Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1713 - Divine Dragons' Might

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Chapter 1713 – Divine Dragons’ Might

When the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Arrays activated, two pillars of golden light rose from inside the movement-type defensive magic array.

The two light pillars pierced the sky and cast a dazzling glow over the Primordial Divine Ruin. The light pillars also purified the overflowing Evil Energy in the area and returned a massive fraction of the gray sky to its original blue color. Two gigantic magic arrays then appeared and swallowed Zero Wing’s defensive magic array, draining the Mana around the ruin.

Everyone at the ruin gaped at the grand, magnificent scene.

“What are those?”

“Isn’t the amount of Mana those magic arrays are absorbing a little too terrifying? Even though we’re so far away, I can still feel the Mana around me drying up.”

“Wait! I can’t even use my Spells any more!”

The members of the various major powers and adventurer teams stared at the two golden magic arrays in the sky in utter disbelief.

This was definitely the first time they had witnessed or experienced such a phenomenon. The two golden magic arrays had actually sucked away all Mana in at least a 5,000-yard radius, even preventing them from using any of their Skills and Spells…

Even Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s other upper echelons, who recognized the two golden magic arrays, were shocked and confused right now.

This certainly wasn’t their first time activating the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array.

At most, the magic array would stir the Mana in a 500-yard radius in the past. Even when they had activated several Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Arrays simultaneously, the arrays hadn’t absorbed so much Mana that players in the affected area hadn’t been able to use their Skills or Spells.

Yet, not only did the two Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Arrays affect 5,000-yard radius, but they had also devoured almost all of the Mana in the affected area.

Amazing! Using Elemental Sources as the magic arrays’ cores can actually improve them to such a degree? Shi Feng couldn’t help his astonishment over the spectacular scene before him.

Based on his knowledge, even Advanced Summoning Magic Arrays couldn’t cause such a huge Mana drain. Unfortunately, he had never seen a Master Summoning Magic Array, so he couldn’t make a good judgment.

As Mana continued to flood into the two gigantic magic arrays, the figures of two Divine Beasts gradually emerged.

Shortly, two Golden Dragons with wingspans of up to 600 meters appeared above the defensive magic array. Both Golden Dragons were covered in dark-purple runes, which gave the Dragons a sacred and majestic feeling.


Once the Golden Dragons fully manifested, they released roars that echoed throughout the Primordial Divine Ruin. Following their bestial announcement, they released powerful shockwaves, which repeatedly shoved back the rapidly approaching Evil Demons and Beasts. Even the defensive magic array beneath the two Golden Dragons trembled violently, looking as if they would shatter at any moment.

The two Golden Dragons had also fully unleashed their auras, freezing the space around them. Even Zero Wing’s members, who were protected by a defensive magic array, felt their movements grow stiff.


“Are they really Dragons?”

“Are you kidding me? Zero Wing can actually summon Dragons?”

The players from the various major powers who watched from a distance stared at the two Golden Dragons with bulging eyes.

The various major powers knew what kind of monsters Dragons were in God’s Domain. They were the personification of destruction. Their Life Ratings were only second to Ancient Gods, and a single Dragon was more than enough to destroy an entire kingdom.

Yet, two of these great monsters floated in the sky before them. Under the pressure the two Dragons emitted, they didn’t even dare to think of resisting. It felt as if these two Dragons were this land’s absolute overlords.

The pressure the two Golden Dragons exuded was no longer a matter of Basic Attributes; this was the difference in Life Ratings.

However, after using Advanced Identification Skills, some players soon discovered that these monsters weren’t real Dragons. Rather, they were merely creatures that contained a small trace of a Dragon’s soul.

[Divine Magic Dragon] (Elemental Creature, Archaic Species, Mythic)

Level 80

HP 600,000,000/600,000,000

Although the Divine Magic Dragons weren’t real Dragons, they still surprised Shi Feng.

These two Divine Magic Dragons actually possessed Domains, which was also why their mere presence affected the space around them so drastically.

“Go! It’s time for the slaughter!” Shi Feng commanded Flying Shadow and Shadow Sword, who controlled the Divine Magic Dragons.

A Level 80 Mythic ranked Archaic Species was already a nightmare for current players, let alone a Mythic ranked Archaic Species that could use a Domain. The reason that Tier 4 NPCs could go toe-to-toe with a Mythic monster of the same level was their control of a Domain. While inside their own Domain, Tier 4 NPCs could enhance their abilities and suppress their enemies at the same time. However, it would be a different story if the targeted Mythic monster had its own Domain. Such an existence would be practically invincible among those of the same rank and tier.

Even the High Demon, Baphomet would receive a one-sided beating if it tried to face the Divine Magic Dragon in a one-on-one fight.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, Shadow Sword and Flying Shadow, who stood in the center of two magic arrays on the ground, nodded. They then controlled the Divine Magic Dragons to charge at the approaching Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

In response, the Divine Magic Dragons flapped their massive wings once and disappeared.

By the time the spectators had reacted to the Divine Magic Dragons’ disappearance, the two Dragons had already crossed over 100 yards. After two seconds, one of the two Dragons arrived before a Mythic Evil Demon.

Before the 150-meter-tall Divine Magic Dragon, the five-meter-tall Level 80 Mythic Evil Demon looked like an ant.

The Dragon then swiped its claw at the Evil Demon before it, and as its claw passed, numerous tears ripped apart space.

