Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1720 - Evil God's Inheritance

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Chapter 1720 – Evil God’s Inheritance

When Shi Feng started appraising the two items Dyro dropped, the Mana density inside the closed carriage rapidly increased. Like two hungry beasts that had just woken up, the two items absorbed the ambient Mana around them ravenously.

This situation surprised Shi Feng somewhat.

He had never thought that the two items Dyro dropped would be so amazing. Right now, the Mana density in the carriage was slightly above even that of Stone Forest Town.

The Mana absorption process eventually stopped after about ten seconds. The situation inside the carriage then quickly reverted to its original state.

Previously, the two items Shi Feng obtained had been sealed, which gave them the appearance of purplish-gold crystal balls and made it impossible to discern their identity. In fact, the only information Shi Feng got when he tried inspecting the items was their name “Sealed Crystal Ball” and nothing else.

Meanwhile, upon seeing the two unsealed items, Shi Feng could not help but be stunned.

Of the two items, one was a broken longsword, and the other was a gemstone that radiated five different colored glows.

[Evil God’s Inheritance] (One-handed Sword)

A treasured sword that the Evil God once used. However, the sword was destroyed in a battle, shattered into three pieces. Although the Evil God’s treasured sword was destroyed, the power of the Evil God contained inside it remains intact. As long as one gathers all three fragments, it is possible for the sword to regain its past glory. This piece is the broken hilt of the sword.

By permanently sacrificing 10 points of all Attributes, the user may execute one slash with the sword. Although this sword has been severely damaged, it can still exert one-tenth of its original power.

When this fragment is within 1,000 yards of other fragments, the fragments will resonate with each other.

Drops upon death.

Cannot be traded.

[Limit Gemstone] (Epic Consumable)

Can be embedded into a weapon or equipment to permanently improve it. (Can be used on only Epic ranked items or below.)

Shi Feng shuddered involuntarily as he looked at the descriptions of these two items, his eyes glowing with excitement.

Although he had long since known that the loot of a Tier 4 NPC would be extraordinary and certainly superior to Epic items, he had never imagined that Dyro would drop these two items.

The Evil God’s Inheritance was a weapon the Evil God had used frequently when it was still intact. In its complete form, it should be a Legendary Weapon at the very least. Although he had only a fragment of the weapon, it could lead to obtaining a real Legendary Weapon. Its value was definitely higher than that of a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

After all, Legendary items were exceedingly rare in God’s Domain, and every one of them had extraordinary origins. Not to mention, most of the clues players found that were related to Legendary items were usually fake.

Meanwhile, the most valuable aspect about the Evil God’s Inheritance was the fact that it could be used. Even though it was capable of exerting only 10% of its original power, that was 10% of a Legendary Weapon’s power—not something a Fragmented Legendary Weapon could hope to compare to. Only, the price to use the weapon was a little steep.

Let alone other players, even Shi Feng would feel a sting if he had to pay 10 points in all Attributes just to swing the weapon once.

As for the other item Dyro dropped, it was something Shi Feng had only ever heard about before. During his previous life, the Limit Gemstone had appeared in an auction hosted by a Super Guild. However, the Limit Gemstone sold back then wasn’t supplied by the hosting Super Guild. Instead, it was an item some other player had put up for trade.

When this item appeared during the bartering session of the auction, it had immediately caused an uproar at the auction venue.

After all, the best weapon and equipment that peak experts could get their hands on back then were only Epic rank. Fragmented Legendary items were still far out of their reach. Hence, to them, an item capable of improving Epic Weapons and Equipment was far more valuable than even Epic Weapons.

In the end, the Limit Gemstone had been traded for one Epic Weapon and three pieces of top-tier Dark-Gold Equipment of that time.

