Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1722 - Beast Emperor’s Rage

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Chapter 1722 – Beast Emperor’s Rage

Inside the silent Astrology Room, Flame Blood glared at Shi Feng hatefully. He never thought that Shi Feng would make him such an offer.

The Evil God’s Temple was the foundation that Evil God’s Temple members like Beast Emperor and himself relied on to develop themselves. If the Evil God’s Temple they belonged to got destroyed, then all the progress they had made thus far would disappear. Hence, Beast Emperor had repeatedly warned him that under no circumstances should he reveal information about Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple.

“Black Flame! I can tell you with confidence that the Evil God’s Temple’s strength is far beyond your imagination. As long as the Evil Beast army breaks through the Star-Moon Kingdom’s defensive line, at that time, not to mention Stone Forest Town, even Zero Wing will turn into nothing. If you let me go, Beast Emperor might give up on invading Star-Moon Kingdom and target other kingdoms instead. If you hand me over to the War God’s Temple now, you’ll only anger Beast Emperor further and force him to spend all his Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points to hasten the invasion of Star-Moon Kingdom!

“Do you really wish to see your entire Guild crumble together with me? Only if you let me go will Beast Emperor give up on invading Star-Moon Kingdom. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the entire Star-Moon Kingdom falls.”

Flame Blood repeatedly implored Shi Feng to release him with indescribable anxiety on his face.

Although Vice Temple Lord Capra was not a Tier 4 NPC, he was still a Level 180, Tier 3 Great Mage, many times stronger than a Level 80, Tier 4 NPC. Meanwhile, the intense pressure he gave off was enough to evoke deep despair in Flame Blood.

At this moment, Flame Blood could only rely on the invasion of the Evil God’s Temple to threaten Shi Feng.

NPCs led the invasion. The quantity and quality of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons participating in it were also far beyond what any single Evil God’s Temple player could control. Current players simply had no chance of stopping the invasion. At this time, there were only two viable methods to do so.

The first was to have Beast Emperor put a halt to the invasion of Star-Moon Kingdom.

The second was to destroy Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple.

The location of the Evil God’s Temple was of utmost importance to Evil God’s Temple members. Before Flame Blood was officially made into an Evil God Apostle, Beast Emperor had made him sign a contract preventing him from revealing any details about the temple. If he violated the terms of the contract, he would suffer a fate even worse than getting sent to the War God’s Temple. Meanwhile, if he refused to reveal the location of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple, then he had only one other method to stop Shi Feng from turning him in to the War God’s Temple, and that was to have Beast Emperor stop the invasion of Star-Moon Kingdom.

As the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, Shi Feng should know which decision was better for his Guild. Flame Blood refused to believe that Shi Feng would abandon the entire Zero Wing just to get rid of him.

“Are these your last words?” Shi Feng chuckled as he looked at the desperation on Flame Blood’s face. “You should think things through clearly. As long as you are killed by the War God’s Temple, all the progress you’ve made in this account will be lost. You’ll also be able to start a new account only one month later. At that time, who knows how much time and effort you’ll have to put in to return to the frontlines? You’ll miss out on plenty of opportunities.”

Currently, the elite members of the various large Guilds were close to reaching Level 50. In another month, many elite players would most likely have completed their Tier 2 promotion already, not to mention expert players. If Flame Blood had to restart from scratch, he would also miss out on the various resources and opportunities that could be obtained from exploring new maps. Unless the Guild Flame Blood belonged to was willing to invest plenty of resources into him or the Cleric had heaven-defying luck, he would have extreme difficulty getting the current advantages he possessed in the future.

As Shi Feng said so, Capra began chanting an incantation.

Meanwhile, based on Shi Feng’s words, Flame Blood could tell that Shi Feng was determined to turn him in to the War God’s Temple.

“Crazy bastard! You really are insane!” At this moment, Flame Blood could feel his mind breaking down. He even doubted Shi Feng realized just how terrifying the Evil God’s Temple’s invasion was. He had never thought that Shi Feng would actually go as far as to sacrifice Zero Wing just to take his life.

Before Flame Blood could finish speaking, dozens of golden magic arrays appeared around him. A golden chain then shot out from each of the magic arrays. The chains pierced Flame Blood’s body and bound his soul directly. Following which, Flame Blood’s body began burning, his body transforming into a pile of ashes after just two seconds. The Cleric’s Immortal Soul was destroyed as well and completely disappeared from God’s Domain.

Sure enough, he refused to speak. Shi Feng could not help but sigh as he watched Flame Blood disappearing.

He did not believe that Flame Blood refused to reveal the Evil God’s Temple’s location out of loyalty. There was an 80% chance that Beast Emperor had anticipated such a situation and made preparations.

