Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1744 - Asura's Commander

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Chapter 1744 – Asura’s Commander

After Vast Heaven was done speaking, he stepped out from the crowd behind him and slowly walked towards Asura’s 50-man team.

When bathed in Vast Heaven’s chilling aura, Asura’s members felt greatly pressured. None of them dared reply to Vast Heaven’s provocation. They knew very clearly what kind of temper Vast Heaven possessed.

During the first few days after Hecate arrived in Cold Wind City, a situation similar to this had occurred. Some adventurer teams that were displeased with Hecate’s tyrannical actions had challenged Vast Heaven. In the end, however, Vast Heaven had defeated every challenger. Even when a 100-man team challenged Vast Heaven, the entire team still ended up getting annihilated.

Vast Heaven’s combat power was on an entirely different level than theirs. Accepting his challenge would simply be suicidal.

“I heard that the Asura adventurer team is the number one adventurer team of Cold Wind City. Your commander has even been labeled a monster and was able to oppress the two large Guilds in Cold Wind City single-handedly. Your adventurer team is also famed for being filled with experts. So, how did your adventurer team end up having a weak bunch like you?” Vast Heaven sneered as he sent a glance at the silent players before him. “It seems those rumors really are just that, rumors! I’ve been in Cold Wind City for some time now, yet I still haven’t met that so-called commander of yours even now! He must be like you bunch, hiding in fear. And to think you all even dare call yourselves the number one adventurer team of Cold Wind City! This truly is disappointing! Oh well. It was my fault for expecting there would be capable experts in a backwater village like Cold Wind City.”

The expressions of Asura’s members darkened when they heard Vast Heaven’s words.

However, they were also powerless to refute Vast Heaven’s words. Vast Heaven’s strength was clear for all to see. He was definitely one of the strongest experts present in all of Cold Wind City. Even if their commander and the other experts of their adventurer team were present, they were unlikely to win against Vast Heaven.

“Leave the loot behind! We’re leaving!” said Stained Maple, the Berserker serving as the leader of Asura’s team, gnashing his teeth.

He knew that their team stood no chance against Vast Heaven whatsoever.

It was definitely unwise to throw away the lives of the entire 50-man team just for the loot of a Frost Ape!

Under the Berserker’s lead, Asura’s team turned around and left.

“Hold it! Who said you could go?” Vast Heaven shouted suddenly.

“We’ve already left the loot behind. What else do you want?” Stained Maple said, irked.

“I see that you have quite a few pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment on you. Hecate just so happens to be in need of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. Since I’ve already come all the way here, you wouldn’t let me leave with nothing, right?” Vast Heaven said, chuckling. “Hand over five pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment as my labor fee. Afterward, you guys can leave.”

Rage immediately burned in the eyes of Asura’s members when they heard Vast Heaven’s words.

This was too much!

They had already chosen to concede, yet Vast Heaven was even telling them to hand over five pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment. That was basically asking for their lives!

Nowadays, while it was indeed true that the mainstream players of Cold Wind City had already reached Level 50, Level 50 equipment was still scarce. Right now, even Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment was worth a fortune, not to mention Secret-Silver Equipment.

Just one piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment was already worth far more than the value of the Frost Ape’s loot. They would have to kill over twenty Frost Apes to earn enough to purchase five pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

Even though the Asura adventurer team was Cold Wind City’s number one adventurer team, it did not possess a lot of Secret-Silver Equipment. As for their fifty-man team, all together, they only had around a dozen or so pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

“What? Not willing to hand them over? Are you asking for me to make a move?” Vast Heaven said as he swept a scrutinizing gaze over Asura’s members.

Meanwhile, Asura’s members’ rage burned brightly as they glared at Vast Heaven.

“Boss Maple, let’s just duke it out with them! Isn’t it just a single death? That’s much better than just handing over five pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment!”

“That’s right! I refuse to believe our 50-man team can’t kill one person!”

Asura’s members were expressing their anger on the team chat one after another. They were all willing to fight against Vast Heaven rather than handing over five pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment without putting up a fight.

“Alright! We’ll fight with everything we got! Even if we can’t kill him, we’ll make him lose a few teeth!” Stained Maple said after giving the matter some thought.

