Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1728 - Silverwing Town

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Chapter 1728 – Silverwing Town

As Shi Feng set foot in the town, the patrolling NPCs didn’t move to stop him.

However, once he reached the town’s Guild Residence, a middle-aged man in dark-blue robes appeared before Shi Feng. The logo of a silver sword had been embroidered on the chest of this man’s robe.

This middle-aged man was one of the senior administrators from White River City’s Adventurer’s Association. Although the man was only Tier 2, he had reached Level 150.

“Lord Protector, we have constructed your town according to your wishes. If there are no problems, please write its name on this Town Order,” the NPC senior administrator said after approaching Shi Feng.

System: Please name your town. If you fail to do so within five minutes, a name will be automatically generated.

A name, huh?

After Shi Feng accepted the Town Order and pondered for a short moment, he entered the name of his new town on the Town Order.


Since there was already a Zero Wing City in Star-Moon Kingdom, he couldn’t name the town ‘Zero Wing Town.’. Meanwhile, as this town developed as a neutral town, it would definitely become well-known. Hence, to ensure that everyone knew that it belonged to Zero Wing, and to increase the Guild’s popularity, Shi Feng decided to name the town based on Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem, the silver, six-winged emblem.

System: Naming successful. Your town is now Silverwing Town.

Once Shi Feng named his new town, the nearby players watching received a system notification.

System: You have discovered Silverwing Town.

When the surrounding players tried to inspect the town, a window popped up, stating that the town belonged to Zero Wing and wasn’t yet open to the public.

Since the town wasn’t open to the public, the town’s NPC guards would kill any outsider that ventured too close.

“Sure enough, it really is Zero Wing’s town.”

“Zero Wing is set for life. With their town right next to the Primordial Divine Ruin, any Guild or player that wants to explore the ruin will likely have to gather in Silverwing Town. Zero Wing’s development will definitely soar now.”

“I know, right? Aside from Silverwing Town, there isn’t anywhere to rest near the Primordial Divine Ruin. Zero Wing will make a fortune on the repair fees alone.”

For a time, the various large Guilds and adventurer teams were truly jealous of Zero Wing.

Many Guilds had already shifted the focus of their development to neutral maps, and as a result, neutral towns had become astronomically valuable. This was even more true for a neutral town beside a Primordial Divine Ruin. Silverwing Town’s value could likely rival that of four or more ordinary neutral towns.

Meanwhile, the scouts the various large Guilds and adventurer teams had stationed to watch the new town beside the ruin immediately reported the latest development to their superiors.

“Silverwing Town?” Cuttlefish, one of Crimson Emperor’s Elders, caressed his white beard as he looked at Silverwing Town from a short distance away.

“Uncle Cuttlefish, many Guilds are trying to partner with Zero Wing right now. Should we send someone to contact the Guild as well?” a Level 51, Tier 2 Berserker beside Cuttlefish asked. The Berserker wore dark-red armor and carried a double-edged battle axe.

“No, let’s wait for a while,” Cuttlefish said, shaking his head. “Although Zero Wing has built a town beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, Beast Emperor isn’t someone to be taken lightly.

“Moreover, this is a neutral map. There is simply too much profit involved with Silverwing Town. Even if Beast Emperor doesn’t make a move, I doubt that the other superpowers will sit still. Whether or not Zero Wing can keep its town after the protection period is uncertain.”

Hearing Cuttlefish’s thoughts, realization dawned on the Tier 2 Berserker. At the same time, a hint of pity also surfaced in his gaze as he looked at Silverwing Town.

God’s Domain was a cruel place.

In God’s Domain, holding a treasure without the power to protect it was a sin. Although Zero Wing had shown the world its extraordinary strength, this kind of power was short-lived. Powerful tools couldn’t be used indefinitely.

Like Zero Wing, many such Guilds had risen in the virtual gaming world in the past, and they had been incredibly successful, developing rapidly by using various means and resources. Unfortunately, due to their lack of a sturdy foundation, they had become a target for stronger forces, struck down before they could become a superpower.

Whether or not Zero Wing protected Silverwing Town could be considered a test for the Guild.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng entered Silverwing Town’s Guild Residence, he began to set up the Guild Residence Teleportation Magic Array.

Once he finished and made teleportation to Silverwing Town via Guild Transfer Scrolls possible, he instructed Aqua Rose to bring all of the architects he had requested and a large number of elite members to the town.

When the group emerged from the Guild Residence, seeing Silverwing Town for the first time, they could not help but grow excited, especially the elite members.

With Silverwing Town, they’d have a much easier time getting into the Primordial Divine Ruin. After all, the town was so close to the ruin. Their Guild would have a massive advantage over the other powers when contesting over entry slots. Even elite members like them might get the chance to enter the ruin, not to mention the Guild’s expert players.

If they were lucky, they might even get to visit Primordial City.

“Guild Leader, everyone’s here. We can begin constructing the hotels and smithies right away,” Aqua Rose excitedly reported as she walked up to Shi Feng.

Although Zero Wing had earned quite a lot of Coins through Zero Wing City, Coins were only Coins. A lot of Coins didn’t necessarily equate a lot of resources. Furthermore, Zero Wing’s range of influence was much smaller than first-rate Guilds’ and superpowers’. This greatly limited the Guild’s ability to collect and purchase resources.

However, Zero Wing now had Silverwing Town. With a treasure trove of resources like the Primordial Divine Ruin right beside the town, Zero Wing would have a much easier time acquiring the resources it needed. Most importantly, players had long since passed the Stoneclaw Mountain’s level range. As a result, Stone Forest Town’s popularity had started to wane. Nowadays, Stone Forest Town’s development was entirely reliant on its Battle Arena and Advanced Auction House. Its ability to collect resources was growing weaker.

The rise of Silverwing Town just so happens to make up for this flaw.

“Good!” Shi Feng nodded approvingly.

Following which, Shi Feng arranged the Basic and Intermediate Architects to start constructing the town’s hotels and smithies. As for the Advanced Architects, he had them stay behind.

As the Advanced Architects wondered what special task Shi Feng had in store for them, Shi Feng revealed the Magic Tower Design he had obtained from the Lost Town in the Boneless Land. Seeing the design, the eyes of the Advanced Architects glowed with excitement and surprise. Even Aqua Rose was dazed when she saw the design.

She was very familiar with the Magic Tower’s power. It was thanks to the Magic Tower that Stone Forest Town had developed to its current state. However, the Magic Tower Design was a Consumable, and each design only allowed players to build five Magic Towers. Unfortunately, Zero Wing had expended all five of its last design’s uses.

Although they had done their best to find another Magic Tower Design, their search hadn’t borne fruit thus far.

Even the various Super Guilds struggled to find one for themselves, yet Shi Feng had just revealed a new Magic Tower Design…

“Your task this time is to complete the Magic Towers’ foundations. I’ll handle the core manufacturing personally,” Shi Feng said as he glanced at the dozens of Advanced Architects before him.

“Guild Leader, may I know how many Magic Towers we’ll be building in Silverwing Town?” an Advanced Architect asked curiously.

“We’re building all five!” Shi Feng said.

The players before Shi Feng gasped, and even Aqua Rose stared at her Guild Leader with wide eyes.

These were Magic Towers they were talking about. Even one Magic Tower was enough to forge a popular Battle Arena. They had only constructed three Magic Towers in Stone Forest Town to protect the town from invasion. Spending a full Magic Tower Design on Silverwing Town was simply extravagant!