However, this outcome was within Shi Feng’s expectations. The Evil God’s Temple was the foundation of Evil God’s Temple members. Without the Evil God’s Temple, Beast Emperor would lose the authority he had in Star-Moon Kingdom. He naturally wouldn’t let his minions reveal the location of the Evil God’s Temple so easily.

System: Congratulations! You have captured an Evil God Apostle. Rewarding 12,000 War God’s Temple Merit Points, Reputation with the War God’s Temple increased by 200 points, 200,000,000 EXP, 20 Free Mastery Points, and 2 Legacy Skill Points.

Twelve thousand Merit Points? Shi Feng was a little surprised when he read the system notification.

He was only awarded 10,000 Merit Points the first time he captured an Evil God Apostle. He actually received 2,000 more points than the previous time.

However, he had quickly discovered that, while the Merit Points he obtained had increased, the Free Mastery Points and Legacy Skill Points awarded had decreased by a significant margin. Previously, he had gotten 50 Free Mastery Points and five Legacy Skill Points. Now, he had received only 40% of the previous amounts.

Compared to obtaining an additional 2,000 Merit Points, he would rather have the 30 Free Mastery Points and three Legacy Skill Points.

Meanwhile, after Flame Blood’s permanent disappearance from God’s Domain, Beast Emperor, who was currently controlling his Evil Demon army from the Evil God’s Branch Temple at Ancient Rock City, received a system notification informing him about it.

“Black Flame!” Beast Emperor bellowed, his expression twisting. “Since you dare destroy my path to promotion, I’ll have your Zero Wing go down with me as well!”

He was granted only five Evil God Apostle slots. Now that he had permanently lost two of them, he would have a much more difficult time developing himself further.

At this moment, the man standing beside Beast Emperor spoke up. “Boss, Black Flame is simply too arrogant. Why don’t I mobilize my Evil Beast and Evil Demon armies in the Purple Thorns Kingdom and have them destroy Zero Wing’s town at the Primordial Divine Ruin? That’ll teach Black Flame a good lesson!”

This man had a tough appearance and was clad in silver scale armor. Unlike other Evil God Apostles, this man did not wrap himself in bandages. Instead, like Beast Emperor, he did nothing to hide his skin tone. Meanwhile, if one were to use an Advanced Identification Skill on this man, one would discover that not only was he a Level 52 Berserker, but he was even in possession of the Tier 2 hidden class Savage Warrior.

“No! That town is still in its protection period right now. Although the NPC guards there aren’t as high-leveled as the NPC guards available inside a kingdom, they are still Level 100 NPCs. There are also twenty Tier 3 NPCs. Even ten Level 80 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts wouldn’t be enough to break the town,” Beast Emperor said, shaking his head. “What we need to do for now is wait. Based on the information Blackwater sent me, the town’s protection period is only three days. During these three days, properly prepare yourself, Wind. Once the town’s protection period is over, we’ll attack!”

“Boss, rest assured. I guarantee that Zero Wing’s town will be flattened as soon as its protection period is over!” the silver-armored man named Wind Hunter said with a confident smile on his face.

Beast Emperor nodded in response to Wind Hunter’s words. He had a lot of confidence in the man before him. Wind Hunter was not only his closest confidant but also the first person he had turned into an Evil God Apostle. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Star-Moon Kingdom wasn’t Beast Emperor’s main headquarters, which was actually the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Wind Hunter had been operating in the Purple Thorns Kingdom for a very long time already, building up a foundation for himself that simply wasn’t something newly minted Evil God Apostles like Abandoned Wave and Flame Blood could hope to compare to.

Meanwhile, back inside the Astrology Room in the War God’s Temple, Shi Feng had realigned his thoughts.

Although he had failed to obtain the location of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple, he still managed to garner some information regarding the invasion of Star-Moon Kingdom, which was the fact that Beast Emperor first needed to have enough Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points to advance the invasion. Without sufficient Contribution Points, the invasion would have no way of breaking through the kingdom’s defensive line.

To Shi Feng, this was undoubtedly good news. At the very least, he would not have to worry about the invasion progressing into the kingdom any time soon. After all, Beast Emperor should’ve spent a lot of his Contribution Points on the previous battle at the Primordial Divine Ruin. Shi Feng refused to believe that Beast Emperor had managed to get a Tier 4 NPC to take action for free.

With this knowledge in mind, what he needed to do now was strengthen himself as quickly as possible and find the location of the Evil God’s Temple.

Following which, Shi Feng approached Capra and asked, “Lord Capra, I have an Evil God’s Eye here. May I know if the War God’s Temple is able to repair it for me?”