Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1715 - Miraculous Effect of the Realms of Truth

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Chapter 1715 – Miraculous Effect of the Realms of Truth

“He blocked all of the attacks?!”

“How is that possible!?”

All of the players at the Primordial Divine Ruin were experts. Quite a few of them were even Refinement Realm experts, so they all recognized how impressive the technique Dyro had just executed was.

In their opinions, Dyro’s ten combination attacks were simply splendid. Even if there was no difference in Basic Attributes, the Refinement Realms among the spectating crowd weren’t confident in blocking all of those attacks without backing up in the slightest. Their likelihood of success would be even lower if they had to do so with a summoned creature.

Yet, not only had Shi Feng successfully blocked every one of Dyro’s attacks, but he had also done so with the Divine Magic Dragon.

“His control is amazing!” Shock flashed in Blue Jade’s eyes as she watched the Divine Magic Dragon in the sky. “So, this is the strength of the expert closest to achieving a Domain?”

As a Tier 2 Summoner, she had a much clearer idea of how difficult it was to control a summoned creature than other players. It was practically impossible for players to control a summoned creature as well as they did their own bodies. This fact held true even for herself.

Despite reaching the Flowing Water Realm, her combat standards with a summoned creature were barely at the Trial Tower’s sixth floor. Even if she made a breakthrough and reached the Void Realm, she was only confident in raising her combat standard—when controlling a summoned creature—to the middle-stage of the Trial Tower’s sixth floor.

Yet, Shi Feng could actually reach the Refinement Realm with the Divine Magic Dragon. This was simply unbelievable!

Meanwhile, hovering in midair, Dyro stopped trying to defeat his opponent vial quality of attacks after watching his first volley fail. Instead, he had the 21 Destruction Spears attack simultaneously from different directions.

Suddenly, numerous streaks of pitch-black light threatened to devour the Divine Magic Dragon.

“This bastard! He was actually holding back against me?” Shadow Sword tightly balled his fist, frustration filling his gaze as he watched the Destruction Spears dance in the air.

When he had controlled the Divine Magic Dragon, Dyro’s attacks with the Destruction Spears had been very straightforward. The NPC hadn’t used any particular techniques. Now, however, the Destruction Spears moved in a coordinated and well-choreographed pattern. These movements were obviously the result of some sort of combat technique.

Even if there weren’t a difference between Shadow Sword and his opponent’s Attributes, he felt that he’d be lucky to block a handful of the spears if he tried to defend against the coordinated attacks personally.

As the Destruction Spears were about to plow into the Divine Magic Dragon, Shi Feng decided to charge forward, rather than retreat.

He controlled the Divine Magic Dragon to fly head-first into the approaching spears.

“What is he trying to do?”

Shi Feng’s actions dumbfounded the spectating crowd. Although the Destruction Spears couldn’t kill the Divine Magic Dragon, if all 21 spears struck the summoned creature, the impact would certainly send it flying several hundred yards back. If that happened, Dyro would have plenty of opportunities to destroy Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

However, as everyone assumed that Shi Feng was trying to force his way through the attacks, the Divine Magic Dragon began to maneuver agilely around the spears and rapidly closed the distance between it and Dyro. Any Destruction Spear that came near the Dragon either brushed past its scales, or the summoned creature batted it away with a claw; they couldn’t actually hit the Divine Magic Dragon. If one wasn’t paying attention, they might even assume that the Destruction Spears had actively avoided the Dragon…

“Flowing Water Realm?!”

Blue Jade could not help but rub her eyes as she watched the scene before her, unable to believe it. However, no matter how she looked at the situation, the Divine Magic Dragon’s combat standard was definitely at the Flowing Water Realm. There was no other way it could block all of those spear attacks.

However, the situation also left her confused. Just how did Shi Feng accomplish such a feat?

How could something like this be possible?

They were talking about controlling a summoned creature here!

Blue Jade wasn’t the only one who was shocked. The many experts at the Primordial Divine Ruin were similarly stupefied.

Leaving aside Shi Feng’s personal combat standard, his control of summoned creatures could definitely rank at the very top of God’s Domain.

So, this is the true benefit of the Realms of Truth? Shi Feng, who evaded the relentless Destruction Spears, felt the true power of the Realms of Truth for the first time. Unlike the Realms of Refinement, the Realms of Truth focused on exerting the maximum potential of one’s body, rather than the five senses. Hence, even when controlling the Divine Magic Dragon, his performance in the Realms of Truth had reached the Ascension Realm.

After deflecting the endless spear attacks for a short moment, the Divine Magic Dragon Shi Feng controlled arrived before Dyro. Shi Feng then had the summoned creature slap at the NPC.

However, Dyro was still a Mythic NPC, and his reaction speed was extremely fast. Before the massive claw could reach him, he used Advanced Instantaneous Movement and appeared 100 yards away from his original location. However, not wanting to give the NPC time to breathe, Shi Feng charged forward once again.

Suddenly, Dyro was at a disadvantage and had no choice but to evade Shi Feng’s attacks physically.

While evading, Dyro continued to chant incantations and write divine runes. Although Shi Feng realized what the NPC was doing, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Five seconds… Ten seconds… Twenty seconds…

After chanting for a total of 24 seconds, Dyro abruptly stopped and sneered at the Divine Magic Dragon before him.