Although the Mythic Evil Demon tried to dodge the attack, its movements were sluggish due to the pressure from the Dragon’s claw. The Dragon’s Domain also suppressed the Mythic Evil Demon in every aspect. Not only did the Domain decrease the Evil Demon’s Basic Attributes, but the Evil Demon’s reaction speed had also slowed. In addition, the Divine Magic Dragon’s claw was frighteningly fast. In the end, the mountain-like claw struck the Mythic ranked Evil Demon before it could even begin to move out of the way.


The Mythic Evil Demon’s body immediately sank into the ground under the immense force, 30-meter-long cracks splitting the ground around it. All nearby Chieftain ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts died instantly, and only those at the Lord rank and above managed to survive. However, the surviving monsters sustained a heavily injured state.

In the meantime, the other Divine Magic Dragon had stomped on a Level 80 Evil Earth Dragon, crushing the Mythic Evil Beast’s 40-meter-tall body into the ground. The Divine Magic Dragon then swiped its tail, flattening the ground around it and sweeping away a large number of low-ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demons…

Seeing this, the watching players from the various major powers and adventurer teams were dumbfounded.

Too strong!

The difference in strength between the Divine Magic Dragons and Beast Emperor’s monster army was past the point where the latter could compensate with numbers.

The Mythic ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts couldn’t pin down the Divine Magic Dragons for even a moment. As a result, the Divine Magic Dragons were free to attack the Grand Lord and Great Lord ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, who were trying to attack Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

When the Divine Magic Dragons struck, even the Grand Lords instantly became heavily injured, drastically decreasing their combat powers. Even if these heavily injured Grand Lords and Great Lords reached Zero Wing’s defensive barrier, Zero Wing’s experts, who wielded Mana Weapons, could repel and kill them easily.

Following which, the two Divine Magic Dragons wreaked havoc across the battlefield. Although the Mythic ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts tried to pin the two Dragons down, the Divine Magic Dragons didn’t bother with their Mythic opponents. Instead, the two Dragons sent their Mythic opponents flying and focused on the lower-ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

Even when these Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and Demons targeted Zero Wing’s defensive magic array, the Divine Magic Dragons got ahead of them and sent them flying again. With their massive frames, the two Divine Earth Dragons could protect Zero Wing’s members almost perfectly. At the very least, none of the enemy’s Mythic monsters could touch Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

Before even one minute had passed, nearly 2,000 Evil Demons and Evil Beasts had been killed. The two Divine Magic Dragons were like colossal killing machines that continuously earned EXP for Zero Wing’s members…

“So, this is why Zero Wing was so confident?”

Watching Zero Wing’s forces rapidly wear down the Evil Demon and Beast army, the various major powers finally understood why Zero Wing had dared to dive into enemy territory with so few members.

“Black Flame!” Beast Emperor wore a solemn expression as he watched his minions being massacred by the dozens and hundreds from inside the Evil God’s Branch Temple in Ancient Rock City.

He had carefully nurtured these Evil Demons and Evil Beasts so that they could serve as the foundation for his rule in the Orc Empire, yet his hated enemy was slaughtering them for EXP.

If the battle continued at this rate, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing annihilated his minions.

Considering the situation, Beast Emperor gritted his teeth and left to meet with an old man in black robes within the temple. Very respectfully, he said, “Lord Byrne, I wish to hire Lord Dyro to annihilate these ignorant adventurers personally. I hope that you will grant me your permission.”

“You want to get Dyro to take action?” the black-robed elder asked indifferently. “That won’t be a problem, but Dyro’s services aren’t cheap. It’ll cost you 12,000 Contribution Points per hour.”

“So expensive?” Beast Emperor could not help his frown upon hearing this price. He had already spent 7,000 CPs to hire Dyro to cast a sealing barrier over the Primordial Divine Ruin. Now, he only had a little over 14,000 CPs remaining. If he spent another 12,000 CPs now, he’d have to cancel or considerably delay many of his original plans.

“Have you decided?” Byrne asked.

“Lord Byrne, I wish to hire Lord Dyro for one hour,” Beast Emperor responded after giving the matter some thought. The last thing he could afford to lose right now was another Evil God’s Apostle.

As soon as Beast Emperor finished speaking, 12,000 Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points vanished from his stockpile. At the same time, Dyro, the Mythic NPC at the distant Primordial Divine Ruin, became a mercenary under Beast Emperor’s control.

“Black Flame! You will suffer in death!” The first order Beast Emperor gave to Dyro was to slay Shi Feng, who stood inside Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

Meanwhile, back at the Primordial Divine Ruin, Dyro, who quietly stood atop a flying Evil Beast, abruptly opened his eyes. Suddenly, the Mana around him vanished, and a powerful surge of Evil Energy replaced it. Dyro’s horrific aura reached across the Primordial Divine Ruin, making the players present to grow nervous and keep a close eye on the NPC.

Dyro lightly tapped his foot on the Evil Beast beneath him. The flying Evil Beast then let out a low screech as it slowly descended toward Shi Feng.

“Impossible! This Mythic NPC can actually participate in the battle?!” Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose’s expressions darkened when they saw the NPC elder approach. Hurriedly, Aqua Rose shouted, “Shadow Sword, ignore the Mythic monsters for now and stop that NPC!”

Hearing Aqua Rose’s command, Shadow Sword promptly nodded. He, too, realized the severity of the situation. Unlike the Mythic ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, allowing a Mythic NPC to get within attack range would be no laughing matter. Immediately, Shadow Sword controlled his Divine Magic Dragon to charge at Dyro.

“Scram!” Shadow Sword then directed his Divine Magic Dragon to slap at the NPC elder.