After all was said and done, Vast Heaven was only a Level 52 Berserker. Even Stained Maple himself was a Level 52 Berserker. The weapons and equipment his team wore were also much stronger than before. Their chances of winning against Vast Heaven were not entirely zero.

After Stained Maple agreed, Asura’s members all unsheathed their weapons and started encirclingVast Heaven.

“You want to make a move?” Vast Heaven could not help but laugh when he saw Stained Maple brimming with fighting spirit. “Good! I just happen to be in need of some practice targets!”

Saying that, Vast Heaven unsheathed the silver spear hanging on his back. He then charged directly into Asura’s team.

So fast! Stained Maple could not help but be surprised when he saw Vast Heaven transforming into an afterimage.

Despite Vast Heaven being a Berserker, he was so fast that even Stained Maple’s eyes could not keep up with him. In fact, Vast Heaven appeared to be even faster than Asura’s Assassins!

“This bunch from Asura sure is unlucky. The Boss has just been promoted to Tier 2 recently and had been fussing about not having any sparring partners.”

“The Boss is amazing! His speed is so high!”

“Before this, the Boss was famed for having immense Strength. However, back then, his speed was lacking. His promotion to Tier 2 just so happens to have made up for this weakness of his. With this, he is most likely unbeatable in Cold Wind City now.”

Hecate’s members started chatting merrily among themselves when they saw that Vast Heaven had already charged into the ranks of Asura’s team.

Previously, even when Vast Heaven was still a Tier 1 player, he had already managed to make a mess of the Centurion Dynasty. Now that he had been promoted to Tier 2, he was definitely invincible in Cold Wind City.

Let alone 50 players, even if Asura’s team had 100 players, the outcome would still be the same.

Seeing Vast Heaven’s ridiculous Movement Speed, Stained Maple immediately commanded the ranged players to start attacking the enemy Berserker. He also had the six MTs of the team try to surround Vast Heaven as much as possible, preventing the enemy Berserker from coming close to the team’s ranged DPS and healers.

However, Vast Heaven was simply too fast. He was able to easily dodge any Spells and arrows that were sent at him. As for the six MTs trying to pin him down, they were as slow as turtles before Vast Heaven. Very quickly, Vast Heaven managed to circle the six MTs and charged at Asura’s healers and ranged DPS.


Vast Heaven dashed past the melee players that had tried to hinder his path and abruptly jumped into the air. When he was still in the air, he started rotating his spear and creating a storm with it. Immediately after, he slammed his spear down where Asura’s healers were standing.

Tier 2 Skill, Bladestorm!

Just when Vast Heaven was about to descend on the healers, however, a crimson light suddenly flew at him.

Like a meteor, the crimson light flew at the Tier 2 Berserker’s defensive blind spot, the frightening power it carried even scorching the air around it into nothingness.

However, Vast Heaven quickly noticed the attack and altered his spear’s attack trajectory, forcibly canceling Bladestorm and executing Whirlwind Slash instead.


There was an explosion, and dazzling sparks scattered around Vast Heaven. A powerful shockwave also spread from the point of collision.

Like a cannonball, Vast Heaven’s body was sent flying over twenty yards away and landed heavily on the ground. Only after taking six steps back did he manage to stabilize himself. Each step he took also left behind a deep footprint in the ground.

A damage of over -22,000 appeared above Vast Heaven’s head, his HP bar decreasing by a significant portion.

“What’s going on?”

“Is there a monster attack?”

Whether it was Asura’s members or Hecate’s members, both had incredulous expressions on their faces as they looked at the scene that had just happened. This was especially true for Hecate’s members. When they saw Vast Heaven instantly losing over one-third of his HP, their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“Who is it?! Who attacked me just now?! What’s there to be proud about, executing an ambush?! If you have the guts, come out and face me directly!” Vast Heaven bellowed.

Before Vast Heaven finished speaking, ten people were already walking over from a short distance away. Although all ten of these players were wearing Black Cloaks, none of them bothered hiding their appearances.

“Who are you guys? You actually dared to ambush me? Do you wish to make an enemy out of Hecate?” Vast Heaven grew slightly afraid as he looked at the ten approaching figures.

Through the previous attack, he already understood that these newcomers were no ordinary people. At least, in terms of Strength, he was no match for the expert that had just attacked him.

“Who am I?” Shi Feng smiled. “Weren’t you looking for Asura’s commander? I’m the person you’re looking for!”