Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1719 - Zero Wing's Town

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Chapter 1719 – Zero Wing’s Town

“A town in a neutral map?” Beast Emperor stared at the system announcement, stunned.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with a town’s construction. After all, many Guilds had constructed towns within the various kingdoms and empires before.

However, the building a town in a neutral map held an entirely different meaning.

Neutral maps lacked teleportation points. Players could only rely on their own power to travel to neutral maps. If a Guild constructed a Guild Town in a neutral map, its Guild members could Guild Transfer Scrolls to teleport to said town once it had a Guild Residence, saving plenty of travel time.

Moreover, unlike a captured town, which had a fixed location, the owner could construct their town wherever they wished.

Neutral maps were rich in resources, but the various major powers had only captured premade towns thus far. Nobody had successfully built a town in a neutral map yet. Even so, these powers had reaped plenty of benefits from their captured towns. If they could build a town in a strategic location and occupy it, they could definitely secure more resources.

Meanwhile, at the Orc Empire’s Primordial Divine Ruin…

The players from the various major powers and adventurer teams, who were preparing to fight for the ruin’s entry slots, were watching towards the southwest, an indescribable shock filling their gazes.

Suddenly, a town had popped up in the highlands southwest of the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Combined with the previous system announcement, any fool would realize that this constructed town belonged to Zero Wing.

“Am I dreaming?”

“How is this possible?”

“Zero Wing is so awesome! The Guild even had the means to construct a town here?”

Looking at the fully-formed town, the various large Guilds at the Primordial Divine Ruin looked on with envy. Meanwhile, the eyes of the various adventurers glowed with excitement.

Having a town so close to the Primordial Divine Ruin was a dream.

The Primordial Divine Ruin was an important resource, which the various major powers competed for. These powers had even expended endless manpower and resources just to get more members into the ruin. Now that Zero Wing had built a town beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, the Guild would have a massive advantage over the other powers when competing for entry slots.

First, Zero Wing could easily mobilize a large number of Guild members to the Primordial Divine Ruin. Zero Wing’s members would not have to face hours of travel.

Second, the players that Zero Wing garrisoned in the ruin wouldn’t have to worry about repairing gear and replenishing supplies. The Primordial Divine Ruin wasn’t a town, and even though it offered hotels for players to rest in, there were a limited number available. Moreover, the cost was beyond exorbitant. Not even large Guilds could necessarily afford for thousands of their members to rent rooms from the hotels, yet if players set up camp outside of the ruin, their Stamina and Concentration recover would be incredibly slow. This prevented them from grinding the surrounding monsters and leveling up efficiently.

However, towns were a different story. A town could accommodate more players, and most importantly, players could repair their weapons and equipment in a town. Although the Primordial Divine Ruin had restaurants and hotels, it didn’t have any smithies. Hence, players would have to return to their respective towns and cities to repair their gear after grinding around the ruin for some time.

With these two advantages, Zero Wing could secure a powerful position in the competition over the Primordial Divine Ruin’s resources.

While the various large Guilds were furious over Zero Wing building a Guild Town next to the ruin, the various adventurer teams were elated.

The participating adventurer teams were still far weaker than the various large Guilds in the competition for entry slots. After all, unlike adventurer teams, the various large Guilds had many members under their command and could afford to garrison their members in the Primordial Divine Ruin in shifts without affecting their total combat power within the ruin.

However, now that a town had been built next to the Primordial Divine Ruin, the various adventurer teams could use it as a temporary base, staying close to the ruin long-term. With this, the various adventurer teams could compete with the various large Guilds on a more even playing field.

Meanwhile, news of Zero Wing’s new town in the Orc Empire quickly spread to the neighboring kingdoms and empires.

For a time, the various large Guilds and independent experts were all talking about Zero Wing.

“Zero Wing’s rise is certain now! Not only does the Guild have the advanced combat rooms and a Guild City, but it also has built a town right beside the Orc Empire’s Primordial Divine Ruin!”

“That’s right! I heard that many independent experts have chosen to join Zero Wing to better-develop themselves. Apparently, not only has the Guild reserved specific advanced combat rooms for its members, but Zero Wing members can also learn the Guild’s combat techniques for a much lower price than non-Guild players. I knew I should’ve joined Zero Wing earlier.”

