Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1724 - Power of the Sacred Sword

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Chapter 1724 – Power of the Sacred Sword

After Shi Feng disconnected the call, he left the War God’s Temple and used a Guild Transfer Scroll to teleport to Zero Wing City. He then used the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function to travel to the Orc Empire, making his way towards the Primordial Divine Ruin.

“There are still Evil Demons here?” Currently, Shi Feng wore his Black Cloak, keeping his identity hidden. As he approached the wilderness near the Primordial Divine Ruin, he frowned at what he saw.

He spotted Level 70-plus Evil Demons and Evil Beasts wandering on the grassy plain before him. There were easily over 5,000 monsters, which were even stronger than Beast Emperor’s Evil Beasts and Evil Demons that Zero Wing had recently fought.

Zero Wing’s new town had recently been constructed, so he had yet to set up a Guild Residence Teleportation Magic Array in the town’s Residence. Hence, he had rushed towards the Primordial Divine Ruin to complete the town’s handover procedures and set up the teleportation array.

“Fellow friend, I take it that you haven’t visited the Orc Empire recently, huh?” a Level 49 male Ranger in dark-blue leather armor, who had been passing by, approached Shi Feng and asked when he noticed the Swordsman’s frown. The youth then smiled and continued, “Zero Wing fought a massive battle against Beast Emperor’s Evil Beast and Evil Demon armies just some time ago. Although Beast Emperor was defeated and eventually forced to retreat, he didn’t give up on his mission to keep Zero Wing from visiting the ruin. On the contrary, he sent a massive group of stronger Evil Beasts and Evil Demons from Ancient Rock City to surround the Primordial Divine Ruin. Now, the only way to get to the ruin is to go through the checkpoint ahead.”

“Checkpoint?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

“That’s right. It seems Beast Emperor wants to prevent Zero Wing’s members from sneaking into the ruin by hiding their identities. Unless players enter via the checkpoint, the Evil Beasts and Demons will attack them,” the Ranger youth said, nodding. “I’d advise against trying to barge through just to save time. Those Evil Beasts and Evil Demons are extremely powerful. Some players, who had been displeased with the new set-up, tried to head to the ruin without passing through the checkpoint. In the end, the 100-man team was quickly destroyed. To be honest, there’s no need to be in such a hurry anyway. Look, the checkpoint’s queue is moving relatively quickly. After all, it’s just there to determine whether or not players are from Zero Wing. It took us quite a bit of time and effort to get this far. A few more minutes won’t really make a huge difference.”

“They’re checking for Zero Wing members?” Shi Feng muttered as he looked towards where the Ranger youth had pointed.

“That’s right. I don’t know what Zero Wing did, but it seems that the Guild really infuriated Beast Emperor. He’s already announced that he intends to fight Zero Wing to the bitter end,” the Ranger youth said, nodding. “So, he made this checkpoint for that purpose. Not only has Beast Emperor stationed his subordinates at the checkpoint, but there are also plenty of powerful Evil Demons there.”

“I see,” Shi Feng muttered. He then walked straight towards Beast Emperor’s checkpoint.

At the end of the day, Evil Demons were monsters. As long as players wore a Black Cloak, Evil Demons couldn’t determine their identities. However, players could. As long as Beast Emperor’s subordinates forced passing players to remove their Black Cloaks, they could determine the players’ identities. Although Zero Wing’s members could avoid discovery by hiding their Guild Emblems, doing so would seem like the Guild’s players were afraid of Beast Emperor.

“Fellow friend, where are you going? That’s not where the end of the line starts!” the Ranger youth called out as he watched Shi Feng walk straight towards the checkpoint. “If you don’t follow the rules and try to skip the queue, they’ll definitely kill you!”

“It’s fine. I’m the Zero Wing member they’re looking for,” Shi Feng casually replied as he waved a hand.

As Shi Feng finished his statement, he accelerated and vanished.

“The Zero Wing member?”

Shi Feng’s reply dumbfounded both the Ranger youth and his companions.

What was going on?

One of Zero Wing’s members actually dared to rush towards Beast Emperor’s checkpoint. Moreover, that member approached the checkpoint by himself! Didn’t the Swordsman realize that hundreds of Evil Demons guarded the checkpoint? Beast Emperor had even stationed a Mythic ranked Evil Demon there. Such a force would even annihilate a 100-man expert team in the blink of an eye.