“Fall into eternal darkness!” Dyro shouted before twirling the staff in his right hand.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, and 36 gigantic magic arrays appeared around the Divine Magic Dragon. Pitch-black chains then emerged from the magic arrays, binding the Dragon. The chains then bound the Divine Magic Dragon in a gigantic, pitch-black ball.

Tier 4 Curse, Dark Prison!

Although the Divine Magic Dragon was powerful, not even a monster if its caliber would be able to struggle free from a Tier 4 Curse’s restrictions. After all, a Tier 4 Curse had the power to rival Tier 5 Spells.

“Crap! The Divine Magic Dragon has been tied up!” Shadow Sword’s expression darkened when he saw Dyro fly towards Zero Wing’s defensive magic array after casting the Tier 4 Curse.

Although the movement-type defensive magic array was strong, it would only last a few hits from a Tier 4 NPC. Moreover, unlike monsters, a magical class NPC like Dyro would have an acute understanding of magic arrays. Breaking through a defensive magic array would be child’s play for Dyro.

Once the defensive magic array was gone, the remaining Evil Demons and Evil Beasts would be more than enough to annihilate Zero Wing’s army several times over even if Dyro didn’t get involved.

“Black Flame, your time is up!” Beast Emperor revealed a victorious grin as he watched Dyro move closer to Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

He had been slightly concerned that the Divine Magic Dragon would be too much for Dyro to handle, but at the end of the day, a Tier 4 NPC was still a Tier 4 NPC. Although Dyro was no match for the Divine Magic Dragon in a direct confrontation, he would have no trouble binding it for a short time, just long enough for Dyro to wipe out a bunch of Tier 2 players.

This made Zero Wing’s members in the defensive magic array nervous.

Elsewhere, two Mythic Evil Beasts had managed to force their way past Flying Shadow’s Divine Magic Dragon. The two Mythic Evil Beasts then coordinated with Dyro. It was obvious that they planned to break through the defensive magic array with a single attack.

The watching players could already picture the defensive magic array shattering under the three Tier 4 existences’ combined assault when Dyro and the two Mythic Evil Beasts were less than 100 yards away from the barrier around Zero Wing’s members.

“It seems Zero Wing is doomed this time,” Quiet Melody said, sighing.

Although this battle had been a close one, Zero Wing still wasn’t strong enough. She had never imagined that not only would Beast Emperor convince a Tier 4 NPC to take action for him, but that the NPC would also wield so many Tier 4 Curses.

So, this is the true strength of a Tier 4 NPC? Despite watching Dyro and the two Evil Earth Dragons approach, Shi Feng didn’t reveal any signs of fear or despair. Instead, he quickly gave Shadow Sword control of the Divine Magic Dragon as he took out the Tier 4 Domain Scroll that he had obtained after killing the Tyrant’s Soul.

When he activated the Tier 4 Domain Scroll, a blue light rippled away from him, extending to a 1,000-yard radius. Suddenly, all enemies within range of the Domain Skill were suppressed. Because of this, Dyro, who had already been suppressed by the Divine Magic Dragon’s Domain Skill, lost even more Attributes and reaction speed. Now, he only had 80% of his original Basic Attributes. Against a Tier 4 NPC like Dyro, the effects of the Tier 4 Domain Scroll were quite astonishing. Unfortunately, Dyro was still unstoppable for players.

After activating the Domain Scroll, Shi Feng took a Summon Guard Scroll from his bag and summoned Anna.

“Why is the Guild Leader summoning his Personal Guard?” Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, and the Zero Wing’s other members were confused to see Anna join the battlefield.

They were no strangers to Anna. She, without a doubt, had the most frightening Growth Potential of any Personal Guard they had seen in the game. In one-on-one combat, she could even defeat opponents of a higher tier. However, Anna was only a Tier 2 NPC. Even if Dyro’s Attributes and reaction speed were suppressed, Anna still had no hope of taking him down.

However, as Zero Wing’s members doubted Shi Feng’s sanity, Shi Feng retrieved a crimson potion from his bag and handed it to Anna. After receiving the potion, Anna removed the lid on the bottle and drank it without hesitation.

Players weren’t the only ones who could use potions in God’s Domain. NPCs could as well.

The crimson potion was none other than the Grandmaster ranked Growth Potion Shi Feng had obtained after killing Baphomet. When consumed, the potion would forcefully elevate the user by one tier.

After consuming the potion, Anna’s physique began to transform. The surrounding ambient Mana flooded into her, and as it did, golden divine runes began to decorate Anna’s body, adding a hint of holiness and beauty to her appearance.

Anna’s aura had also undergone a heaven-defying transformation. If her previous aura was like flowing water, her new aura felt like the endless ocean.

If one paid close attention, they would notice that Anna was no longer a Tier 2 NPC, but a bona fide Tier 3 NPC.

“How is this possible?!”

Even the various major powers and Beast Emperor had noticed Anna’s transformation, let alone Zero Wing’s members. After all, her rise from a Tier 2 NPC to Tier 3 had caused quite the commotion.

“Alright, let’s begin the second round!” Shi Feng smiled at the approaching Dyro.