Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1725 - Fighting a Mythic with Brute Force

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Chapter 1725 – Fighting a Mythic with Brute Force

“Shadow Blade?”

“Is he really the Sword King?”

Surprise overcame the thousands of players in line for Beast Emperor’s checkpoint when they saw the ten sword lights end the five melee players.

Everyone here knew of Black Flame, especially after Zero Wing’s battle with Heaven’s Burial at Stone Forest Town. The man was even capable of taking on war weapons. During the battle with Blackwater at the Primordial Divine Ruin, Black Flame had even slain Singular Burial, Heaven’s Burial’s original Guild Leader, with one attack.

Black Flame’s shocking battle records had become a hot topic for players in the various kingdoms and empires neighboring the Orc Empire long ago.

Due to Black Flame’s popularity, many players had attempted to analyze why he was so powerful. These players had even publicly exposed some of Black Flame’s Skills. Among Black Flame’s various Skills, Shadow Blade was considered one of the man’s trademark moves because it wasn’t a Skill of a Tier 2 Sword Master. Based on everyone’s deduction, it was most likely a Unique Skill of a hidden class.

Shi Feng’s summoning of nine additional attacks with a single swing of his sword was likely a result of his Shadow Blade Skill. Including the fact that Shi Feng had declared himself as a member of Zero Wing, there was a very high possibility that Shi Feng was Black Flame.

As they realized this, everyone watching got goosebumps.

Black Flame had defeated Beast Emperor’s army once before, and his control of summoned creatures had been astounding. He was definitely one of God’s Domain’s mythical characters. They never expected to have a chance to meet or interact with this Swordsman.

Now, not only did they get to see Black Flame in person, but they also got to watch him attack Beast Emperor’s checkpoint.

They were going to watch a historic moment happen right before their very eyes. Why wouldn’t they be excited?

“Black Flame?!”

“What?! Why are we so unlucky?!”

Beast Emperor’s subordinates, who had planned to charge at Shi Feng, slid to a stop as they stared at their adversary. All of their prior confidence and rage disappeared. Now, only fear flashed in their eyes.

Although they were expert players and wore excellent equipment, they did not think, even for a second, that they could contend with Shi Feng. Moreover, they had all watched this man’s battle videos. He could even slay Tier 2 experts as easily as slicing vegetables, let alone Tier 1 players like themselves.

They could only hope to buy as much time as possible for the Evil Demons to arrive and deal with Shi Feng.

There were hundreds of Evil Demons nearby, the weakest of which was a Level 70 Lord, while the strongest was a Level 80 Mythic ranked Evil Demon. Even if Shi Feng were more powerful, there was no way he could solo a Level 80 Mythic Evil Demon.

“Not gonna attack?” Shi Feng smiled as he swept a glance across Beast Emperor’s remaining eight subordinates. “Then, I guess it’s my turn.”

Saying so, Shi Feng vanished, only leaving behind an afterimage.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng reappeared roughly 10 yards away from a Level 50 Summoner. Before this Summoner could cast a Spell, a blue flash devoured him.


The Summoner’s HP, which had been over 34,000, hit zero instantly. The Summoner’s vision then darkened as his body collapsed, a pair of Level 45 Dark-Gold ranked gloves dropping beside his corpse. After Shi Feng unhurriedly pocketed the pair of gloves, he made his way to the Level 50 Ranger nearby.

Although the Level 50 Ranger had reacted by activating his Backward Leap Skill, Shi Feng had swung Killing Ray before the Skill could take effect.

Thundering Flash!

One of the four streaks of lightning that emerged from the Sacred Sword devoured the Ranger, who turned into a pile of ash and left behind a pair of pants.

The other three streaks of lightning assaulted three other subordinates. Aside from the one Elementalist that activated his Lifesaving Skill in time, the lightning tore the life from the Cleric and Oracle, robbing them of all of their HPs.

