Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1738 - Dark Mutation

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Chapter 1738 – Dark Mutation

When the Tier 2 Berserker had transformed, Zero Wing’s nearby players were dumbfounded.

They had seen plenty of Berserk Skills that slightly altered their user’s appearance, but this was the first time they had seen a Berserk Skill causing such a huge transformation.

After transforming, the Tier 2 Berserker’s aura had undergone a massive transformation. Not only was his aura much stronger now, but it also no longer felt human.

However, this was still not the worst part.

The most important change was to the Berserker’s body!

Currently, the Berserker had four arms instead of two.

Of course, having an extra set of arms wasn’t necessarily a good thing as human minds weren’t accustomed to controlling more than one set of arms. If a person suddenly grew an extra set of arms, they’d have some difficulty controlling the new appendages. However, if the Berserker could control all four arms properly, he’d have a massive advantage in battle.

A player with four arms would be able to execute more varied attack methods than a player with a single set. The four-armed player could also commit two arms to offense and two to defense. If the Tier 2 Berserker could coordinate all four of his arms properly, his combat power would double at the very minimum.

Meanwhile, the various powers’ spectating members were dumbfounded by the Berserker’s transformation.

“What did he do?”

“Did he really use a Berserk Skill”?

“There’s such a Transformation Skill in God’s Domain as well?”

Curiosity filled the spectating crowd as they watched the transformed Tier 2 Berserker. Even the various superpowers’ upper echelons had no idea of what the Berserker had just done. In fact, the Berserker’s transformation had surprised them even more than watching Cola and Turtledove tank two Mythic Evil Beasts.

The Tier 2 Berserker’s transformation had shattered their understanding of God’s Domain.

Sure enough, he still had to use it? Lonely Lamp could not help but sigh when he saw Dark Bear, the Tier 2 Berserker, transform.

This was the Dark Hunters adventurer team’s greatest secret. Not many people knew about this transformation ability. However, now that they had revealed this secret to the public, their adventurer team would definitely face trouble in the future.

However, the Berserker’s decision to transform didn’t particularly surprise him. After all, Fire Dance had displayed extraordinary combat power. Had Dark Bear refused to transform, she would have likely killed him already.

Aside from Lonely Lamp and the other Dark Hunters’ members, only Shi Feng had a clear idea of what was happening as he watched the battle from Silverwing Town’s walls.

The Tier 2 Berserker’s transformation ability was known as Mutation in God’s Domain.

Mutation was a method of increasing one’s combat power by abandoning one’s human body. It was somewhat similar to Demon players’ Demonification. The transformation process had no time limit, and it could be activated and deactivated at any time.

To become a Mutated Player, one had to perform a particular ritual, which required the sacrifice of many players, even Dark Players.

In addition, despite being Dark Players themselves, Mutated Players hunted other Dark Players. They did so because it was the only way a Mutated Player could mutate further and grow stronger. This was akin to how Demon Players improved their ranks. Only, Mutated Players had more of a restriction than Demon Players.

Moreover, Mutated Players gained more combat power when they transformed than Demon Players.

This was because, in their Mutated form, Mutated Players would gain a body that was far more suitable for battle. Their Attributes and Life Ratings also increased. In return, physical control became more difficult. Mutated Players had a harder time remaining calm in their Mutated form, as well.

But one had to admit that Mutation allowed players to become extremely powerful!

Shi Feng had never expected to find a Mutated Player at this stage of the game.

By becoming a Mutated Player, players took a similar stance as the Evil God’s Temple, becoming antagonistic to both Dark and normal players. Furthermore, gaining a Mutation was incredibly difficult as the process couldn’t be conducted on the God’s Domain continent. Normally, Mutated Players would only appear after pathways between the continent and Otherworlds opened.

Back on the battlefield, after a short moment of silence, the transformed Berserker charged at Fire Dance.

Not only had the Berserker gained an extra set of arms after his transformation, but his Movement Speed and reaction speed had also undergone a qualitative transformation.

In the blink of an eye, the Berserker appeared before Fire Dance.

