Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1740 - Black Flame’s Warning

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Chapter 1740 – Black Flame’s Warning

The moment the six Dark Hunters died, silence filled the battlefield. Even the Crimson Horn members, who currently fled the battlefield, could not help but pause to look at the fading river of lightning.

For a moment, the watching players even wondered if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

It wouldn’t have been unusual if Shi Feng had merely slain a bunch of ordinary experts with a single hit, but the six Dark Hunters hadn’t been ordinary experts. They were bona fide great experts.

Every one of them was strong enough to make the various Dark Guilds in the Dark Night Empire shudder with fear.

Yet, now…

As if swatting a bunch of flies, Shi Feng had incapacitated and killed the six Dark Hunters with a single swing of his sword.

They died? How is this possible?! Those are the Dark Hunters we are talking about! Crimson Ghost, who had long since put some distance between himself and the heart of the battlefield, stared at Lonely Lamp and his companions’ prior location in a daze.

He had experienced Lonely Lamp’s strength personally before.

After transforming, Lonely Lamp and the other Dark Hunters’ combat power was only slightly weaker than his when he activated a Berserk Skill. However, unlike his Berserk Skill, Lonely Lamp and the others’ transformation did not have a duration. Once his Berserk Skill’s duration ended, he’d meet death very quickly.

Moreover, Lonely Lamp’s party had consumed a mysterious potion that had heightened their aura’s intensity. Needless to say, their Basic Attributes must’ve risen further.

If he had to fight Lonely Lamp while the Ranger was in such a state, he’d likely die after a few hits even with his Berserk Skill active, yet even after multiple boosts, Shi Feng had killed the party instantly.

He might be able to accept Shi Feng’s victory after an arduous battle, but that hadn’t happened. As soon as Shi Feng took the situation somewhat seriously, Lonely Lamp and the other Dark Hunters had burned to ash.

When Crimson Ghost looked at Shi Feng, who quietly stood before the items Lonely Lamp and his party had dropped, his whole body shuddered.

Too scary!

Fear and relief overwhelmed his heart.

Shi Feng was a true monster with bottomless strength. If he weren’t certain that Shi Feng was, in fact, a player, he might even suspect that Shi Feng was an NPC the Main God System had created to prank God’s Domain’s players.

Fortunately, he had not allowed his army to fight Zero Wing’s forces. Even if some of his players survived, his army would’ve suffered severe losses.

Meanwhile, the players from the various superpowers that watch from the Primordial Divine Ruin gasped when the Dark Hunters had been annihilated, their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets.

The six Dark Hunters exuded auras that could even rival Grand Lords of the same level. This proved that their Basic Attributes had reached that standard. Coupled with the Dark Hunters’ combat standards, none of the superpowers present were confident that they could stop the six players’ escape.

No, to be precise, they might even struggle in a head-on fight against these six players.

On the other hand, not only had Shi Feng killed all six Dark Hunters by himself, but he had also done so with one attack.

Because of this, the various superpowers’ upper echelons all wore solemn expressions.

Since Shi Feng could exterminate the six Dark Hunters, needless to say, he should have no issues doing the same to them.

This also implied that, as long as Shi Feng wished it, he could kill any one of them.

Knowing this, how could they not take Shi Feng more seriously?

“This man…” Quiet Melody could not help but shake her head and smile bitterly as she watched Shi Feng collect the items Lonely Lamp and his party had dropped. “It seems that not only did we fail to learn anything about those six players, but we also received a dire warning.”

In her opinion, Shi Feng had killed the six Dark Hunters instantly for two reasons. First, he didn’t want others to take advantage of his efforts by learning the Dark Hunters’ bottom line and secrets. The second reason was to give superpowers like the Sacred Temple a warning. Since he could kill the Dark Hunters so easily, he was naturally capable of killing superpowers’ upper echelons like her. It was a message that they should reconsider targeting Zero Wing at the Primordial Divine Ruin. Otherwise, they would suffer a similar fate.

