Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1711 - Blackwater Defeated

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Chapter 1711 – Blackwater Defeated

When Singular Burial reluctantly collapsed and dropped an icy-blue longbow on the battlefield, the surrounding Blackwater members were dumbfounded and turned to stare at Shi Feng.

A moment ago, Singular Burial had 100% of his HP, yet after one of Shi Feng’s attacks, the Ranger had lost it all.

Suddenly, a chilling sensation assaulted Blackwater’s members.

If even a Tier 2 player like Singular Burial could not withstand a single hit from Shi Feng, it went without saying Shi Feng could kill Tier 1 players like them with a casual swing of his blade, too.

“Black Flame!” Falling Fire’s expression darkened as he glared at Shi Feng.

His combat standard was recognized as one of the best in Blackwater. There were only a handful of people in the Guild that he had to admit were superior. However, despite having such a high combat standard, not even he was confident in keeping up with and blocking the attack Shi Feng had used against Singular Burial.

Shi Feng’s attack was simply too fast, but it wasn’t just because of his high Attack Speed. Hs neutral response time and physical acceleration were also ridiculously fast.

After heaving a deep sigh, Falling Fire commanded, “Everyone, retreat!”

Due to Shi Feng’s display of overwhelming strength, his team members’ morale had received a huge boost. Zero Wing’s members now fought with more passion and skill than before. In contrast, the morale of Blackwater’s members plummeted. Now, this battle’s outcome could not be any more obvious. Continuing to fight would only incur more losses for Blackwater.

Hearing Falling Fire’s command, Blackwater’s members immediately turned away from their opponents and fled in every possible direction. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow commanded Zero Wing’s members to exploit their victory.

Seeing that things had gone south for Blackwater, Flame Blood did not dare to linger. He summoned twenty Great Lord ranked Evil Demons to buy himself enough time to activate a Teleportation Scroll.

This battle’s outcome had truly exceeded his expectations.

He had thought that ten Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons would be more than enough to butcher Zero Wing’s forces, but he had never expected the small army to have so many monstrous players.

“Zero Wing! Just you wait! Sooner or later, I will make you pay for this defeat!” Flame Blood revealed a sneer as he watched Zero Wing’s members charge towards him.

He was an Evil God’s Apostle, not a Guild member. As long as he escaped capture, he’d always have a chance of making a comeback.

Flame Blood sent his twenty Great Lords to stop Zero Wing’s members as he activated his Teleportation Scroll.

The Teleportation Scroll to teleport to the Evil God’s Temple had a 15-second activation process, which was slightly shorter than a normal Return Scroll. With the power of twenty Great Lords at his side, he could easily buy enough time to get away.

However, when the seventh second ticked by, Flame Blood noticed a slowly approaching figure out of the corner of his eye.

This figure was none other than Shi Feng.

Flame Blood couldn’t help his growing anxiety as he watched Shi Feng approach. Although over 200 yards separated the two, Flame Blood felt as if the Grim Reaper itself had set its sights on him.

Faster! I have to get out of here as quickly as possible!

For the first time ever, Flame Blood felt that the Teleportation Scroll’s activation time was too long.

Although Shi Feng’s approach appeared slow, in reality, he was extremely fast. In just three seconds, he had halved the distance between him and Flame Blood. Seeing this, Flame Blood had no choice but to split six of the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons from the group, ordering them to hinder Shi Feng’s advance.

However, no matter what kind of attacks the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons used, Shi Feng avoided them easily. The Evil Demons couldn’t slow Shi Feng down in the slightest.

When only two seconds remained before Flame Blood’s Teleportation Scroll activated, Shi Feng was still over 30 yards away from the Cleric. Seeing this, Flame Blood breathed a sigh of relief.

“Black Flame! I’ll get even with you sooner or later!”

There was no way Shi Feng could cross the distance between them unless he could use the same move he had employed to take out Singular Burial earlier.

However, the area around Flame Blood abruptly darkened, and the Mana that fed the teleportation array beneath his feet froze instantly. A moment later, the teleportation array began to disappear.

“No! How is this possible?!” Shock and despair flashed in Flame Blood’s eyes when he realized that his Teleportation Scroll was no longer an option.

