Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1729 - Building Up Silverwing Town

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Chapter 1729 – Building Up Silverwing Town

“Guild Leader, both the Battle Arenas in Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing City are crowded with players right now. If we split some of these Magic Towers to our other locations, we’ll definitely increase our profit margins from both Battle Arenas. Silverwing Town is only Basic rank right now. It can only accommodate so many players at a time. It wouldn’t be wise to build all five Magic Towers here,” Aqua Rose advised. “Moreover, concentrating all of our resources in a single location won’t be good for the Guild’s development. If we share some with the Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire, developing Snow’s side will proceed far more smoothly.”

Zero Wing was the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom, but that wasn’t the case in the Black Dragon Empire.

Not only did the empire have plenty of large Guilds, but it also had more than enough first-rate Guilds. The competition between Guilds in the empire was intense. Although large-scale Guild wars weren’t frequent, small skirmishes involving teams of hundreds occurred almost daily. If Zero Wing wished to increase its influence in the empire, it would have to get involved in even more skirmishes. Meanwhile, this would no doubt increase the Guild’s expenditure.

After fighting in multiple and consecutive large-scale wars, Zero Wing had exhausted most of its savings. Unlike other kingdoms and empires’ various large Guilds, Zero Wing no longer had a reserve of funds and resources it could rely on to develop steadily.

The situation in the Black Dragon Empire was much more stable than in Star-Moon Kingdom. Aside from small skirmishes, the Guilds in the empire didn’t really encounter a lot of problems in their development. As a result, Guilds there developed much quicker than the Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom. The empire’s Guild players had much higher equipment level and quality than that of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Guild players. Many of the empire’s Guild experts had also begun challenging their Tier 2 Promotion Quests. In fact, the first-rate Guilds there had even started raiding Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

“There’s no need for that right now. Silverwing Town takes precedence over everything. When we have enough resources, try to build as many Defense Turrets in the town as possible,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “While Silverwing Town has already been established, it’s still uncertain if Zero Wing can actually defend it.”

Although there were plenty of resources available in the Black Dragon Empire, the Orc Empire’s Primordial Divine Ruin was much more important.

It might be a different story if the Orc Empire’s Primordial Divine Ruin was an ordinary one, but housing a passage to Primordial City increased its value by several times. Stone Forest Town couldn’t compare to Silverwing Town’s potential value.

Previously, Stone Forest Town had only managed to attract so many players because the Stoneclaw Mountains turned into a Regional Dungeon. After players reached Level 50, the Stoneclaw Mountains weren’t accessible to them. However, a Primordial Divine Ruin that was connected to Primordial City would never fall behind the times.

Even superpowers had gone all-out to monopolize Primordial Divine Ruins with a pathway to Primordial City.

This was because Primordial City offered quite a bit of help to players as they challenged their Promotion Quests. Although players received less help from Primordial City as they reached higher tiers, as long as the city was even the slightest bit helpful, it was still extremely valuable.

The various superpowers had yet to realize the true value of Primordial City. They merely treated it as a source of combat techniques and some other valuable resources. Hence, they still held a wait-and-see attitude in regard to Silverwing Town. Once they discovered Primordial City’s true value, however, they would do everything they could to obtain Silverwing Town. Beast Emperor would be the least of Zero Wing’s worries…

Zero Wing needed to strengthen Silverwing Town to the best of its abilities.

Aqua Rose gawked at Shi Feng’s reply. She felt that Shi Feng was simply insane. Not only did he want to build five Magic Towers in Silverwing Town, but he even planned on constructing a large number of Defense Turrets. Was he trying to turn Silverwing Town into a fortress?

If the other Guild’ upper echelons found out, they would definitely curse Shi Feng’s wasteful behavior.

Seeing as Shi Feng had no intention of changing his mind, Aqua Rose gave up on persuading him and started designating work for the Basic and Intermediate Architects.

As Silverwing Town had just recently been built, aside from some basic constructions and a few wandering NPCs, the town had practically nothing in it.

Fortunately, Aqua Rose had brought over 600 Basic and Intermediate Architects with her this time, and since they only had to build basic constructions, their building speed was extremely fast.

The players observing Silverwing Town from afar quickly discovered the emergence of bars, hotels, smithies, restaurants, and Shops in the town’s empty spaces one after another.

When they saw the smithies in the town, their eyes glowed with excitement.

Although they could obtain a lot of resources and Contribution Points from fighting in the Orc Empire, fighting the empire’s monsters put an unprecedented burden on their weapons and equipment. At most, their weapons could last through one day of grinding.

Despite the Orc Empire being such a large map, Guilds had only captured four towns thus far. Moreover, all four of the Guild Towns were in the empire’s outer area. If they wanted a fruitful harvest, they needed to grind in the neutral map’s inner area at the very least. A round trip between the empire’s inner and outer areas took over ten hours even on a Mount. During the trip, there was even a risk of encountering a mid-sized or large-sized Orc patrol squad. If a team came across such a patrol squad, it would either get annihilated or suffer severe losses.

On the other hand, not only was Silverwing Town located right beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, but it was also close to the empire’s inner area. Even if they couldn’t enter the Primordial Divine Ruin, they could travel into the Orc Empire’s inner area via Silverwing Town.

Shi Feng reached the Guild Hall’s first underground floor.

Standing inside the magic array carved in the center of the floor, Shi Feng took out the Hero’s Chapter to summon Craig Midlands.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to use this Hero’s Chapter on Zero Wing City. However, to increase Silverwing Town’s security, he decided to use it on his newly-acquired town instead.

He placed the Hero’s Chapter on the magic array’s core and started chanting the activation sequence.

System: Discovered Specified Hero’s Chapter. Do you wish to pay 3,000 Magic Crystal to summon the specified hero?

Three thousand crystals?! How fraudulent! Shi Feng was astonished by the price.

Even during his previous life, the most expensive Specified Hero he summoned only cost 1,000 Magic Crystals. However, that wasn’t the worst part. After all, to the current Zero Wing, 3,000 Magic Crystals was nothing at all.

It was a different story if this was the cost of summoning a Hero via a Hero’s Chapter. After players summoned a Hero, they had to pay half the summoning cost every day to maintain the Hero’s Mana Body.

In other words, after summoning Craig Midlands, he would have to pay 1,500 Magic Crystals every day to maintain the Hero’s existence.

This price was the equivalent of three Magic Towers’ operating cost!

In the end, however, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and chose to proceed with the summoning.

Immediately, 3,000 Magic Crystals vanished from Shi Feng’s bag space. The Mana inside the Guild Hall rapidly gathered in the magic array, visibly condensing into white mist. The mist further condensed into Liquid Mana, which gradually on a human form. Once the human form was complete, the Liquid Mana released a blinding glow.

The Hero’s Chapter, which hovered above the magic array, transformed into lines of divine runes that merged with the Liquid Mana.

Once the divine runes had fully merged with the Liquid Mana, the blinding glow dissipated. When Shi Feng opened his eyes again, he saw a middle-aged man before him. The middle-aged man was clad in white robes and wore a golden crown. He also wielded a purple-gold, crystalline staff.

Taking a closer look, Shi Feng noticed white mist made of Mana circulating the middle-aged man’s body. It was as if the Elemental Mana within the floor had submitted to this middle-aged man and moved at the man’s will.

So, this is the Magic King Craig Midlands? Shi Feng could feel that even if he had the Attributes of a Level 66, Tier 3 player right now, he was still insignificant before the Level 66, Tier 3 Magic King.

Before Shi Feng could inspect Craig Midlands’s Attribute Panel, he received a series of system announcements.