance, Lifeless Thorn and the others charged at Hecate’s army as if they were charging at a group of Common monsters that posed no threat whatsoever.

As Stained Maple and his companions watched Shi Feng’s party rush forward, they were utterly dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Ten players were trying to take on an army of 3,000 players?

But before Stained Maple could recover from his daze, Shi Feng used Flame Domain. A towering pillar of flames then emerged amidst Hecate’s army, so massive that even the independent players over a thousand yards away could see it clearly.

With this single move, several hundred players instantly turned to ash as ownerless weapons and equipment took their places…