Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1712 - The Man Closest to Attaining a Domain

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Chapter 1712 – The Man Closest to Attaining a Domain

Although Shi Feng’s tone had been dull, the nearby players could all feel the unyielding determination in his voice.

“Crazy bastard! How can a Guild Leader like you exist?!” As Flame Blood glared at Shi Feng, he felt his mental state crumble.

Just how much did Shi Feng hate him?

Shi Feng was actually willing to sacrifice over a thousand Zero Wing experts just to finish him off.

“Black Flame! This is your final chance! You can’t take on a Mythic NPC! Do you really think that you can escape with your life?! If you die at his hands, do you think that the penalty will be as simple as losing a level?!” Beast Emperor’s expression darkened when he heard Shi Feng’s reply. “Do not challenge my patience! Otherwise, I’ll bury you here even if I have to waste my Contribution Points!”

If the Evil God’s Apostle slots weren’t so incredibly precious to his future and the fact that Shi Feng had a small chance of getting away, he wouldn’t have wasted so many words on the Swordsman. He simply would’ve sent his Evil Beasts and Evil Demons to slaughter Zero Wing’s members and devour them.

“Challenge your patience?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh at Beast Emperor. “How many times has your Evil God’s Temple targeted Zero Wing’s territories? You’ve even gone as far as to hunt down my Guild members. Have you ever considered Zero Wing’s patience?”

Saying so, Shi Feng swung his sword at Flame Blood, lowering the Cleric’s HP to a critical level. He then activated the Mobile Jail and entrapped the bound Cleric.

“You!” Beast Emperor gnashed his teeth in rage as he watched Flame Blood disappear into the Mobile Jail.

Suddenly, the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons standing on the distant horizon released deafening roars. They then charged toward the Primordial Divine Ruin.

The various powers’ upper echelons wore somber expressions as they watched the 100,000-plus Evil Beasts and Evil Demons surge towards them. These Evil Beasts and Evil Demons were far from just random monsters. Every one of them was Level 60 or higher, and the majority of them were Chieftain rank and above. Only a small number were Elites and Special Elites.

Moreover, eight of them were Mythic ranked.

Such a force was more than enough to destroy a town, not to mention an army of fewer than 2,000 experts.

When the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons began their charge, the NPC elder flew into the sky and waved his staff. Suddenly, a beam of gray light shot out of the staff and toward the clouds above the old man.

When the beam of light was roughly 100 yards above the NPC, it burst.

Ripples of gray light spread across the sky, turning the once-blue view a dull gray. It looked as if Evil Energy had enveloped the entire world.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I use my Return Scroll?!”

“Wait, that’s not right. I can’t use my Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll, either!”

“Isn’t that NPC too powerful? He’s actually sealed off this entire region. Zero Wing is definitely dead now.”

Utter shock filled the spectating powers at the Primordial Divine Ruin as they watched the NPC elder fly towards the ruin.

With their ability to teleport stolen from them, Zero Wing’s only way of escaping this location was to rely on their own two feet. However, trying to break through the blockade of 100,000-plus Evil Beasts and Evil Demons was practically impossible.

The players from the various major powers also began to worry for their own safety. Like Zero Wing’s members, they were now trapped here, and their fate was no longer in their own hands.

If Beast Emperor wanted to, he could definitely have every player at the Primordial Divine Ruin killed.

“Big Sis Melody, what is going through Black Flame’s mind? He’s actually willing to trade Zero Wing’s 1,000-plus experts to capture a single player. Does he hate Beast Emperor that much?” a girl standing amidst the Sacred Temple’s team asked curiously as she watched Shi Feng, who was arranging Zero Wing’s army into a defensive formation. The girl had long, curly, light-blue hair and a lithe but curvy body. She wielded an emerald staff and was clad in white, silken robes.