Back then, nobody had a strong opinion on this price. It was neither too expensive nor too cheap. Only sometime later did everyone find out that the buyer of the Limit Gemstone had ended up making a huge profit. The Limit Gemstone turned out to be even more amazing than everyone thought it to be. Just like its name implied, it improved a weapon or equipment to its maximum limit, not just slightly.

From then onward, whenever a Limit Gemstone appeared, it would sell for astronomical prices, even as much as three Epic items.

Back then, however, Shi Feng was only qualified to use the Limit Gemstone as a topic of conversation. Actually owning one had been far beyond him. He never dreamed that he would obtain one himself in this life.

It can upgrade only weapons and equipment at the Epic rank or below? As Shi Feng looked at the resplendent gemstone in his hand, he could not help but think of the Sacred Sword Killing Ray.

As one of the 36 Famed Swords of God’s Domain, Killing Ray was much stronger than any ordinary Epic Weapon. Moreover, it also had immense growth potential as it was one of the fragments of Solomon’s Sword, one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons. Since it was once part of a Legendary Weapon, the quality of the materials used to forge Killing Ray went without saying.

One could say that it was the best item to improve with the Limit Gemstone.

Immediately, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and placed the Limit Gemstone on the flat of the sword. Following which, the sound of a system notification entered his ears.

System: Do you wish to embed the Limit Gemstone in Killing Ray?

“Embed it!” Shi Feng agreed decisively.

Suddenly, the five-colored gemstone liquified and spread itself across Killing Ray. A short moment later, the Sacred Sword was encased entirely in a layer of five-colored liquid as if the longsword had just put on a five-colored sheath. Following which, the glow from the five-colored liquid intensified, so much so that Shi Feng couldn’t look at the sword directly.

After several seconds the phenomenon subsided, and Killing Ray reverted to its original state. At this moment, however, several divine runes graced the sword’s body, adding a hint of divinity to the Sacred Sword.

As Shi Feng wielded Killing Ray, he felt a pleasant feeling like never before.

Right now, aside from his impression that the Sacred Sword was more powerful than before, Shi Feng sensed that his compatibility with it had improved substantially. Now, Killing Ray felt more like an extension of his arm rather than a weapon. He could clearly perceive the layers of air the Sacred Sword was cutting through.

In addition, golden arcs of electricity were sparking along the edges of the sword. Even after the Sacred Sword had moved away, arcs of electricity still lingered in the space it occupied before, vaporizing the air and anything else that came across them.

Amazing! It is actually capable of causing continuous damage to places I’ve attacked before? Is this the true power of Killing Ray? Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at Killing Ray.

Epic Weapons and Equipment were extremely rare in God’s Domain; those that had hidden effects were even rarer.

These hidden effects went unstated in the Attribute Panel and did not appear to be salient. However, only players that had wielded these kinds of weapons and equipment before would realize how significant these hidden effects actually were toward improving one’s combat power. In fact, they were much more important than the Attributes listed in the Attribute Panel.

Take Fire Dance’s Thousand Transformations for example. The hidden effect the Fragmented Legendary Weapon possessed was simply heaven-defying. No matter what kind of attacks Fire Dance faced, she could easily block it by executing a random swing with her short sword. It was as if the entire space around her was within the attack trajectory of her weapon. It was simply impossible to predict her trajectory with Thousand Transformations.

Due to Thousand Transformations’s hidden effect, even if Fire Dance’s combat standards were lacking, she could still hold her ground against apex experts.

Meanwhile, although Killing Ray’s hidden effect was not a match for Thousand Transformations’s, it was still very frightening. Being able to cause damage to places he had attacked before would undoubtedly increase his DPS significantly.

If utilized properly, he could even seal his opponent’s movements, preventing all retaliation.

Killing Ray’s hidden effect would pose trouble even for Void Realm experts, not to mention other experts.

After playing with Killing Ray’s hidden effect for a while longer, Shi Feng could no longer hold back, tapping open the Sacred Sword’s Attribute Panel. He was very curious to find out just how much Killing Ray had improved.