Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1732 - The Effect of Five Magic Towers

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Chapter 1732 – The Effect of Five Magic Towers

Silverwing Town’s sudden transformation immediately attracted the attention of the various major powers at the Primordial Divine Ruin.

“What’s going on with Silverwing Town? It’s actually causing such a powerful Mana drain!” Cuttlefish, who was observing Zero Wing’s newly built town from an open-air restaurant in the Primordial Divine Ruin, was filled with confusion.

Although Silverwing Town appeared to be located right beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, in reality, over a thousand yards separated the two locations.

Despite the distance, the commotion in Silverwing Town affected even the Primordial Divine Ruin.

If the rise in Mana density in the Primordial Divine Ruin was already so remarkable, what about inside Silverwing Town?

After thinking up to this point, Cuttlefish could not help but shudder.

Nowadays, the understanding that superpowers had towards the effects of Mana density was different from before. After conducting extensive research in libraries and live experiments, they had already discovered just how valuable locations with high Mana density were.

Areas with high Mana concentrations did not only help players maintain a calm mind, allowing them to display greater combat power in return, but also accelerated the recovery of players’ Stamina and Concentration. This situation enabled players to practice their combat techniques for extended periods without having to worry about running out of Stamina and Concentration.

Meanwhile, the execution of combat techniques was different from that of Spells and Skills. In the case of Spells and Skills, one could activate them properly so long as the general movements were correct. In the case of combat techniques, however, one’s movements needed to be extremely precise. Otherwise, the combat technique would do more harm than good to the user. In short, the difficulty of executing a combat technique was much greater than activating Skills and Spells. One required arduous practice just to learn to execute a combat technique properly.

Hence, if one wished to practice a combat technique efficiently, having an environment that boosted Stamina and Concentration regeneration was a must.

“Uncle Cuttlefish, a report just came in from our scouts. It seems Zero Wing has constructed Magic Towers in Silverwing Town. Moreover, the Guild built five Magic Towers in one go…” a crimson-armored Tier 2 Berserker standing beside Cuttlefish reported.

“Five Magic Towers? Did they see correctly?” Cuttlefish revealed a stunned expression when he heard this. For a moment, he even wondered if he had misheard.

“It’s true. They’ve sent a video recording. There are indeed five Magic Towers in the town,” the Tier 2 Berserker replied, a bitter smile appearing on his face. He, too, had hoped that there was a mistake in the report. However, after watching the video recording, he couldn’t deny this fact even if he wanted to.

“How is this possible?!” Cuttlefish’s complexion darkened as he watched the video recording the Tier 2 Berserker forwarded to him. “Wasn’t it stated that each Magic Tower Design allowed the construction of only five Magic Towers?”

At this point in time, the various large Guilds were no longer strangers to the Magic Tower.

After the first Magic Tower appeared in Stone Forest Town, the various large Guilds had fervently searched for information about it, especially since the Magic Tower’s existence allowed Stone Forest Town to become the number one town in Star-Moon Kingdom. In addition, as an Advanced Defensive Construction, the Magic Tower provided the town with considerable defensive power.

Even until now, the Crimson Emperor Guild had yet to build a single Magic Tower. Nevertheless, five Magic Towers had now appeared in Silverwing Town simultaneously. This was simply unbelievable.

With these five Magic Towers, Silverwing Town’s defensive power had increased significantly. Even if Beast Emperor wanted to destroy Silverwing Town, he would face an uphill struggle to do so. Not to mention, with the drastically heightened Mana density, Silverwing Town’s popularity among players would definitely increase even further.

While inside a neutral map, players’ Stamina and Concentration depleted very quickly. And even if they returned to an NPC town or city to recover, a full recovery would take quite a long time. Meanwhile, the increased Mana density would significantly shorten the amount of time needed for players to recover, granting players more time to grind and do quests. One could just imagine how attractive Silverwing Town would be to the players trying to develop in the Orc Empire.

With this, Crimson Emperor would also have much greater difficulty in acquiring the shares of Silverwing Town.