Before Flame Blood could react, Shi Feng shook off the six Great Lords chasing him and appeared before the Cleric.

“Get even with me?” Glancing at the cloaked and bandaged Cleric before him, Shi Feng chuckled and said, “You’ll have to be able to get away before that can happen.”

“Black Flame! Your forces are now trapped, surrounded by Beast Emperor’s Evil Beast army! If you kill me, Beast Emperor definitely won’t let you off the hook!” Flame Blood hissed as he looked at the smiling Swordsman before him. Fearfully, he continued, “If you want to leave this place alive, I’m your only hope.”

Flame Blood knew full well what Shi Feng was capable of. After all, he had personally witnessed Shi Feng capture Abandon Wave and send the man to the War God’s Temple. To Evil God’s Apostles like himself and Abandoned Wave, getting sent to the War God’s Temple was game over.

Flame Blood deeply regretted his actions. Had he known something like this would happen, he would never have followed Singular burial to the Primordial Divine Ruin. Now that he had been Silenced, it was practically impossible to escape Shi Feng’s clutches. His only hope of getting out of this predicament lay with Beast Emperor’s Evil Beast and Demon army.

Although Zero Wing’s members were absurdly strong, they would definitely fall against 100,000-plus Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.

The fact that Zero Wing had so effortlessly slaughtered Blackwater’s members proved that all of the members in this force were the Guild’s core members. If these core members were annihilated, it would deal a massive blow to Zero Wing.

“You’re my only hope?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh. “Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

To Beast Emperor, Evil God’s Apostles were like his own limbs. Each one taken from him was a permanent loss. However, since Beast Emperor had dared to cut off Zero Wing’s path to fortune, Shi Feng had to teach Beast Emperor what it felt like to lose a limb to his blades.

Saying so, Shi Feng activated Abyssal Bind and restricted Flame Blood’s movements. He then retrieved a Mobile Jail from his bag and started to activate it.

“Black Flame! Are you trying to die?! I am one of Beast Emperor’s Evil God’s Apostles! Capturing me will only increase Beast Emperor’s desire to destroy Zero Wing!” Flame Blood began to panic when he saw Shi Feng activate the Mobile Jail.

He had never thought that Shi Feng would be so daring.

If he were to be sent to the War God’s Temple, he truly would be finished.

Just as Shi Feng was about to entrap Flame Blood in the Mobile Jail, a phantom appeared beside the Cleric. This phantom took the form of an indifferent, middle-aged man in luxurious, dark-gray robes. The man wielded a wooden staff that exuded murky black mist in his right hand, and a pitch-black crown adorned his head. The man radiated an indescribably majestic feeling.

“Beast Emperor?” When Shi Feng saw this middle-aged man, the only person that came to his mind was Beast Emperor. However, he was not absolutely certain as he had never actually seen Beast Emperor’s true appearance before.

“That’s right; I am Beast Emperor. This should be our second meeting,” Beast Emperor said, smiling. “I won’t mince words with you. Release Flame Blood and hand over the Evil God’s Eye in your possession. Do so, and I’ll let your forces leave the Orc Empire safely. Refuse, and neither you nor your subordinates will leave the empire. Your souls will become nourishment for my Evil Demons!”

As soon as Beast Emperor finished speaking, the players at the Primordial Divine Ruin noticed a large group of Evil Beasts and Demons approach on the distant horizon. An NPC elder stood above a gigantic Evil Beast, radiating intense Evil Energy. Even though the old man was thousands of yards away, everyone outside of the Primordial Divine Ruin could feel his horrific aura.

“I admit that you are quite powerful, but even if you lock Flame Blood away in the Mobile Jail, you won’t necessarily be able to leave the Orc Empire with him. As long as I kill you, I can free Flame Blood. I will only give you ten seconds to consider my offer!” Beast Emperor said, his expression calm as he looked at Shi Feng.

A Mythic NPC? Shi Feng guessed after glancing at the NPC in the distant sky. Revealing a faint smile, he said, “Like your subordinate, you think too highly of yourself! I will send Flame Blood to the War God’s Temple!”