Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1735 - A Nest of Monsters?

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Chapter 1735 – A Nest of Monsters?

The nearby Crimson Horn members couldn’t help but gasp when they players push the Evil Earth Dragons’ titanic frames backward by over 20 yards. They were as shocked as if they had witnessed two ants push back a tiger and a lion.

“How is this even possible?!”

“Is Zero Wing just a nest of monsters?!”

Both Crimson Horn’s members and the various spectating players at the Primordial Divine Ruin were at a loss for words.

Aside from how massive the Evil Earth Dragons were, just the fact that they possessed the Strength of Mythic monsters should make them impossible for players to go up against.

Watching Black Flame kill a Mythic Evil Demon had been scary enough, yet two more monstrous players had risen in Zero Wing…

“No! This can’t be possible! They must’ve used some kind of special potion to boost their Strength! They can’t keep this up for long!” Wind Hunter’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when he saw the Evil Earth Dragons slide back. He was sure that Cola and Turtledove must have used some special method to grant them the Strength to face Mythic monsters for a short time.

There were certain tools in God’s Domain that could grant players extraordinary power for a short time. Even Wind Hunter had such a tool in his possession, but it wasn’t strong enough to allow him to go toe-to-toe with a Mythic monster.

As for the possibility that Zero Wing actually had two more players on Black Flame’s level, that was simply absurd. He absolutely refused to believe that Zero Wing could produce three experts that could contend with Mythic monsters on their own.

Thinking up to this point, he commanded the Evil Earth Dragons to continue their assault against the two Guardian Knights.

Once the two Mythic Evil Beasts had stabilized themselves, they whipped their tails at the two MTs.

The massive tails swept up a powerful storm as they moved, forming a pitch-black rift wherever they passed.

Faced with such an attack, even a Tier 2 MT with their Lifesaving Skill activated would risk an instant death if they took the strike head-on. However, Cola and Turtledove remained unfazed as they swung their Tier 3 Mana Weapons again.

Two silver lights then clashed with the Evil Earth Dragons’ colossal tails as two loud explosions echoed across the battlefield. Even the crowd at the Primordial Divine Ruin, which was over a thousand yards away, could clearly hear the explosions.

This time, neither side had gained an advantage over the other by the time the clash ended. However, the ground beneath them had cracked, the fractures extending out over 20 yards away. The frightening display of power made the watching players shudder.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Despite the clash ending in a draw, neither side wanted to give up the fight. For a time, both sides exchanged one blow after another.

Meanwhile, the surrounding Zero Wing members massacred Evil Demons and Evil Beasts in a frenzy. Any Zero Wing member could solo a Great Lord, dealing around -50,000 damage with their attacks. As for Aqua Rose, Alluring Summer, Blackie, and Violet Cloud, who wielded Tier 3 Mana weapons, their Spells easily dealt over -100,000 damage to their targets, with some dealing over -200,000 damage. From time to time, they would also use large-scale destruction Spells, causing hundreds of thousands of damage to a clump of monsters.

Although the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts greatly outnumbered Zero Wing’s army, the army of 2,000-plus players had them completely outmatched. Before even 30 seconds had passed since the battle began, over 100 weakened Chieftains and Lords were killed already.

None of the spectating powers had expected this battle to take this turn.

They had assumed that Zero Wing would rely on its Magic Towers to protect itself. They had never thought that Zero Wing’s members actually possessed such extraordinary strength.

If the rest of Zero Wing’s force weren’t busy with the other Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, the small army would definitely slay the two Evil Earth Dragons.

“With such power, it’s no wonder why they had no interest in our partnership offers.” Quiet Melody, who sat in an open-air restaurant in the Primordial Divine Ruin, could not help but reveal a bitter smile as she watched Cola and Turtledove fight the Evil Earth Dragons.

She had thought that Zero Wing was trying to keep up appearances by refusing the various superpowers’ offers for cooperation and would only lower its head after Beast Emperor’s forces had cornered the Guild.

However, with Zero Wing’s current display of strength, it certainly qualified to protect Silverwing Town without help. Not even the various superpowers could deal with Mythic ranked monsters so easily. With the five Magic Towers’ absurdly long attack range, Zero Wing should have no problems defending Silverwing Town even after the town’s protection period.

That damned Wind Hunter! He nearly made us enemies with Zero Wing! Fortunately, we haven’t actually fought Zero Wing’s members yet. We should still have time to escape Zero Wing’s notice. Crimson Ghost could not help but glare at the distant Wind Hunter as he watched the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts’ extermination.

Zero Wing’s strength was nothing like what Wind Hunter had told him.

Every one of Zero Wing’s experts was ridiculously strong. Not even a Tier 2 player like him dared to face Cola and Turtledove head-on. With the MTs incredible destructive power, they could likely kill him in one hit. The fight before him could no longer be described as a battle. This was basically a one-sided slaughter.

When Crimson Ghost recalled how he had lost over 100 Guild experts, he truly felt fortunate.

If not for that incident, he wouldn’t have given the command to retreat. Had his army of 2,000 players assaulted Zero Wing’s members, the consequences would’ve been disastrous.

Seeing Zero Wing’s frightening combat power also instilled an indescribable shock in Crimson Ghost. Not even the super-first-rate Guilds that ruled over the Dark Night Empire were capable of fielding such a powerful player army.

Yet, an up-and-coming Guild from Star-Moon Kingdom had accomplished just that. Moreover, based on his investigations, Zero Wing didn’t have the support of any backers.

Meanwhile, the six cloaked players from the Dark Hunters rested in a corner of the battlefield. After observing the battle for some time, the Ranger carrying a crystalline longbow shook his head.

“This won’t do. Zero Wing’s members are much stronger than we anticipated. We’re canceling our plans to plunder their weapons temporarily.”

“Leader, although Zero Wing is clearly stronger than we had assumed, it isn’t entirely impossible to kill the Guild’s ordinary experts. Those experts haven’t even reached Tier 2 yet. We can simply kill them and flee. The commander definitely won’t let us off the hook if we fail this mission.”

Although the Ranger leading this party wanted to cancel the operation, the other five members shook their heads, objecting to the idea.

When they thought about how frightening their commander was, in particular, and the punishment awaiting them if they failed, they couldn’t help but shudder. Their party leader might be able to bear the penalty, but they couldn’t.

Hearing his party members’ objections, the Ranger glanced at Zero Wing’s ordinary experts. As his party members had said, although these Zero Wing players had higher Basic Attributes than theirs, their combat standards were lacking; they hadn’t even reached the Half-step Refinement Realm yet.

Most importantly, these ordinary experts were all Tier 1 players.

The differences between Tier 1 players and Tier 2 players weren’t limited to Basic Attributes. There was also a massive gap between their Skills and physiques.

With the strength of their six-man party, they should be able to pick off a few of these ordinary experts before departing safely.

Based on his observations, there were fewer than ten players on Zero Wing’s side that could pose a threat to their party. The others weren’t a problem.

“Fine! But finish things quickly! Flee as soon as you get your hands on their weapons!” the Ranger said, nodding after giving the matter some thought.

Their mission required that they obtain the weapons Zero Wing’s peak experts wielded, but trying to kill Cola and the others was too much of a challenge right now. On the off chance that Zero Wing’s peak experts surrounded them, their deaths would be almost certain. If they targeted the weaker experts, though, they’d have higher chances of success.

Although they wouldn’t obtain the weapons Zero Wing’s peak experts wielded, at least they wouldn’t return empty-handed.

Under the Ranger’s lead, the Dark Hunters’ 6-man party charged towards Zero Wing’s members, who were embroiled in a battle with the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.