Many independent experts from the various kingdoms and empires neighboring the Orc Empire were tempted to join Zero Wing after learning about the Guild’s latest achievement.

They hadn’t known much about Zero Wing previously, and those that had known hadn’t had a particularly optimistic view of the Guild. However, that had all changed after the Guild’s overwhelming victory against Blackwater and Beast Emperor. Now that Zero Wing had constructed a Guild Town beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, even a fool could tell that the Guild had a very high chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild in the future.

Many expert players targeted super-first-rate Guilds. If one could become an internal member of such an organization, they’d be able to live a life free of worry in the real world. However, super-first-rate Guilds had plenty of expert players, and only a limited number of people could become internal members. Hence, the competition within super-first-rate Guilds was intense.

However, if players joined a Guild that had the potential to become a super-first-rate Guild, even if they were only ordinary experts, they still had a high chance of becoming an internal member.

Thinking about the potential benefits, many of the various kingdoms and empires’ experts hurried toward Star-Moon Kingdom.

For a time, more players gathered before Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City and Zero Wing City, allowing the Guild to recruit another large batch of elite and expert players.

Meanwhile, when Aqua Rose, who was gathering the architects Shi Feng had requested, found out about Zero Wing’s new town, realization dawned on her. She was also instantly overjoyed.

Now that Zero Wing had a Guild Town beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, the Guild would have a much easier time collecting combat techniques and entering Primordial City. Most importantly, the town would bring in a massive amount of income for Zero Wing.

Nowadays, a large number of players grinded and leveling in the Orc Empire. All of these players were elites and experts from the various kingdoms and empires, and they all had plenty of resources. Meanwhile, there were only a few Guild Towns in the Orc Empire. Furthermore, Ancient Rock City, which had been a hub for players, had become an Evil Demon nest. This further limited the number of rest areas for players.

Now that a new Guild Town had popped up beside the Primordial Divine Ruin, tons of expert and elite players would swarm the town, giving Zero Wing access to all sorts of rare resources. The Guild’s new town would likely be even more profitable than Stone Forest Town, and for Zero Wing’s members, this was a golden opportunity to visit the Orc Empire to grind. Their leveling efficiency in the neutral map would definitely be faster than grinding in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who sat in an advanced horse carriage as he headed towards White River City’s War God’s Temple, remained wholly ignorant of the commotion Zero Wing’s new town had caused.

All he knew was that his new town’s construction had been completed. The system had also notified him that he needed to inspect the town and complete the handover procedures.

However, Shi Feng wasn’t focused on his newest town, but on the contents of his bag.

While he had been embroiled in battle, he hadn’t had the chance to inspect his harvest. Now that things had settled down, he had to go through the items. After all, he had obtained much from the battle at the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Not only had Zero Wing’s army killed a large number of Blackwater experts, but it had also taken down two Mythic Evil Beasts and a Mythic ranked NPC.

Among the top-tier equipment Blackwater’s experts had dropped, the best had to be the Magic Weapon from Singular Burial. The Magic Weapon was a longbow called Firmament Striker.

Magic Weapons were even rarer than Epic Weapons. They were also much stronger than Epic Weapons. Unfortunately, wielding a Magic Weapon came with some severe risks.

The two Mythic ranked Evil Beasts had also dropped splendid items. The monsters had dropped a Growth-type Epic ranked mage robe and an Evil Energy Potion Recipe, an Advanced Alchemy Recipe. The Evil Energy Potion was a precious potion that when consumed, increases players’ Strength Attribute by 15% and gave its user a certain amount of Evil Energy resistance for two hours. Naturally, the potion’s main material was Evil Energy Crystals.

However, these items did little to hold Shi Feng’s attention as he was most eager to find out what the Mythic NPC, Dyro had dropped. Mythic NPCs rarely dropped items, but when they did, the items were definitely top-tier.

Following which, Shi Feng retrieved the two items Dyro had dropped from his bag. He then appraised them with Omniscient Eyes.