Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1746 - Change in Strength

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Chapter 1746 – Change in Strength

How is her Strength so high? Vast Heaven was deeply shocked as he stared at Cleansing Whistle.

His class was famed for its Strength. Moreover, he had even been promoted to Tier 2 already. Even if his opponent were a Tier 2 Shield Warrior or Tier 2 Guardian Knight, he was confident in suppressing them with his Strength!

Meanwhile, Cleansing Whistle was only a Swordswoman, a class that was supposed to be an all-rounder, yet he was actually no match for her in a competition of Strength…

Before Vast Heaven could recover from his surprise, Cleansing Whistle quickly followed up with an attack of her own.

Wind Blade!

In the blink of an eye, Cleansing Whistle appeared before Vast Heaven, who had retreated to a distance roughly ten yards away, and started striking with her swords at the enemy Berserker. Like a pair of cunning snakes, her swords twisted and turned like living creatures. In the next moment, over a dozen Phantom Snakes were visible pouncing on Vast Heaven.

Combat technique, Phantom Snakes!

The attack trajectories of the Phantom Snakes were both complex and constantly changing. Unlike normal attacks, which usually moved in a straightforward pattern, her attacks when executing Phantom Snakes constantly changed. Even if her opponent managed to predict her attack trajectories in one moment, those attack trajectories would abruptly change in the next, preventing her attacks from easily being parried.

Although Cleansing Whistle had yet to reach a level where she could change the attack trajectory of every Phantom Snake at any time, she was still able to alter four attacks at any given moment, making it very difficult for her opponents to grasp her attack trajectories.

Seeing the dozen or so Phantom Snakes striking at him, Vast Heaven’s expression immediately turned somber.

He was not able to perfectly grasp the trajectory of these Phantom Snakes. In the end, he had no choice but to execute Indiscriminate Slash to cope with her attacks. He did not dare to block all the attacks using normal attacks only.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

A series of clangs echoed through the surrounding area continuously.

Even though Vast Heaven was able to execute over 20 attacks with Indiscriminate Slash, with his Strength even enhanced by the Skill, both he and Cleansing Whistle ended up taking three steps backward after clashing.

“How is this possible?” The spectating members of Hecate could not help but gape in shock.

The Hecate members present were all elites and experts. They knew that, although it appeared that Vast Heaven and Cleansing Whistle had come out as equals during that clash, in reality, Vast Heaven was at a disadvantage.

Indiscriminate Slash was a Sure-kill Skill of the Berserker class!

Yet, even after using a Sure-kill Skill, Vast Heaven was only able to end his clash with Cleansing Whistle with a draw. Meanwhile, Cleansing Whistle hadn’t even used any Skills during the previous attack. One could easily imagine what kind of outcome would result from a normal clash!

Looking at Cleansing Whistle again, an indescribable sense of fear sprouted in the hearts of Hecate’s members.

Vast Heaven was a bona fide Tier 2 Berserker. His combat standard ranked at the top of Hecate. Yet, he was actually being overwhelmed by a player from some backwater city.

If they were to tell this matter to the other experts of Hecate, their words would most likely be treated as a joke.

At this moment, let alone Hecate’s spectating members, even Vast Heaven himself was looking surprised and confused.

He could not understand just how Cleansing Whistle could be so powerful.

How is this possible?! I’m a Tier 2 Berserker! At this moment, the composure Vast Heaven had before had completely disappeared. In fact, he could feel death looming over him already. Wasn’t she the sixth ranked expert of Cold Wind City? How are her Basic Attributes and combat standards so high?

Meanwhile, Stained Maple and the other members of Asura watching from a short distance away were similarly dumbfounded by this outcome.

How did Cleansing Whistle become so powerful? When Stained Maple saw Cleansing Whistle suppressing Vast Heaven with ease, he could not help but think he was hallucinating.

He had a very clear idea of Cleansing Whistle’s previous strength. Although she was indeed stronger than him, the gap between them was minor. However, the Cleansing Whistle he looked at right now was like a completely different person.

“Whistle’s grasp over Phantom Snakes is still too shallow. If she could grasp it completely, she could’ve taken away at least 50% of that Berserker’s HP with that attack just now,” Lifeless Thorn stated idly.

Solitary Nine and the others in the team also nodded in agreement.

Currently, Cleansing Whistle was geared in the Level 50 Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Set. As for the weapons she was wielding, one was a Level 50 Fine-Gold longsword, and the other was a Level 50 Epic Growth-type longsword.

On the other hand, Vast Heaven was only geared in Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. The difference in equipment standards between the two of them was massive. It was only normal for her to overwhelm Vast Heaven.