When the Ranger youth and his companions finally recovered from their daze, they chased after Shi Feng to stop his insane actions.

They were all independent players, and in a fight between Beast Emperor and Zero Wing, they were strong supporters of the Guild. Not only was Beast Emperor’s attitude overbearing, but he was also an Evil God’s Temple member who saw players as potential sacrifices. On the surface, they lacked the courage to condemn Beast Emperor’s actions, but inwardly, they hated him to the bone.

However, the Ranger youth and his companions were simply too slow to catch up to Shi Feng. After a few seconds of running, Shi Feng had already reached the checkpoint and had been discovered by Beast Emperor’s subordinates.

“Who are you? Don’t you realize that this is a checkpoint? Everyone must queue up and remove their Black Cloaks to pass through,” a Level 50 Shield Warrior in silvery-gray armor shouted at Shi Feng.

Although Zero Wing had defeated Beast Emperor’s army once before, the Orc Empire was still the Evil God’s Temple’s territory. As Beast Emperor’s subordinates, even Super Guild’s members had to treat them with respect.

Even a peak expert would have to lower their head in the Orc Empire!

“Me?” Smiling leisurely, Shi Feng responded, “I’m one of the people you are looking for!”

Saying so, Shi Feng took a step forward. With his extraordinary Attributes, the Swordsman arrived before the Level 50 Shield Warrior in an instant. He then unsheathed Killing Ray and swung it.


A blue flash bloomed before the Shield Warrior.

The Level 50 Shield Warrior immediately collapsed to the ground, lifeless. Even after dying, he hadn’t reacted to what had just happened. When the Shield Warrior’s corpse hit the ground, a Level 45 Fine-Gold ranked armor piece dropped beside him.

“He died?”

“Who is that? He’s so powerful!”

“Has that Swordsman lost his mind?”

“I think I heard that guy mention that he’s a member of Zero Wing?”

The thousands of players in the queue were dumbfounded by what had just happened. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Whether or not Shi Feng had told the truth about being from Zero Wing, the fact that he had killed a Level 50 Shield Warrior with a single slash was incredibly shocking.

A Level 50 Shield Warrior, even at Tier 1, would have close to 50,000 HP. Shield Warriors also had far more Defense than other classes. They had Passive Skills that reduced incoming damage, as well. Even a Great Lord of the same level couldn’t instant-kill such a Shield Warrior, yet Shi Feng had accomplished exactly that…

Beast Emperor’s 13 other subordinates a short distance away were similarly stupefied.

They had never expected someone to be foolish enough to attack the checkpoint alone. Hundreds of Evil Demons surrounded the checkpoint, including a Level 80 Mythic Evil Demon.

Even peak experts would be utterly powerless against a Mythic Evil Demon. At the very minimum, players would need a team of 1,000 experts to pin one down.

“Bastard!” Beast Emperor’s subordinates bellowed in rage when they noticed that Shi Feng had actually picked up their companion’s equipment and stored it.

They immediately unsheathed their weapons and charged at the offending Swordsman.

In their opinion, Shi Feng must’ve used some sort of Skill to instant-kill their Shield Warrior companion, and such powerful Skills had very long Cooldowns. Shi Feng should not be able to use it again for the next several minutes.

Every one of the dozen or so subordinates at the checkpoint was a Level 50 expert. Moreover, the dead Shield Warrior only ranked among the lower half of their group in terms of strength and equipment. Even if they weren’t a match for Shi Feng, they could still involve the nearby Evil Demons.

However, when only 15 yards separated Shi Feng and the five melee experts, who led the charge, Shi Feng abruptly disappeared.

By the time the five melee experts realized Shi Feng was gone, he reappeared right in front of them.


Finding Shi Feng before them so suddenly, the five melee experts panicked, trying to focus on full defense.

But Zero Wing’s top Swordsman didn’t give them the opportunity to defend themselves as he brandished Killing Ray.

Shadow Blade!

Suddenly, ten sword lights, one blue and nine black, sliced at the five melee experts before they could react. The experts’ HP plummeted rapidly, reaching zero in a fraction of a second. All five melee experts then hit the ground simultaneously…

“Wait! That’s Shadow Blade! He’s Black Flame, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader!”