Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1734 - Silverwing's Might

Chapter 1734: Silverwing's Might

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The light pillar that had blasted into the Evil Demon and Evil Beast army had only stopped expanding after it had covered a 100-yard radius. It then gradually disappeared.

As the beam attack's horrific energy scattered, the fading light revealed a massive crater in the field the monster army occupied. Only the Chieftain rank and above Evil Demons and Evil Beasts remained alive, while all else had been burned to ash.

A single attack had killed hundreds of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, and every surviving monster was heavily injured, drastically decreasing their combat powers. Not even the Grand Lords that had received the attack had been spared.

Seeing this, the players at the distant Primordial Divine Ruin gaped in shock.

That had been too powerful!

The power of that attack could practically rival that of a Tier 4 Spell.

"What's going on?!"

"Didn't they say that Silverwing Town's Magic Towers should only have an attack range of roughly 1,500 yards?!"

The expressions of Crimson Horn's members darkened as they stared at the crater only a short distance away.

Had the beam attack's been shifted slightly, it would have killed more than just Evil Demons and Evil Beasts. The death count would have included players like them, as well.

Crimson Horn's members weren't the only ones horrified by this sudden attack. The various superpowers' members fell into heated discussions, finding Silverwing Town's attack inconceivable.

"How does that Magic Tower have such a long attack range?" Cuttlefish wore an ugly look as he stared at the fading light pillar.

He had thought that Beast Emperor would force Zero Wing into a corner, preventing the Guild's members from setting foot in the Primordial Divine Ruin. However, with such an increased attack range on the town's Magic Towers, even reaching the ruin itself, Beast Emperor was powerless to stop Zero Wing's members from competing for entry slots.

After all, the Magic Towers' attacks were extraordinarily powerful. If Beast Emperor sent his minions to block Zero Wing's path, the Guild would retaliate without mercy. If the Magic Towers struck too many times, even Mythic ranked monsters would fall, much less the lower-ranked monsters.

Before anyone could recover from their shock, another of Silverwing Town's Mana Towers began to gather Mana. Two seconds later, another black-white light pillar ascended into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, another energy beam struck the Evil Demon and Evil Beast army, opening another clearing amidst the monsters…

"Damn it! How is this happening?!" Wind Hunter's heart bled as he watched his Evil Demons and Evil Beasts fall by the hundreds.

He had gone to great lengths to nurture these Evil Demons and Evil Beasts. He could accept their deaths if their deaths had meaning, but right now, they were nothing more than living targets for Zero Wing.

As Wind Hunter prepared to issue a new command, another beam attack slammed into his monster army.


This time, the attack had taken the lives of more than just a large number of Evil Demons and Beasts. Some of Crimson Horn's members hidden among the monster ranks had died instantly.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" Crimson Ghost shouted through the team chat with an ashen complexion.

Dark Guilds had far fewer members than ordinary Guilds. A very powerful Dark Guild generally only had around 30,000 members. Crimson Horn had barely over that count. For this operation, Crimson Horn had dispatched 2,000 expert members, nearly every expert in the Guild.

And that last beam attack had killed over 100 Crimson Horn experts…

At this moment, Crimson Ghost developed a deep hatred for Wind Hunter.

Because of Wind Hunter's misinformation, Crimson Horn had lost over 100 experts for no good reason.

As Dark Players, the death penalty they suffered was much more severe than ordinary players. Even though their alignment with the dark forces would lighten their death penalty slightly, it was still harsher than what ordinary players faced. Now that over 100 Crimson Horn experts had been killed, the Guild had lost over 5% of its peak combatants.

If they suffered another blow like that, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Just as Crimson Horn's members began to retreat, Zero Wing's members flooded out of Silverwing Town.

Although only a little over 2,000 Guild members had emerged, every one of them rode a majestic Thunder Wolf. The spectacular scene of 2,000-plus Thunder Wolves stunned both the spectators and Wind Hunter's group.

"Bastards!" Wind Hunter bellowed in rage as he watched Zero Wing's army charge towards him.

After bombarding his army with the Magic Towers, Zero Wing actually took it a step further and sent its members to pursue his remaining forces. It was obvious that Zero Wing wanted to show everyone that the Evil God's Temple was not a foe worth worrying about. To make matters worse, Zero Wing had only dispatched a little over 2,000 members for the pursuit.

If news of this spread, the Evil God's Temple's prestige would be tarnished. The temple would become a laughing stock in the Orc Empire.

Immediately, Wind Hunter had his Evil Demons and Evil Beasts charge at Zero Wing's army, even going as far as to mobilize two Mythic Evil Beasts.

Although the Magic Towers' attacks were powerful, they couldn't easily take down Mythic ranked monsters. In fact, the two Mythic Evil Beasts would have no problems escaping the battlefield even after annihilating Zero Wing's force.

Moreover, with how far the Magic Towers could reach, Zero Wing wouldn't dare to fire on the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts as they clashed with the Guild's members.

Suddenly, one Level 60-plus Evil Demon and Evil Beast charged towards the incoming players, but before they could reach their targets, two more beam attacks plowed into the monsters' frontline. The beams wiped out any Elites and Special Elites they struck while leaving the rest heavily injured.

After the two beam attacks descended, Zero Wing's members, who wielded Mana Weapons, finally made contact with the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts. The moment they did, they started a slaughter.

The Zero Wing experts wielding Tier 2 Mana Weapons could fight a Lord ranked Evil Demon or Evil Beast, even when the monsters were at their peak, toe-to-toe. Hence, the weakened Chieftains and Lords posed no threat to Zero Wing's melee players. In addition, the ranged DPS provided cover fire, and the healers maintained everyone's HPs from the rear. Overall, the first wave of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts that met Zero Wing's army in combat was no match for Zero Wing's army.

Finally, the two Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons arrived before Zero Wing's forces, their massive frames looming like two mountains.

The Evil Earth Dragons then released deafening roars as they swiped their massive claws at the enemy players.

However, before their claws could reach the melee players before them, two figures appeared before each monster. One of these figures was Cola, while the other was Turtledove, and the two MTs had already activated the Power of Darkness, increasing their Attributes significantly. Silver divine runes illuminated the Tier 3 Mana Weapons in their hands, and once the two Guardian Knights reached the Evil Earth Dragons, they swung these weapons at the incoming claws.

Tier 2 Skill, Divine Adjudication!

A golden glow bloomed before the two Guardian Knights as the two Evil Earth Dragons' gigantic claws abruptly halted mid-swing. No matter how much force they used, they couldn't even move their claws an inch farther. After a brief moment, two explosions shook the area.

The two Level 75 Evil Earth Dragons stumbled five steps back, and the ground beneath them trembled as they moved.

Before the Mythic Evil Beasts could recover their stances, Cola and Turtledove advanced once again and arrived before their targets. They then swung their weapons, and the silver divine runes covering the Tier 3 Mana Weapons brightened as the blades fell on their targets.

Tier 2 Skill, Dragon Annihilator!

Tier 2 Skill, Current Blade!

Cola and Turtledove used their respective Legacy Skills without hesitation.

The moment their attacks connected with the Evil Earth Dragons, the two Mythic monsters let out agonizing cries as they were pushed back by 20 yards, a damage of over -800,000 appearing above each of their heads. Although the Evil Earth Dragons' HP bars had only decreased by a very small fraction, barely noticeable to ordinary players, expert players with acute perception noticed the change.

The players watching from the Primordial Divine Ruin were frozen with shock, staring at Cola and Turtledove with dumbfounded expressions.