Blue Jade, who stood beside Quiet Melody, nodded in agreement with her Vice Temple Master’s words, complex emotions flashing in her eyes as she watched Shi Feng.

After this battle, her admiration for Shi Feng had doubtlessly increased. However, she also bore a sense of rivalry in her heart. She felt as if she had just found a goal worth working towards.

“This Black Flame is truly arrogant. He actually dares to send the various superpowers a warning!”

“Although he is arrogant, he has clearly earned it. Can’t you see the various superpowers’ faces? Those looks are priceless!”

“It seems that nobody should entertain ideas of targeting Zero Wing at the Primordial Divine Ruin in the future.”

“That’s right! Not only does Silverwing Town have such powerful and long-ranged defensive structures, but it is also protected by so many incredible experts! Even without the NPC guards, nobody would dare to target Silverwing Town and Zero Wing.”

Both the Guilds and the adventurer teams resting at the Primordial Divine Ruin elevated their opinions of Zero Wing. Some adventurer teams even thought of joining the Guild as a whole.

Now that Zero Wing dominated the Orc Empire’s Primordial Divine Ruin, its development speed would be astounding. It might even become a super-first-rate Guild in the virtual gaming world in a short time.

If they joined Zero Wing before the Guild became a super-first-rate Guild, they would have a higher chance of becoming internal members. If they became core members, they’d be set for life.

“Damn it! Did Black Flame purposefully wait until the Dark Hunters attacked to make his move?” Wind Hunter, who watched the battle from a safe distance, cursed as the Dark Hunters died, his complexion paling.

He had thought that Lonely Lamp’s party could cause Zero Wing some trouble, but they had only succeeded in throwing their lives away. Moreover, he had dispatched quite a few Evil Demons and Evil Beasts to reinforce Lonely Lamp’s party. As a result, his minions were more clumped than usual, allowing the Magic Towers to target the monsters more easily.

Suddenly, Beast Emperor’s phantom appeared beside Wind Hunter. Beast Emperor then said, “Alright, that’s enough. Wind, you need retreat as well. We no longer have the ability to do anything against Silverwing Town.”

“But… Are we going to let Zero Wing off the hook, just like that?” Frustration tore at Wind Hunter.

Not only had his campaign failed to damage the Guild, but it had also bolstered Zero Wing’s reputation. Moreover, his monster army had sustained a lot of damage. This was the first time he had suffered such a severe loss.

“No! Of course, we won’t let Zero Wing off the hook! Regardless of my agreement with Nine Dragons Emperor or my personal reasons, I want to remove Zero Wing from God’s Domain permanently! But it’s not time for that yet,” Beast Emperor said as he glared at Shi Feng’s distant figure, killing intent radiating from his eyes. Because of that man, his path to promotion had been cut short. How could he possibly spare Zero Wing after the losses he had suffered? “However, thanks to this operation, Zero Wing has provoked the Dark Hunters.”

“Provoked the Dark Hunters?” Wind Hunter could not help his confusion.

“That’s right! The Dark Hunters adventurer team is a mysterious organization consisting of a bunch of lunatics. Nobody can guess their true thoughts. However, one thing you can be sure of is that they are a vengeful bunch. Now that Black Fame has killed Lonely Lamp, one of its core members, the Dark Hunters won’t let Zero Wing get away with this,” Beast Emperor said, sneering. “Zero Wing will only maintain its arrogance for a short time. Once the Dark Hunters take action, Zero Wing’s days will be numbered!”

“I understand.” Wind Hunter nodded. He then commanded his Evil Demons and Evil Beasts to depart from the battlefield.

However, even though the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons had begun their retreat, Shi Feng commanded Zero Wing’s members to chase the monsters down. In the end, Zero Wing slaughtered another large number of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

Meanwhile, news of this battle’s outcome quickly spread to the neighboring countries.