Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1736 - Confrontation with the Dark Hunters

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Chapter 1736 – Confrontation with the Dark Hunters

On the chaotic battlefield, Cola and Turtledove continued to block the Evil Earth Dragons’ attacks. Meanwhile, the other Zero Wing members frantically cleared out the heavily injured Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, rapidly dwindling the army’s numbers.

The battle was thoroughly in Zero Wing’s favor.

Because of this, Zero Wing’s excitement continued to mount as they fought.

The Mana Weapons’ incredible Attack Power couldn’t compare to their normal weapons, and even though they were Tier 1 players, they completely overwhelmed the Lord ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

Although the slain monsters didn’t drop any loot, these players did receive a bountiful amount of EXP.

After fighting for just a short moment, their experience bars had grown by a noticeable chunk.

Upon reaching their level, they required a ridiculously high amount of EXP for each level-up. Sometimes, they’d grind for ten minutes straight without any noticeable change to their experience bars. Now, however, they should be able to gain enough EXP for a full level after fighting these Evil Demons and Evil Beasts for three hours or so.

With how generous the EXP was from killing these monsters, they had to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible.

Even the spectators at the Primordial Divine Ruin were jealous of Zero Wing’s members.

It was not very often players encountered such a large army of high-ranked monsters. Even if they did, most players did their best to stay out of the monsters’ way. Trying to fight such a powerful monster army guaranteed casualties, after all. The losses would completely outweigh the gains.

However, now that Zero Wing had Cola and Turtledove to pin down the Evil Earth Dragons, and Zero Wing’s other members had the strength to overwhelm the other Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, Zero Wing’s army could safely grind these enemy monsters. Why wouldn’t they be jealous of Zero Wing?

“It seems Beast Emperor has only failed again.” Quiet Melody could not help her bitter smile when she saw that the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts had begun to retreat.

After this battle, Beast Emperor wouldn’t be able to touch Zero Wing at the Primordial Divine Ruin again.

“Big Sis Melody, look over there. A few Dark Players seem to be charging into the battle,” Blue Jade said suddenly as she pointed at the six figures rushing into the heart of the battlefield with flying speed. “They must intend to attack Zero Wing.”

These six players were none other than the six from the Dark Hunters adventurer team.

“What a powerful concealment technique. Who are those people?” Quiet Melody watched the rapidly moving figures with astonishment.

As one of the Sacred Temple’s Vice Temple Masters, she had more than great combat power. She also possessed acute perception.

Although the six players hid their identities and appearances with Black Cloaks, Quiet Melody could tell that they were all Tier 2 players based on their movement. Tier 2 players had far higher Basic Attributes than Tier 1 players, and their mobility wasn’t something that Tier 1 players could hope to rival. Hence, it was very easy to differentiate between Tier 1 and Tier 2 players.

However, what truly surprised Quiet Melody was the six players’ movement technique.

All six moved with incredible stealth. As they weaved their way through the army of monsters, they were able to utilize the surrounding monsters’ bodies and auras to hide themselves. It was likely that even she wasn’t as adept at concealing herself and her aura as these six players were.

If not for her bird’s eye view of the battlefield, she wouldn’t have discovered these six players at all.

“What? The Dark Hunters are actually making a move?” Crimson Ghost, who had long since retreated from the battlefield, could not help his surprise when he noticed the six figures approach Zero Wing’s army.

At this point, Zero Wing’s superiority in this battle could not be any more obvious. There was no reason to continue this fight with the Guild, yet the six Dark Hunters insisted on doing so. Crimson Ghost was truly confused.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Wind Hunter had noticed the six Dark Hunters’ players moving towards Zero Wing’s army, as well.

“They’re going to strike?” Wind Hunter’s frown relaxed slightly.

Originally, he hadn’t planned on enlisting the help of the Dark Hunters adventurer team in this fight against Zero Wing. Beast Emperor had invited them. Moreover, Beast Emperor had even specifically instructed him not to provoke the Dark Hunters casually. It was clear that even Beast Emperor was a little afraid of this adventurer team known as the Dark Hunters.