As if space itself had frozen, silence dominated Shi Feng’s surroundings.

“Crap! Is he even a human?!”

“Aren’t Thundering Flash’s four strikes supposed to move in the same direction?”

“Is this a joke?! Thundering Flash can actually be used like this?!”

As the thousands of players at the checkpoint watched the fight, their jaws hit the ground as Shi Feng slew three of Beast Emperor’s subordinates, who had been fairly spread out, with Thundering Flash.

Although Thundering Flash was a rare Skill, some players had managed to learn it. It was undoubtedly one of the strongest AOE Skills for Swordsmen during the early stages of the game, so quite a few players were familiar with the Skill’s details.

Yet, Shi Feng had just defied the Skill’s limitations, using it as four separate Skills instead of one. Moreover, all of his attacks had accurately struck his targets. This was simply unbelievable…

What these players didn’t know was that Shi Feng had long since mastered his control over his Skills.

Since he had reached the Void Realm, he had a perfect grasp of his enemies’ movements. Then, he used his arm and wrist to alter the lightning strikes’ trajectory as they left the tip of his sword. Normally, it should be impossible to alter the lightning strikes’ direction as the intervals between each strike’s launch were extremely short, but by using his understanding of the Realms of Truth, he could make the impossible possible.

Of course, the biggest reason he was able to pull off such a feat had to be Killing Ray’s frightening Attack Speed. Otherwise, the most he’d be able to do was manipulate the trajectory of three of the four lightning strikes. Although he might be able to alter the last strike’s trajectory, it wouldn’t be very accurate.

Some of the Refinement Realm experts present were utterly captivated by Shi Feng’s technique.

They realized what Shi Feng had just accomplished, albeit barely. However, although they knew the principle behind the technique Shi Feng had used, they also understood how nearly impossible the technique was to execute.

After watching Shi Feng execute four more of their companions with so little effort, Beast Emperor’s remaining four subordinates were utterly terror-stricken as they stared at this Swordsman.

Although they had already known Shi Feng was powerful, they hadn’t thought that he was this powerful. Shi Feng’s strength was beyond their comprehension. This Swordsman from Zero Wing could slaughter them without trouble even if he had the same Basic Attributes as they did.

As the four were about to fall to their despair, however, the Evil Demons finally arrived.

Seeing that their demonic reinforcements were only 40 yards away, the four survivors breathed a deep sigh of relief. A little confidence turned to their gazes as they looked back at Shi Feng.

They had reacted in such a way because, among the Evil Demons rushing to their aid, one was a Level 80 Mythic Evil Demon.

“Black Flame, let’s see how arrogant you’ll be now!” the Elementalist, who had sealed himself in a coffin of ice, revealed a gleeful expression.

Suddenly, the five-meter-tall Mythic Evil Demon pounced at Shi Feng and swung its right claw, which was shrouded in dark-gray fog, at Shi Feng’s head, tearing space as the claw passed.

A Mythic Evil Demon?

Glancing at the approaching Mythic Evil Demon, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his Strength, Agility, Defense, and HP skyrocketing.

Shi Feng then countered the incoming claw with a slash from Killing Ray.

Lightning Slash!

Killing Ray released a golden glow as it moved towards the Evil Demon’s claw.

The Sacred Sword sliced the space before it like a piece of paper, a pitch-black tear appearing before Shi Feng. As this tear continued to extend away from its creator before a massive lightning bolt shot through it. In an instant, this lightning bolt stretched 80 yards away from Shi Feng.

Before anyone had realized it, Killing Ray had met the Mythic Evil Demon’s claw.


Following the sound of an explosion, an intense shockwave shook its surroundings as it spread out from its epicenter. Even the players standing over 100 yards away felt the shockwave’s severity.

To everyone’s surprise, the Mythic ranked Evil Demon actually took three steps back. Its right claw sported a deep cut, so deep that the Evil Demon’s bone was exposed…