Although this girl looked quite weak and delicate, she had actually reached Level 51. Even in the Sacred Temple, her level put her at the very top of the Guild. Though, her aura was far more frightening than the girl’s level. However, the intensity of her aura was not just a result of her powerful Basic Attributes. Her tier and Life Rating also contributed.

When the Sacred Temple’s surrounding experts looked at this girl, awe and reverence filled their gaze.

This girl was the Sacred Temple’s new prodigy, Blue Jade, and she had even received high praise from the Guild Leader, stating that she even had the potential to command a Domain in the future.

Precisely because of her talents, Blue Jade had been dispatched to the Primordial Divine Ruin so that she could improve further in Primordial City.

“I don’t know what Black Flame is thinking, but you should pay close attention to his fights. The Secret Pavilion has recognized Black Flame as the person closest to grasping a Domain. Watching him should help you quite a bit,” Quiet Melody said as she looked at Shi Feng.

“Isn’t Miracle Dragon the person closest to reaching the Domain Realm?” Blue Jade asked in astonishment.

“Miracle Dragon is old news. The various superpowers have already recognized Black Flame as the person closest to reaching the Domain Realm,” Quiet Melody patiently explained. “The techniques Black Flame has displayed thus far are simply amazing. He has even defeated Domain Realm experts. The various superpowers have even wondered whether or not he has already obtained a Domain, but after a detailed investigation, they concluded that he’s only as strong as Domain Realm Experts. He doesn’t actually have a Domain yet, though he is extremely close to obtaining one.”

“He can actually rival Domain Realm experts without a Domain? He’s actually that powerful?” Blue Jade was skeptical about Quiet Melody’s claim.

If Shi Feng were so impressive, he should recognize his situation for what it was.

Yet, Shi Feng had made the most unbelievable decision: provoking Beast Emperor instead of saving his companions’ lives.

While Quiet Melody and Blue Jade discussed Shi Feng, the other powers’ upper echelons grew nervous.

Beast Emperor’s monster army was getting closer, and now, it was less than 1,000 yards away. Two Level 80 Mythic Evil Demons and six Level 80 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts led the monster army. Just looking at these monsters, even from so far away, made these players shudder.

Against such a powerful army of monsters, Zero Wing’s forces would likely face annihilation even if the Guild had tens of thousands of experts and hundreds of thousands of elite players present.

Even if Zero Wing could summon three more High Demons, there was no escaping its fate.

Although the Baphomets Zero Wing had summoned were indeed incredibly strong, the army of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons the Guild faced this time was much stronger. There were plenty of Great Lords and Grand Lords in this force. By the time the High Demons defeated the Mythic Evil Demons and Mythic Evil Beasts, the Great Lords and Grand Lords would’ve devoured Zero Wing’s members already.

“Black Flame! Pay for your foolishness!” Beast Emperor, who followed the situation at the Primordial Divine Ruin from Ancient Rock City’s Evil God’s Temple, sneered.

He had spent 7,000 Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points for the Mythic NPC to seal the Primordial Divine Ruin’s map. This seal prevented players from both teleporting out and physically crossing the map’s borders.

The Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points were no less precious than the War God’s Temple Merit Points. With 7,000 Merit Points, players could purchase a high-quality Epic item from the War God’s Temple.

Yet, he had spent so many points just to prevent Shi Feng’s escape.

Although the sealing barrier was not particularly strong, it would not be easy to break out of, either. During the time it took for Zero Wing to destroy the barrier, his Evil Beasts and Evil Demons could annihilate the Guild’s army several times over.

The 100,000-plus Evil Demons and Evil Beasts grew closer to Zero Wing’s army, and seeing this, the Guild’s members couldn’t help but grow nervous. They felt stifled as they watched the monsters approach, the auras the monsters radiated becoming increasingly frightening.

However, when less than 200 yards separated both sides, a magic barrier appeared and enveloped Zero Wing’s army. This barrier was the result of none other than the movement-type defensive magic array.

“Good! Summoners, summon the Divine Beasts!” Shi Feng commanded as he stared at the monster army before him.