At this moment, besides Cuttlefish of Crimson Emperor, members of the other superpowers present in the Primordial Divine Ruin were also frowning at this situation.

“Damn it! Just where did Zero Wing obtain another Magic Tower Design from?!”

The upper echelons of the various superpowers were filled with envy as they looked at the five Magic Towers of Silverwing Town. Right now, even a fool could tell that Silverwing Town had a promising future ahead of it.

News about Silverwing Town having five Magic Towers spread like wildfire. For a time, the expert players that had been hesitating over developing themselves in the Orc Empire started migrating to the empire in large numbers.

Meanwhile, inside Silverwing Town…

So, this is the effect of having five Magic Towers in a single town? Shi Feng was a little surprised as he felt the density of the ambient Mana. He also noticed an additional buff appearing in his status window.

[Spirited State]

If you remain in this state for five hours, your EXP gain will increase by 30% for one hour. If you remain in this state for ten hours, your EXP gain will increase by 30% for two hours.

Shi Feng’s eyes glowed when he read the description of this buff.

Moreover, aside from this additional buff, the five Magic Towers also received a boost to their Attack Range, their defensive radius now covering 6,000 yards.

Shi Feng had never imagined that constructing five Magic Towers in a single town would bring such bonuses. This was his first time learning about such a matter.

However, this was also a reasonable situation. After all, Magic Towers were incredibly precious. This was true even after ten years had passed in God’s Domain. In his previous life, the various superpowers would split the Magic Towers they had to as many towns as possible. Even in important towns and cities, they would construct three Magic Towers at most. Nobody had been willing to spend an entire Magic Tower Design on a single location.

If the various large Guilds in his previous life had found out that there was such a benefit from constructing five Magic Towers in a single location, most likely every Guild that acquired a Magic Tower Design would spend it entirely on a single town or city.

After all, in Stone Forest Town, one needed to stay in a hotel to acquire this Spirited State buff. Yet, now, just being inside Silverwing Town granted players the buff. Only, the effects of the buff were inferior to the one gained by staying in Stone Forest Town’s hotels, as the 30% increased EXP gain lasted only two hours.

Even so, this buff was still extremely valuable.

Now that such a benefit was available for free, the number of players willing to visit Silverwing Town would definitely increase even further. Most likely, the town would be able to develop into an Intermediate Town within a short period.

Afterward, Shi Feng called out Silverwing Town’s system interface and allowed access to non-Guild members.

“Quick, look! Silverwing Town is now open to the public!”

Some observers quickly noticed the change in the town’s status.

Suddenly, countless players swarmed into the town.

“I’m in a Spirited State?! What’s going on?!”

“Is this a joke? We can accumulate two hours of increased EXP gain buff just by staying inside Silverwing Town?”

“All hail Zero Wing!”

The players that entered Silverwing Town could not help but gape in shock when they looked at their status windows.

Originally, Silverwing Town was already a very attractive location for players. After all, it not only boasted a higher Mana density than even Stone Forest Town but was also located right beside the Primordial Divine Ruin. Now that players could even gain the Spirited State buff just by being in the town, Silverwing Town was basically heaven for players.

Within just a few minutes of opening to the public, Silverwing Town’s player population had already shot past 100,000. Moreover, this number continued to skyrocket. The player population would most likely zoom past 200,000 before the hour was over.

“Guild Leader, we detected a large number of players and Evil Beasts heading in our direction through the Magic Towers. Many among these players are Dark Players. By the looks of it, they are planning to camp outside the Primordial Divine Ruin and start a war of attrition with us,” Aqua Rose said, frowning as she looked at the approaching Evil Beasts and Dark Players through the crystal ball of a Magic Tower.

“Beast Emperor sure is persistent.” Shi Feng could not help but chuckle as he looked at the images Aqua Rose sent him. “Since that is the case, if they dare come close to the Primordial Divine Ruin, make sure to give them a proper greeting using the Magic Towers!”