He then swung his one-handed axes down at the female Assassin, while his two longswords flew towards Fire Dance’s sides. The weapons moved so quickly that even Tier 2 players would barely be able to keep up with them.


As Dark Bear shouted, his arm muscles bulged, and his weapons’ speed increased even further.

Tier 2 Skill, Rock Smash!

Once Fire Dance recovered from her shock, she simply swung the Tier 3 Mana Dagger at the incoming axes, rather than activating a Lifesaving Skill to protect herself from the sudden assault.

Silver divine runes lit up along the dagger as it was about to collide with the axes.


Sparks scattered as the weapons collided, and the resulting impact’s shockwaves cracked and shattered the ground beneath the weapons.

Lonely Lamp and the other Dark Hunters, who watched from the sidelines, were dumbfounded by this scene.

Fire Dance’s attack had actually sent Dark Bear flying back by a full 15 yards. When Dark Bear landed, his arms, which wielded the two axes, trembled violently, whereas the axes themselves released a low hum. Meanwhile, a damage of more than -2,000 had appeared above Dark Bear’s head.

Although receiving -2,000 damage was nothing considerable since Dark Bear had over 100,000 HP after transforming, if this scene repeated, it’d only be a matter of time before Dark Bear died.

However, the most unbelievable aspect of the clash had to be the fact that Fire Dance had accomplished the feat without activating a Berserk Skill. After entering his Mutated form, Dark Bear’s Strength rose by 80%, yet he had still lost against Fire Dance’s Strength…

Is she a monster? Dark Bear wondered to himself as he stared at Fire Dance in shock.

Dark Bear could tell that Fire Dance had simply used the previous exchange to probe his Strength. She hadn’t used her full power. During that exchange, the Zero Wing Assassin hadn’t even used a Skill. Had Fire Dance applied a Skill to her previous attack, the power of her strike would’ve definitely been much stronger.

Had that attack struck his body, rather than his weapons, he would’ve likely lost at least 50% of his HP.

In other words, Fire Dance only needed two attacks to finish him off…

Even Lonely Lamp and the other party members now feared Fire Dance, watching her with somber expressions, not to mention Dark Bear.

Similarly, the outcome of the exchange between Dark Bear and Fire Dance had stupefied the crowd at the Primordial Divine Ruin. Based on the change in Dark Bear’s aura, they knew that the Berserker’s Basic Attributes had increased by a significant margin, yet his transformation was meaningless before Fire Dance.

However, what these players didn’t know was that the Strength Fire Dance could exert after sacrificing one point of Durability from her Tier 3 Mana Dagger was far beyond what any Berserk Skill could achieve.

“We can’t hold back against her! Everyone, transform! We need to finish her off quickly! If the other peak experts get here, we’ll be in trouble!” Lonely Lamp hurriedly commanded, losing his previous composure.

Fire Dance alone was already troublesome for them. If another of Zero Wing’s peak experts arrived, they would have no choice but to turn tail and flee.

After saying so, Lonely Lamp and the other four Dark Hunters took on their Mutated forms, but not all of them had grown an extra pair of arms like the Tier 2 Berserker. Lonely Lamp grew an extra pair of eyes, and his arms merged with the crystalline longbow he wielded. Overall, these players transformations suited their classes.

“You are the first player to single-handedly force our entire party to transform since we joined God’s Domain. But at the end of the day, you’re still just one person. As long as we ignore the risks, we will secure victory,” Lonely Lamp said, smirking at Fire Dance. He then retrieved 12 Black Arrows that radiated a horrific aura from his bag.

At this point, Lonely Lamp had no intention of holding anything back. He had found these twelve Black Arrows from an ancient ruin, and each of them had the power of a peak Tier 3 attack. They even posed a threat to Tier 4 existences.

“Is that so? What if you have to face two people?”

Suddenly, a dull voice reached the Dark Hunters from their surroundings, echoing powerfully in Lonely Lamp’s mind.

In the next moment, a massive spatial tear appeared beside Fire Dance. Shi Feng’s figure then slowly stepped out of the spatial tear.