Moreover, after leaving the Ice Crystal World, Cleansing Whistle had also traveled around the continent of God’s Domain and challenged all sorts of experts. After the training provided by Zero Wing, Cleansing Whistle, who was originally close to reaching the Half-step Refinement Realm, had now fully set foot into the Refinement Realm standard. Her combat standard was only slightly inferior to Vast Heaven, someone who was a veteran Refinement Realm expert.

However, with the advantage she had in terms of Attributes, she could easily make up for this minor difference!

As for the Phantom Snakes combat technique, it was one of the combat techniques Zero Wing had acquired from the Primordial Divine Ruin. Although it was only a Basic Combat Technique, its power definitely allowed it to rank among the top of Basic Combat Techniques. To improve their strength, Shi Feng had decided to let Cleansing Whistle and the rest of them learn some suitable combat techniques in exchange for having them owe the Asura adventurer team some Contribution Points.

If Cleansing Whistle could fully grasp Phantom Snakes, with her powerful Attributes, it would definitely be possible to shave away half of Vast Heaven’s HP in a single attack.

Taking away half of Vast Heaven’s HP with a single attack? When Stained Maple heard Lifeless Thorn’s words, he suspected he was hearing things.

This was Vast Heaven they were talking about! The Berserker was someone capable of going up against dozens of experts from the Centurion Dynasty all by himself!

Yet, in the eyes of Lifeless Thorn’s group, such an expert was like an ordinary player one could find anywhere on the street…

Just as everyone was feeling shocked by the strength Cleansing Whistle had displayed, Cleansing Whistle immediately altered her footwork after stabilizing herself. She transformed into multiple afterimages, making it look like there were five copies of her as she dashed towards Vast Heaven.

Combat technique, Residual Steps!

Similar to Phantom Snakes, Residual Steps was also a combat technique acquired from the Primordial Divine Ruin. It was a special footwork technique that relied on afterimages to confuse one’s opponent.

Footwork-type combat techniques were capable of improving a player’s combat power significantly. In terms of value, a Basic Footwork-type Combat Technique was equivalent to an Advanced Offensive or Defensive Combat Technique. When one was fighting against an enemy of roughly equal combat standards, a footwork-type combat technique allowed one to take the initiative in battle. It was something crucial in a battle between experts.

At the end of the day, Vast Heaven was only a Refinement Realm expert. As a result, he was not able to fully grasp the movement patterns of all five copies of Cleansing Whistle. When Cleansing Whistle was close to reaching him, he had no choice but to make a powerful stomp on the ground.


The ground around Vast Heaven trembled and shattered, preventing Cleansing Whistle from executing Residual Steps properly. As a result, her afterimages disappeared, and her real location was revealed.

“Die!” Seeing an opportunity to strike, Vast Heaven immediately used his strongest Tier 2 Skill, Death Charge.

Vast Heaven’s body increased in size, instantly becoming a three-meter-tall giant. He raised his silver spear and stabbed it at Cleansing Whistle.

Death Charge was a Sacrificial Skill that sacrificed 40% of his maximum HP to execute a charging assault on a target within 50 yards ahead of him. While the Skill was in effect, it increased his Movement Speed by 150%, Strength by 100%, and damage dealt by 500%!

In the next moment, the ground beneath Vast Heaven’s feet shattered. The Berserker transformed into a blur as he charged at Cleansing Whistle.

Just as Vast Heaven was about to reach Cleansing Whistle, the latter suddenly swapped out the Level 50 Fine-Gold longsword in her right hand and replaced it with a tattered longsword engraved with silver divine runes. She swung the tattered longsword at Vast Heaven.

Just as the tattered longsword was about to collide with Vast Heaven’s spear, the silver runes engraved on the longsword lit up brightly.


There was an explosion, and the ground beneath the point of impact shattered.

Contrary to expectations, Cleansing Whistle did not get sent flying. In fact, she was still standing steadily in her original position. On the other hand, Vast Heaven’s charge had stopped abruptly. He took three steps back involuntarily, the spear in his hands trembling visibly. His body had also fallen into a complete paralyzed state for a brief moment.

Vast Heaven was thoroughly dumbfounded by this outcome. He failed to understand what Cleansing Whistle had just done, actually overwhelming his strongest attack.

However, before Vast Heaven could recover from his brief paralyzation, Cleansing Whistle quickly swung the Epic Growth-type longsword in her other hand.

Tier 2 Skill, Storm Fury!

This move was the strongest Tier 2 Skill Cleansing Whistle possessed.

In the next moment, countless wind blades assaulted the immobilized Berserker, chipping away at his HP rapidly. By the time Vast Heaven recovered from his paralyzed state, he had less than one-third of his HP remaining. However, Cleansing Whistle had already followed up with another two slashes. A moment later, Vast Heaven’s vision darkened, and his body collapsed to the ground powerlessly…