Initially, Beast Emperor’s decision had left him slightly disgruntled, but after seeing that all six of the adventurer team’s representatives were Tier 2 players, his opinion of the Dark Hunters had changed slightly. When he had tried to fight one of these representatives, he had learned exactly how powerful these six players truly were.

If these six players were pitted against a 1,000-man team of ordinary Tier 1 experts, the expert army would suffer catastrophic losses even if the six eventually died.

When the six Dark Hunters had stated their intentions to hunt Zero Wing’s peak experts, he had agreed without hesitation because of this.

Originally, he had thought that the Dark Hunters had planned to abandon this fight like Crimson Horn’s members had. He never thought that the Dark Hunters would still make a move.

This was definitely good news for him.

As Wind Hunter considered his next move, the six Dark Hunters reached the edge of Zero Wing’s army.

“Start the attack!” the leading Ranger commanded as he watched a group of Zero Wing members.

The Ranger then retrieved the crystalline longbow from his bag, simultaneously firing nine arrows.

Combat technique – Nine-star Strike!

Suddenly, the nine arrows split and flew at nine different Zero Wing players. Moreover, every arrow targeted the players’ blind spots.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

Although the Ranger’s aim had been accurate, the nine Zero Wing members noticed the attacks and responded by swinging their weapons at the incoming projectiles.

However, they felt as if they had struck an immovable wall the moment their weapons touched the arrows. Not only did the resulting vibrations hurt their arms, but they were also forced to retreat.

The power the arrows contained could even rival a High Lord’s attack. As Tier 1 players, they wouldn’t be able to block such an attack unless they used their Berserk Skills.

However, Zero Wing’s ordinary experts all wielded Tier 2 Mana Weapons, which granted them great Strength. They could also stabilize their postures after retreating about four steps.

Unfortunately, before the nine Zero Wing members could locate their attacker, they noticed multiple Skills and Spells flying at them from multiple directions.

Before they could react, these Skills and Spells smashed into them.

Needless to say, these attacks had originated from the other five Dark Hunters.

The nine players from Zero Wing rapidly lost HP. Only the plate-armor classes retained around two-thirds of their HP, while the rest had more than 50%.

After the brief clash, the nine Zero Wing members realized that they had encountered a powerful foe. They immediately activated their Mana Weapons, attacking their ambushers.

Facing attacks that could rival the power of High Lords, the six Dark Hunters chose not to block the attacks directly, but to dodge or deflect them. This situation rendered the nine Zero Wing members utterly helpless about their current predicament.

Before the rear line healers could heal the nine injured players, the six Dark Hunters launched another wave of attacks, easily slipping past the Zero Wing members’ defenses and killing the nine experts instantly.

This shocked the nearby Zero Wing players.

Even the upper echelons from the various major powers, who watched from the Primordial Divine ruin, couldn’t help but gasp.

Too fast!

Although the nine players from Zero Wing had yet to reach the Refinement Realm, their Basic Attributes almost rivaled Tier 2 players. They should wield the Strength of a High Lord of the same level, yet the six Dark Hunters had effortlessly ended their lives.

Although the Dark Hunters’ status as Tier 2 players was part of the reason for their success, the various major powers’ upper echelons recognized the absolutely perfect coordination between the six players. Even if the nine targeted players had been Refinement Realm experts, the ambush’s outcome would likely have been the same.

After the nine Zero Wing members had died, they had dropped a total of 18 items, far more than normal. Three of these 18 items were Tier 2 Mana Weapons.

“Good! We’re retreating!” the leading Ranger commanded after snatching up a Tier 2 Mana Weapon. He then turned and fled.

The other five Dark Hunters nodded in response. They wanted to kill more players, but since their party leader had ordered the retreat, they had to obey. Following which, they dully picked up an item closest to them and fled back into the Evil Demon and Evil Beast army.

But just as the six players melded into the monster army, a figure leaped out of Zero Wing’s forces and blocked the Dark Hunters’ path.

This figure was none other than Fire Dance!

“Do you think that you can leave so easily after killing our Guild members?” Fire Dance demanded as she swept a glance over the six Dark Hunters, a cold glint flashing in her eyes.