Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1739 - Annihilating the Dark Hunters

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Chapter 1739 – Annihilating the Dark Hunters

“Black Flame?”

Lonely Lamp’s expression darkened when he saw Shi Feng.

The other five Dark Hunters also halted their assault as they stared at the Swordsman, fear surfacing in their gazes.

After the battles in Stone Forest Town and near the Primordial Divine Ruin, Black Flame’s fame had spread to the various countries across God’s Domain, including the Dark Night Empire.

Although these six players had never fought Black Flame personally, they knew that both his Basic Attributes and combat standards were at the apex of God’s Domain after witnessing the man’s battle videos.

Even under normal circumstances, their six-man party would have to take extreme care around Black Flame.

Originally, they had a chance of completing their mission since Fire Dance had been alone, but now that Black Flame had joined the fray, their chances were uncertain.

“Black Flame is finally making his move?”

The various superpowers watching from a distance could not help but grow excited upon Shi Feng’s appearance.

They had very eagerly watched the clash between Fire Dance and the Dark Hunters, but they had also worried that the female Assassin might die.

They had been worried because they wanted to see the six Dark Hunters’ true strength. This was the first time they had encountered players that could transform into monsters; they hadn’t even known that was possible until today.

Naturally, they had to collect as much information on these six players as possible. They might even discover some clues that could help them acquire this power. From what they could tell, the Dark Hunters’ ability to transform into monsters was definitely stronger than a Berserk Skill since the transformation gave the players a body that altered and improved their combat standards. If their Guilds’ experts could grasp this power, it would undoubtedly increase the Guild’s overall strength.

Hence, they very much hoped that Zero Wing could defeat the Dark Hunters, forcing the six Dark Hunters to use everything they had. If the Dark Hunters achieved victory instead, however, they wouldn’t know whether or not these players had held back anything.

“Leader, what should we do? Even if we have the strength to defeat two of them, it’ll likely take a long time to do so,” Lan Hua asked through the team chat as she quietly observed Shi Feng.

“Our opponents are too powerful! Prepare to retreat!” Lonely Lamp said, breathing a deep sigh as he glanced at Fire Dance and Shi Feng.

If their party tried to fight Shi Feng and Fire Dance, regardless of the battle’s outcome, the Dark Hunters party would be annihilated in the end. It wouldn’t take long for Zero Wing’s other peak experts to arrive, after all. If they did die, they’d suffer an even worse death penalty than ordinary Dark Players, which wasn’t an outcome Lonely Lamp wished to see.

“Understood!” Although the other five Dark Hunters felt reluctant, they nodded and prepared to flee.

“What? Leaving so soon?” Lonely Lamp and his party members’ action surprised Shi Feng a little.

He hadn’t expected the Dark Hunters to be so decisive, retreating the moment they realized how disadvantageous their situation had become.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you jest. We are not so foolish as to think that the six of us can stand against you and Commander Fire Dance,” Lonely Lamp calmly explained as he looked at Shi Feng. “Since we’ve already accomplished our mission, albeit barely, we will be taking our leave!”

Saying so, Lonely Lamp fired the 12 Black Arrows in his hands, aiming four at Fire Dance and eight at Shi Feng.

Each arrow carried power at the peak of Tier 3. Current players had no chance of blocking them. Even against a monster like Shi Feng, Lonely Lamp was confident that his arrows would push the Swordsman back slightly. Meanwhile, their party could use the opportunity to leave the area safely.

However, Shi Feng unhurriedly unsheathed Killing Ray and lightly swung the blade at the air.

Suddenly, a blue lightning bolt tore through the space before him.

Lightning Slash!

The massive lightning bolt devoured all 12 Black Arrows instantly, and the intense shockwaves that resulted even made the surrounding space tremble. After a brief moment, the Black Arrows disintegrated.

Lonely Lamp and his companions, who prepared to run, were thoroughly dumbfounded. They forgot about their retreat as they stared at the vanishing Black Arrows.

This… How is that possible?! Lonely Lamp could not believe what he had just seen.

Those were 12 Black Arrows they were talking about. Even a Mythic monster would have trouble dealing with such an attack, yet Shi Feng had crushed it with a single move…

For a moment, he even wondered if heaven were playing some joke on him.

He truly hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would actually block all 12 Black Arrows successfully. He had watched Shi Feng’s battle against the Mythic Evil Demon; the man shouldn’t be capable of blocking the Black Arrows so easily! At the very least, blocking the attack should’ve pushed the Swordsman back by over a dozen yards.

Naturally, the spectating crowd was similarly dumbfounded.


Too strong!

The various superpowers were no strangers to Black Arrows. They all had their own small stockpile. Normally, these arrows were stored in their Guild Warehouses, only to be used against sufficiently valuable Bosses.

However, after watching Shi Feng destroy 12 Black Arrows so effortlessly, they felt like fools. They had all treated these Black Arrows, which could be blocked so easily, like priceless treasures…

“You can’t possibly think that you can leave safely after that little trick, do you?” Shi Feng said indifferently as he glanced at the six Dark Hunters before him.

“Leader, what should we do?” Lonely Lamp’s party members asked the Ranger.

Previously, they had only feared Shi Feng due to his fame, but after watching him destroy 12 Black Arrows in an instant, true fear gripped their hearts.

They finally realized why so many people called Shi Feng a monster.

“We don’t have any other choice! Use the Advanced Mad Demon Potion!” Lonely Lamp said, gnashing his teeth as he stared at Shi Feng.

Hearing this, the other five Dark Hunters were shocked.

The Advanced Mad Demon Potion was a special Berserk Potion, which they had gone to great lengths to purchase. When consumed, it would grant Mutated Players like themselves another boost in power for 30 seconds. It was akin to a Twofold Berserk. However, this Twofold Berserk did not come without a price.

Once the potion’s duration ended, they would lose 40%’s worth of EXP. In addition, they would also fall into a Weakened state for a short time. Hence, they understood that this potion should never be used unless absolutely necessary.

But they also realized that this potion was their only chance of escape right now.

“Guild Leader Black Flame! You are as amazing as the rumors say! However, I’m afraid that you still lack the strength to keep us here!”

Saying so, Lonely Lamp took out an Advanced Mad Demon Potion and drank it.

The other five Dark Hunters did the same.

Suddenly, the six Dark Hunters’ auras grew more intense. Previously, their auras had rivaled Great Lords’ of the same level, but now, their auras were even stronger than that of a Grand Lord of the same level.

Immediately, the six players split up and ran.

“I don’t think so!” Shi Feng revealed a calm smile. Following which, he activated Power of Darkness, skyrocketing his Basic Attributes. He then stabbed the Abyssal Blade into the ground.

Forbidden Domain!

Abyssal Curse!

With Shi Feng as the center, pitch-black ripples spread up to a 30-yard radius. At the same time, every one of his enemies within a 500-yard radius became unable to use any Skills, Spells, or tools.

Not only did Abyssal Curse’s activation bind all six Dark Hunters, but it also decreased their Basic Attributes by 20%. Reacting quickly, the six tried to activate their Control Removal Skills.

However, no matter how much Lonely Lamp and the others willed for their Skills to activate, their Skills remained inactive.

As the six Dark Hunters struggled to break free of their restraints, Shi Feng raised Killing Ray once again and lightly swung the Sacred Sword at the Dark Hunters.

Lightning Edge!

Countless arcs of lightning formed before Shi Feng, forming a river that devoured Lonely Lamp and the others.

When the river of lightning faded, only seven items lay on the ground where the Dark Hunters had stood…