Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1726 - World's Power

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Chapter 1726 – World’s Power

“He pushed the Evil Demon back?”

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

“No, that Mythic Evil Demon actually slid backward!”

Everyone’s heart pounded madly when they saw the Mythic Evil Demon retreat by three steps.

Without the help of war weapons, a Tier 4 Mythic Evil Demon was unshakable to current players, yet without any help, Shi Feng had forced the monster to step back. The watching players felt as if they had just watched an ant push back a ferocious lion.

No matter how they looked at the situation, it had to be some kind of joke.

Most importantly, Shi Feng had actually injured the Evil Demon physically. Although he had only left a cut behind on the Evil Demon’s claw and arm, it was astounding. It wasn’t even possible to injure a Mythic ranked monster with a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell, but Shi Feng had done so by relying on his own strength…

Even Beast Emperor’s subordinates gaped in shock at the wound Shi Feng had left on the Mythic Evil Demon’s claw, not to mention the thousands of spectators.

The cut was so deep that it revealed bone. Moreover, faint, arcs of golden electricity danced around the wound, causing further damage. The Evil Demon couldn’t even move the claw since it had been subjected to a paralyzed state.

Seeing this, the shreds of joy and confidence that had returned to Beast Emperor’s reaming subordinates instantly vanished. A chilling sensation then assaulted their minds, making them shudder.

When they looked at Shi Feng now, they felt as if they were staring down a primordial beast, not some player.

Shi Feng’s aura also felt more oppressive than it had before, stifling their breathing as they bathed in it. They no longer felt as if their lives rested in their own hands, but in Shi Feng’s instead. If Shi Feng wished it, he could crush them with a thought.

However, a Mythic Evil Demon was still a Mythic Evil Demon at the end of the day, and although one of its claws was temporarily paralyzed, its other claw didn’t remain idle. The Mythic Evil Demon immediately launched another attack with its uninjured claw.

This time, however, Shi Feng did not try to stop the attack. Instead, he activated the Disintegration Armor’s Disintegration Field.

Suddenly, a bluish-gray ripple tore away from Shi Feng, enveloping the Mythic Evil Demon and Beast Emperor’s four remaining subordinates, and as it did, the four players and Evil Demon felt an immense pressure descend on them. Beast Emperor’s four subordinates watched their Basic Attributes decrease by 40%, while the Mythic Evil Demon’s Basic Attributes fell by 15%.

Following which, Shi Feng executed Purgatory Pentaslash.

One sword light after another flew at the Mythic Evil Demon’s claw. A few of the sword lights even merged right before reaching the claw.


Although the Mythic Evil Demon did not retreat in the slightest this time, its assault had halted.

Sure enough, a Mythic monster really is powerful. Despite being weakened, I still can’t solo it yet. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he looked at the Mythic Evil Demon before him.

He had only overwhelmed the Evil Demon previously due to Lightning Slash’s 330% Strength increase, but even after merging some of his attacks, his Strength was barely a match for the weakened Evil Demon. After this, aside from activating Twofold Berserk, he had no means of taking the Mythic Evil Demon head-on.

Obviously, Twofold Berserk wasn’t viable for this situation.

Twofold Berserk only had a 20-second duration, but even after being weakened, the Mythic Evil Demon still had a maximum HP of 127,500,000. He’d be lucky to shave off 2% of the Evil Demon’s HP in 20 seconds.

Following which, Shi Feng used Divine Steps, and ten doppelgangers split away from his body. Now, rather than dance with the Mythic Evil Demon, he avoided it.

While doing so, Shi Feng took a Tier 4 single-target attack Magic Scroll from his bag. It was one of the scrolls he had obtained after killing a Mythic Evil Beast.

Dark Destruction!

After activating the scroll, Shi Feng immediately used World’s Power on the magic array within it.

Suddenly, pitch-black magic arrays started to manifest, and in an instant, 33 arrays had the Evil Demon completely surrounded.

Before the Mythic Evil Demon could flee, the arrays began to fire Darkness Spears, piercing the Evil Demon’s body. The 33 magic arrays quickly transformed the Mythic Evil Demon into a porcupine.

The Mythic ranked Evil Demon’s agonized screams were all anyone could hear.

After another two seconds, every Darkness Spear in the Evil Demon’s body exploded, instantly stealing over 8,000,000 of the Evil Demon’s HP.

After the massive explosion, the Mythic Evil Demon was in an incomparably miserable state. It was covered in wounds, steadily seeping fresh blood. Even a fool could see that the Mythic Evil Demon suffered a heavily injured state.

“What destructive power! He actually injured a Mythic ranked Evil Demon so severely! Did he use a Magic Scroll containing a Tier 4 Curse or Tier 5 Spell?” The spectating crowd could not help but gasp when they saw the injured Evil Demon.

If they couldn’t see that the Mythic Evil Demon still had plenty of HP, they’d assume that it was on its last breath, about to keel over at any moment.

Even Shi Feng was surprised.

He hadn’t expected the Tier 4 Magic Scroll to become so destructive after empowering it with World’s Power. The power of Dark Destruction was stronger than even a Tier 4 single-target Curse.

Seeing that the Mythic Evil Demon was heavily injured, Shi Feng immediately removed Disintegration Field and summoned his Personal Guards, Anna and Kite.

At this point, Anna had reached Level 81, whereas Kite was Level 79. The two NPCs’ leveling speed was simply staggering.

Once the Mythic Evil Demon had become heavily injured, its Basic Attributes had fallen by 35%. Now, in terms of overall combat power, it was only slightly stronger than a Level 80 Grand Lord.

Meanwhile, after being summoned, Anna proceeded to summon her Golden Giant and ten Rock Guardians. She then had the Rock Guardians form a magic array to suppress the Mythic Evil Demon further.

With this, the Mythic Evil Demon only had 50% of its original Basic Attributes remaining. Now, even the Golden Giant could put up a fight against the Mythic ranked Evil Demon, not to mention Shi Feng.

With the Golden Giant serving as his MT, Shi Feng focused on dealing damage.

Phantom Kill!

Flame Burst!

Damages in the hundreds of thousands appeared, one after another, above the Mythic Evil Demon’s head. To the Mythic Evil Demon, who only had a maximum HP of 75,000,000 after being weakened, this was a considerable amount. Furthermore, Kite and Anna’s damage kept up with Shi Feng’s.

Although Lord and Great Lord ranked Evil Demons tried to intervene, the Rock Guardian’s magic array kept them out of the fight. They could not hinder Shi Feng and his minions in the slightest. Meanwhile, Beast Emperor’s four remaining subordinates could only watch as their supposed savior rapidly lost HP.

80%… 60%… 20%…

When the Mythic Evil Demon’s HP fell to 20% and was about to enter a berserk state, Anna reacted by casting Chains of Light. Not only did the Spell negate the Evil Demon’s berserk state, but it also weakened the monster even further.

Without the boost from its berserk state, the Mythic Evil Demon couldn’t free itself from this one-sided beating, and its HP continued to fall.

20%… 10%.. 5%…

When the Mythic Evil Demon only had 1% of its HP remaining, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence. He then activated Instant Strike and appeared before the Evil Demon.

Sword’s Orbit!

Suddenly, a series of blue stars bombarded the Mythic Evil Demon, plundering its final strand of HP.

As the Mythic ranked Evil Demon died, a golden flash enveloped Shi Feng. He had finally risen from Level 65 to Level 66. At the same time, three crimson balls of light emerged from the Evil Demon’s corpse and hit the ground.

When the watching crowd outside of the magic array saw the Mythic Evil Demon’s motionless corpse, their minds went blank…